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VA - Book A Trip, The Psych Pop Sounds Of Capitol Records [2010] + Book A Trip 2, More Psych Pop Sounds Of Capitol Records [2013]


VA - Book A Trip, The  Psych Pop Sounds Of Capitol Records [2010] + Book A Trip 2, More Psych Pop Sounds Of Capitol Records [2013]

Book A Trip,  subtitled, The Psych Pop Sounds of Capitol Records is a great collection of rare late 60's Psych gems from the Capitol Records. Productions by the likes of David Axelrod collide with arrangements by Leon Russell and compositions by David Gates, Neil Young, and many others, proving why Capitol Records was the undisputed leader of Pop during this pivotal era. All original capitol singles, circa 1966 1969, are sourced from original master tapes. Book a Trip has 26 tracks from singles released on Capitol from roughly 1966-1970, most of them making their CD debut. The actual sounds are very much more "pop" than "psych," and it might be more accurate to peg these as pop recordings reflecting some influence of the psychedelic era rather than tracks combining pop and psychedelia. Certainly they're obscure and collectable. Summer Snow's "Flying on the Ground" is one of the earliest covers of a Neil Young song.

Book A Trip 2.   Once more, Now Sounds raids the Capitol Records vaults in Hollywood for late-60s Psychedelic Pop/Soft Pop obscurities and unearths a treasure trove of first-time-on-CD gems. Productions by the likes of Micahel Lloyd collide with arrangements by Mort Garson and Gene Page and compositions by Harry Nillson and Kim Fowley, and performances by many legendary Wrecking Crew members, proving why Capitol Records was the undisputed leader of pop during this pivotal era. All original Capitol singles, circa 1966 - 1969, are sourced from original matser tapes. Some are presented here in stereo for the first time ever! Most tracks are first time only on CD! Mastered by Alan Brownstein from the original matser tapes! Produced and compiled by Steve Stanley.  This is a long overdue compilation of forgotten, and in some cases, ignored tracks from the '60s. Steve Stanley the producer has painstakingly trawled the vaults of Capitol Records for long neglected master tapes and remastered them using today's technology. For me the stand out track is Robbi Curtice's "When Diana Paints the Picture", a rare and beautiful song, that was only ever previously released in USA. Great. Even better than Book A Trip 1. Wish they would come out with Book A trip 3 if possible. (Amazon)




Track lists

Vol. 01

01 This Side Up Book a Trip 2:13

02 Shanes Chris Craft No. 9 2:08

03 Chris & Craig I Need You 2:49

04 Act of Creation Yesterday Noontime 2:00

05 Sidewalk Skipper Band Strawberry Tuesday 2:50

06 Tim Wilde Popcorn Double Feature 3:03

07 Teddy Neely Five Autumn Afternoon 2:26

08 Fargo Robins Robins 1:59

09 Stained Glass Lady in Lace 2:10

10 Staccatos Whisper Words 2:39

11 Moorpark Intersection I Think I'll Just Go and Find Me a Flower 3:06

12 Sidewalk Skipper Band Cynthia at the Garden 2:37

13 Tuneful Trolley Written Charter 2:44

14 Exception My Mind Goes Traveling 2:22

15 Four Preps Hitchhiker 2:32

16 Lettermen Mr. Sun 2:39

17 Lively Set Let the Trumpets Sound 2:47

18 Carnival Connection Poster Man 2:24

19 Phoenix Trolley When Charlie's Doin' His Thing 2:51

20 Sidewalk Skipper Band (Would You Believe) It's Raining Flowers in My House 2:14

21 Summer Snow Flying on the Ground 2:25

22 Burgundy Street Singers Pleasure of Her Company 2:25

23 Griffin Yours Till Forever 3:03

24 Moorpark Intersection Yesterday Holds On 2:06

25 Pleasure Don't Take the Night Away 2:56

26 Sidewalk Skipper Band Seventeenth Summer 2:48

Vol. 02

01 Staccatos Catch The Love Parade 2:32

02 Tombstones Times Will Be Hard 2:34

03 Laughing Wind Don't Take Very Much To See Tomorrow 1:54

04 These Vizitors For Mary's Sake 2:21

05 Chris & Craig I Can't Go On 3:03

06 Jesse Lee Kincaid Masquerade 2:34

07 Knack Pretty Daisy 2:34

08 Raw Edge October Country 2:43

09 Ian Whitcomb Groovy Day 2:27

10 Ellie Janov Portobello Road 2:47

11 Michael Blodgett Fire Engine Sky 2:34

12 Robbi Curtice When Diana Paints The Picture 2:50

13 Timothy Clover Trolley Car Line 2:12

14 Unforscene Little Toy 2:24

15 Sugar Shoppe Skip-A-Long Sam 3:02

16 Sidewalk Skipper Band Sidewalk Skipper Band 2:11

17 Pink Cloud Midnight Sun 2:25

18 James Flemming Alone, Alone 2:00

19 Tuneful Trolley Hello Love 2:52

20 New Kick Song The City Sings 2:55

21 Griffin Don't Leave Me 2:38

22 Surf Symphony That Bluebird Of Summer 3:33

23 Laughing Wind Good To Be Around 2:53

24 Ian Whitcomb The End 2:20




  1. Thanks, these look great! Link appeared to be Vol. 2 only but I was happy to find both volumes included in the .zip file despite the filename. Thanks again for everything!!

    1. Hi McDave,
      Thanks for letting me know.
      I have renamed the file to reflect better what is there.


  2. If you like the music usually offered here, you can't miss this very interesting compilation, thank you very much!