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VA - Blow Your Cool, 20 Prog Psych Assaults 60's-70's [2007] + VA - Cosmarama (Blow Your Cool 2), 20 Top Prog Psych Behemoths From The UK And Europe 1969-73 [2008] (2 x CD's)


VA - Blow Your Cool,  20 Prog  Psych Assaults  60's-70's [2007] + VA - Cosmarama (Blow Your Cool 2), 20 Top Prog Psych Behemoths From The UK And Europe 1969-73 [2008] (2 x CD's)

Blow Your Cool - presents 20 previously uncomped prog/psych assaults from the UK & Europe, 1969-1974. So here we are again one and all; scoop neck Mr. Freedom T's freshly laundered, split-knee loons fashionably fading, with another 20 swift excursions into that amorphous hybrid of prog and psych, so loved by today's cognoscenti. And what nefarious delights are in store for the voyager? May we present the young Linda Lewis, Atomic Rooster's drummer re-located to Italy, a top prog outfit comprising four Moroccan Jews and a Belgian soul band gone all weird. With 16 other strange pleasures, how could any self-respecting head refuse? Compiled by legendary psych musician and Psychic Circle label-head, Nick Saloman (The Bevis Frond).  This is an amazing compilation of great obscure UK psyche bands and some early prog bands that this great label put out. If you are looking for the original classic freakbeat or garage or psych then most of these releases are for you (Amazon)

Cosmarama (Blow Your Cool 2) - It seems like only yesterday that the Psychic Circle label explored some of the uncharted depths of British and European psycho-prog on the first volume of Blow Your Cool. Well, here's another voyage into that dazzling star system. Once again, legendary psych musician and Psychic Circle label-head, Nick Saloman (The Bevis Frond) has pulled in tracks from the UK and across Europe, and once again, this series will thrill you with as-yet unheard treasures from the patchouli-scented vaults of freaked musical excess. You'll find a splendid UK three-piece band who only issued records on the Continent, and then you'll find another! You'll meet the band who would evolve into the German prog monsters, Wind. There's an Irish show-band illustrating that the prog scene had not passed them by, plus an Essex band who released music on their own label, and a whole lot more besides.   A 20-song compilation that is the second of the famous compilation'BLOW YOUR COOL' that traces the transition from psychedelic to progressive rock. This time as well, targeting not only Britain but also European countries, a large number of progressive songs that are likely to be liked by psychedelic fans from the end of the 1960s to the beginning of the 1970s are recorded. The degree of FUZZ is very high. (Amazon)



Track lists

CD1 Blow Your Cool,  20 Prog  Psych Assaults  60's-70's

01 Paradise Hammer To Live 3:38

02 Freeman Turn Me Loose 2:42

3 Primitive Man Major Barmy From The Army 2:31

04 Foundations I'm Gonna Be A Rich Man 3:55

05 Dream Police Much Too Much 2:58

06 Tritons Drifter 3:42

07 Mogul Thrash Sleeping In The Kitchen 2:48

08 Ferris Wheel Can't Stop Now 3:36

0009 Triangle Blow Your Cool 3:10

10 Zior She's A Bad, Bad Woman 3:44

11 Rattles Devil's On The Loose 2:53

12 Freedom Freedom 5:12

13 Bluebeard Sly Willy 3:27

14 Ryder If You Ever Get To Heaven 3:10

15 Variations Love Me 2:39

16 Egg You Are All Princes 3:47

17 Jess And James Mrs. Davis 4:39

18 Bedlam I Believe In You (Fire In My Body) 3:53

19 Swegas What'ya Gonna Do 2:51

20 Cosmic Dealer The Scene 2:47

CD2 Cosmarama (Blow Your Cool 2)

01 Distant Jim Cosmarama 5:58

02 Carriage Company In Your Room 3:46

03 Kingdom All I Need 3:29

04 The Tower In Your Life 4:40

05 Back Strret Band Daybreak 2:54

06 Big Wheel Old Songs New Songs 3:14

07 Bismarck Shotgun Express 3:49

08 CWT Widow Woman 3:16

09 Silence Devil Woman 2:49

10 Ginger Ale Get Off My Life Woman (sic) 2:39

11 Pussy Feline Woman 2:29

12 Tenderfoot Kids Man In Black 2:08

13 Electric Food I'll Try 3:13

14 Mr. Albert Show Kings Of Galaxy 2:45

15 Petards Free 2:28

16 Castle Farm Hot Rod Queen 3:59

17 Pebbles Half Past Dead 4:59

18 Corporal Gander's Fire Dog Brigade Love Song 3:18

19 Chips Earth 2:49

20 Richard St. Clair And Forum Give Me Back 3:44




  1. Interesting music, which I would also like to get to know for the reason that I was musically quite differently oriented at the time of its creation and can now appreciate these sounds much better through musical experiences made in the meantime, thanks a lot!