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VA - Routes Of Rockabilly [2009] (3 x CD's)



VA - Routes Of Rockabilly [2009] (3 x CD's)

Whilst it s undeniable that rockabilly s spiritual home lay in the south, it s perhaps a little simplistic to suggest it was born merely of the fusion of the white country music and black r&b that predominated there. Other influences, both musical and geographical, helped to shape the sound that would eventually give rise to rock n roll. From the backwoods of Kentucky, Tennessee and Virginia to the dusty plains of Oklahoma and Texas, from the swamplands of Louisiana to the bustling juke joints of Illinois and Michigan, traditional bluegrass, hillbilly, western swing, gospel, blues and cajun would all play their part in creating a rich musical melting pot as diverse as the country and its people. This compilation attempts to highlight some of those influences and includes many of the original versions of songs later adapted by barnstorming rockers such as Elvis Presley, Carl Perkins,Jerry Lee Lewis and Wanda Jackson. Early recordings by country legends such as Hank Williams, Bob Wills and the Delmore Brothers, and by blues exponents Arthur Gunter, Big Mama Thornton and Piano Red, indicate that the roots and branches of rockabilly grew in many directions and stretch back further than one might think. Also featured are lesser-heard names such as Jimmy Selph, Gene Henslee and Mack Davis whose recordings showcase rockabilly at its downhome best. Spanning more than twenty years, this collection draws together key recordings from all points on the compass. Essential listening for all fans of the rockabilly genre and its origins.  (Amazon)

Depending on how far you go into the routes of Rockabilly there is something here for everyone and all the different variations of this wonderful music are covered. There is prime blues that then travels through hillbilly, western swing, rhythm & blues, country & western with the odd helping of traditional rock & roll thrown in.



Track lists


01 Arthur ''big Boy'' Crudup That's All Right 2:56

02 Little Junior's Blue Flames Love My Baby 2:36

03 Delmore Brothers Freight Train Boogie 2:45

04 Hank Williams Move it on Over 2:46

05 Ernest Tubb Thirty Days 2:27

06 Five Strings Drinking Wine Spoli-Oli 2:20

07 Charline Arthur Welcome to the Club 2:25

08 Jimmy Swan Country Cattin' 2:24

09 Gene Henslee Dig'n and Datin' 2:27

10 Charlie Feathers Peepin' Eyes 2:16

11 Bill Taylor and Smokey Jo Split Personality 2:24

12 Rhythm Rockers Juke Box, Help Me Find My Baby 2:16

13 Maddox Brothers & Rose I'm a Little Red Caboose 2:27

14 Jimmie Revard Daddy's Got the Deep Elem Blues 3:00

15 Arthur ''guitar Boogie'' Smith Who Shot Willie 2:35

16 Tennessee Ernie and Ella Mae Morse False-Hearted Girl 2:18

17 Zeb Turner Jersey Rock 2:38

18 Bill Haley Rocking Chair on the Moon 2:55

19 Dickie Thompson Thirteen Women and One Man 2:43

20 Chuck Higgins Motor Head Baby 2:14

21 Piano Red Right String But the Wrong Yo Yo 2:43

22 Merrill Moore The House of Blue Lights 2:22

23 Jimmie Rodgers Snow The Milk Cow Blues 2:11

24 Elvis Presley Blue Moon of Kentucky 2:06

25 Arthur Gunter Baby Let's Play House 2:45


01 Louvin Brothers Cash on the Barrelhead 2:44

02 Rufus Hound Dog Thomas Jr Bear Cat 2:52

03 Little Juniors Blue Flames Mystery Train 2:29

04 Elvis Presley I Don't Care If the Sun Don't Shine 2:30

05 Johnny Cash Get Rhythm 2:16

06 Doug Poindexter My Kind of Carrying On 2:02

07 Dub Dickerson My Gal Gertie 2:15

08 Bob Wills Corrine, Corrina (1947 Radio Broadcast) 3:25

09 Hank Williams Settin the Woods on Fire 2:39

10 Lou Graham Long Gone Daddy 2:46

11 Jimmy Murphy Granpaw's a Cat 2:30

12 Tennessee Ernie Catfish Boogie 2:20

13 Malcolm Yelvington Rock a Bye Baby 2:19

14 Bill Mack Kitty Kat 1:55

15 Arlie Duff Alligator Come Across 2:24

16 Malcolm Yelvington Rockin' With My Baby 2:32

17 Carl Perkins Movie Magg 2:12

18 Ernie Chaffin Feelin' Low 2:36

19 Johnny Tyler Lie to Me, Baby 2:36

20 Jean Chapel I Won't Be Rockin' Tonight 2:12

21 Kenny Roberts Choo Choo Boogie 2:55

22 Annisteen Allen Fujiyama Mama 2:32

23 Danny Overbea Forty Cups of Coffee 3:12

24 Johnny Horton I'm Coming Home 2:07

25 Collins Kids The Rockaway Rock 2:07


01 Willie Mae -Big Mama- Thornton Hound Dog 2:53

02 Billy -The Kid- Emerson Red Hot 2:29

03 Bob Wills Sittin' on Top of the World 3:09

04 Hank Williams Honky Tonk Blues 2:14

05 Al Ferrier No No Baby 2:21

06 Jimmy Selph Tom Catin' Around 2:19

07 Carson Robison Rockin' and Rollin' With Grandmaw (On Saturday Night) 2:43

08 Ella Mae Morse Oakie Boogie 2:17

09 Billy Wallace Burning the Wind 1:50

10 Cal Veale Don't Cry Baby 2:22

11 Freddie Hart Dig Boy Dig 2:11

12 Honky-Tonk Man Honky-Tonk Man 2:15

13 Bobby Helms Tennessee Rock 'n' Roll 2:45

14 Patsy Cline Stop, Look and Listen 2:24

15 Junior Thompson Mama's Little Baby 2:23

16 Al Coker Don't Go Baby (Don't Go) 2:08

17 Slim Rhodes Take and Give 2:25

18 Jerry Lee Lewis Crazy Arms 2:47

19 Roy Hall Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On 3:01

20 Sid King and the Five Strings Sag Drag and Fall 2:23

21 Pee Wee King Voc- Dick Glasser Catty Town 2:12

22 Collins Kids Party 1:41

23 Elvis Presley Just Because 2:37

24 Link Davis Trucker From Tennessee 2:06

25 Chuck Miller Down the Road a Piece 2:13




  1. To this day, my favourite Elvis song is "That's All Right". And when I discovered this title in the first place of this wonderful compilation, I didn't have to think long about a possible download, thank you very much for this great gift!

    1. Hi WOODY,
      Forgot to post this earlier.
      Its a really nice set of tunes


  2. Thanks Butterboy, lottsa great tracks here.

    1. Hi Bob MAc,
      It a fun set of recordings, very infectious sounds.

  3. You are always welcome, Aussie.


  4. Wonderful, it is definitely part of the roots. And as the french (belgian!) singer Johnny Hallyday said, "all the music I love comes from there... it comes from the Blues", whether it's Jazz or Rock'n'Roll. Compilation mandatory! Thank you.

    1. Hi Bumapat,
      There is a lot to enjoy with this set.


  5. These give a pretty nice overview of rockabilly's different avenues. All sorts of influences were tried. Nice set of comps and I thank you.

    1. Hi hotrodmike,
      I thought so too, covers a lot of ground.


  6. Hi BB
    I always think of 2 versions of the same song that illustrate rock and roll from rockabilly. Blue Suede Shoes. Carl Perkins is rockabilly and Elvis is rock and roll. Check them out side by side and see if you agree.

    1. Hi lemonflag,
      I am always confused with Rockabilly & Rock & Roll, they always seem to enter into each others genre.
      I actually like this. I will listen to both version later today.


  7. Clever album title, I'll say that.