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VA - Beyond the Calico Wall [1990] + VA - 30 Seconds Before the Calico Wall! [1995] (2 x CD's)


VA - Beyond the Calico Wall [1990] + VA - 30 Seconds Before the Calico Wall! [1995] (2 x CD's)

"Beyond the Calico Wall" - A 20-track compilation of psychedelic subversions from the guru of all but forgotten '60s underground rock, Greg Shaw -- who founded Voxx in the late 70's as an alternative to new wave and techno/synth pop. By the time retro became au courant in the mid 80's, the label had established itself as a trendsetter. The core purpose of sets such as this is to -- by whatever means feasible -- present buried treasures and long-forgotten classics. As such, the audio quality is often a reflection of the lack of pristine source materials. However, the raw essence of the music remains unblemished, if not somehow enhanced in its honesty. All of the pieces are unbridled master strokes of the proto-punk D.I.Y. mentality married to the equally inspired garage rock psych of the mid- to late 60's. In a significant nod to collectors, none of these sides can be found on run-of-the-mill "best-of" anthologies, and there are only a mere handful that are available in any other incarnation. The material ranges from highly infectious pop melodies such as Duffy's spry rocker "Come Back Come Back" or the speed-fueled madness of the Waterproof Tinkertoy's trippy "Continuation." There are also a fair amount of indescribably acidic and downright far-out cuts, including the repetitive "Suzie's Gone" by the Afterglow and the rambling of Ceylib People's "Changes." In addition to the plethora of unearthed gems, Beyond the Calico Wall features a few familiar titles -- such as the faithfully extended 11-plus minute reworking of "In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida" from 6 Feet Under as well as Rasputin & the Mad Monks' jet-propelled rendering of "I Had Too Much to Dream (Last Night)." Bhagavad Gita includes a mid-tempo distortion-driven electric guitar wailer titled "Long Hair Soulful," which was co-written by Chuck Mangione -- who included his version on his Eyes of the Veiled Temptress (1988). It is unknown if the famed jazz flügelhorn player was once a member of this Ohio-based band. The casual consumer might best be served by the decidedly more mainstream Nuggets: Original Artyfacts from the First Psychedelic Era, 1965-1968 or the slightly more esoteric Pebbles series. Those who relish virtually unknown rock & roll relics in all manifestations will be enthralled by this release. The eight-page liner booklet gives some brief information on each band and in some cases photos, adverts, and other memorabilia where available. (AllMusic Review by Lindsay Planer)

30 Seconds Before The Calico Wall!  - In the ongoing chronicling of obscure 60's garage band singles, Arf Arf delves into the super psychedelic side of the equation with 28 utterly amazing 45's culled from the late 60's. Best future Trivial Pursuit rock & roll question is served up on "I Want to Hold Your Hand" by the Moving Sidewalks, featuring a young Billy Gibbons from ZZ Top on guitar. Other highlights include "Speed" by Ron Wray, "Once Upon a Taste" by the Omen, and "Steamshovel" by Marshmellow Steamshovel. This is one trippy little flashback that truly delivers the goods. (AllMusic Review by Cub Koda)

If  you like experimental psychedelic music from 60's these two CD's are the ones.



Track lists

CD1 Beyond the Calico Wall

01 Park Avenue Playground The Trip 2:33

02 Afterglow Susie's Gone 2:27

03 Flower Power Mt. Olympus 3:45

04 Pulse Burritt Bradley 3:00

05 Rasputin & the Mad Monks I Had Too Much to Dream (Last Night) 4:11

06 Alva Snelling Clock on the Wall 2:58

07 Spontaneous Generation Up in My Mind 2:51

08 Cosmic Rock Show Psiship 2:27

09 Greek Fountains An Experimental Terror 4:04

10 Duffy Come Back Come Back 3:42

11 Pebble Episode Tripsy 2:15

12 Bohemian Vendetta Paradiox City 2:14

13 Demons of Negativity Resurrection 3:54

14 Ceyleib People Changes 2:13

15 Waterproof Tinkertoy Continuation 2:55

16 Bhagavad Gita Long Hair Soulful 2:37

17 Raves Mother Nature 2:26

18 Raik's Progress Sewer Rat Love Chant 2:43

19 Riders of the Mark The Electronic Insides and Metal Complexion that Make Up Herr Dr. Krieg 2:16

20 Six Feet Under In-a-Gadda-da-Vida 11:27

CD2 30 Seconds Before The Calico Wall! 

1 Haymarket Riot Trip on Out 2:22

2 Inexpensive Handmade Look What Good Is Up 2:48

3 Looking Glasses Visions 2:48

4 Brain Train Me 2:25

5 Sound Sandwich Apothecary Dream 2:46

6 Moving Sidewalks I Want to Hold Your Hand 3:22

7 Loose Enz The Black Door 2:38

8 Ron Wray Light Show Speed 2:21

9 Morgan Of Dreams 3:23

10 Pepper & the Shakers Semi-Psychedelic (It Is) 2:13

11 Noah's Ark Love In 2:58

12 Trees Don't Miss The Turn 2:13

13 Plague The Face of Time 2:28

14 Shaprels Desert Maiden 2:24

15 Dovers The Third Eye 2:16

16 Dennis & the Times Flight Patterns 3:07

17 Omen Once Upon A Taste 2:08

18 Lords Death Bells At Dawn 2:46

19 Glass Candle Light The Glass Candle 2:50

20 Six Feet Under Six Feet Under Theme 2:50

21 Tyde Lost 3:00

22 Tnt 99th Floor 2:14

23 Chateaux Reverence Man Part I 2:50

24 Magic Swirling Ship He's Comin' Part II 2:39

25 Legends High Towers 2:59

26 News Blue Shoes 1:59

27 Marshmellow Steamshovel Steamshovel 5:10

28 Lords Young Heartbeat 3:37




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