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VA - Harmony In My Head UK Power Pop & New Wave 1977-81 [2018] (3 x CD's)


VA - Harmony In My Head UK Power Pop & New Wave 1977-81 [2018] (3 x CD's)

Another fabulous box set from the U.K.’s Cherry Red Records. A 3xCD set. Harmony In My Head is another of Cherry Red's celebrations of a bygone era, this time, the boom in Power Pop and New Wave which followed the Punk explosion in 1977. New Wave was a term coined in 1977 to describe a clutch of new artists whose music shared much of the energy of punk, but boasted a more sophisticated level of musicianship and a heavier reliance on traditional pop melodies. The British scene's reiteration of the appeal of a more traditional pop approach saw several attempts to provide an alternative to the unsatisfactory new wave epithet. Harmony In My Head includes many of the new wave/power pop scene's biggest hitters alongside the more melodic Punk bands.

This 3xCD box set is full of remastered gems from 1977 through 1981 when new wave was real big starting in the late 70's. What is great about this set is they take more well known artists and included rare gem tracks by them instead of the usual singles you remember (Amazon)



Track list


01 Buzzcocks Harmony in My Head 3:11

02 Elvis Costello & The Attractions You Belong to Me 2:25

03 Distractions Time Goes By So Slow 3:24

04 Squeeze Take Me I’m Yours 3:48

05 Any Trouble Trouble With Love 4:19

06 Rich Kids Rich Kids 2:58

07 Records Teenarama 4:01

08 Nick Lowe Born a Woman 2:28

09 Yachts Suffice to Say 3:16

10 Boys First Time 2:56

11 Monochrome Set He's Frank (Slight Return) 2:42

12 Bram Tchaikovsky Sarah Smiles 3:49

13 Pleasers You Know What I'm Thinking Girl 2:40

14 Squire Does Stephanie Know 2:46

15 Tights Howard Hughes 4:38

16 Salford Jets She's Gonna Break Your Heart 3:21

17 Trend Teenage Crush 3:20

18 Donkeys Strike Talks 1:53

19 45's Couldn't Believe a Word 3:12

20 Bleeding Hearts This is the Way… Ok 2:55

21 Name (You're Gonna) Lose That Girl 2:42

22 Drones Can't See 3:31

23 Venigmas Turn the Lights Out 3:09

24 Uxb Crazy Today 2:18

25 Barracudas (I Wish it Could Be) 1965 Again 3:23


01 Eddie & the Hot Rods Do Anything You Wanna Do 2:58

02 Realists I've Got a Heart 2:27

03 Radio Stars The Real Me 3:20

04 Photos Irene 3:49

05 Straight Eight I'm Sorry 3:07

06 Ruts West One (Shine on Me) 2:57

07 Circles Billy 3:17

08 Wreckless Eric Broken Doll 3:51

09 Jags I Never Was a Beach Boy 3:28

10 Times Biff! Bang! Pow! 2:53

11 Radiators Let's Talk About the Weather 4:13

12 Piranhas Jilly 1:49

13 Really 3rds Everyday, Everyway 2:51

14 Carpettes How About Me and You 2:20

15 Monos! Ufo 3:48

16 Snips 9 O'clock 2:48

17 TV21 Shattered By it All 3:10

18 Disguise Hey Baby 2:48

19 Going Red Some Boys 2:58

20 Letters Don't Want You Back 2:04

21 Vandells Ruby Toot 2:55

22 Autographs While I'm Still Young 2:18

23 Strangeways Wasting Time 2:38

24 Accidents Curt Ains for You 2:54

25 Those Naughty Lumps Down at the Zoo 3:26

26 Chefs 24 Hours 3:25


01 Chelsea Look at the Outside 3:28

02 New Hearts Plain Jane 2:55

03 Staa Marx Crazy Weekend 3:07

04 New Musik Straight Lines 4:03

05 Amazorblades Common Truth 2:07

06 Fast Cars You're So Funny 2:21

07 Knox She's So Good Looking 3:06

08 Smirks Angry With Myself 3:15

09 Eater My Business 2:10

10 Users Now That It's Over 3:01

11 Dodgems Science Fiction (Baby You're So) 3:53

12 Shooter Lady of the Afternoon 3:24

13 Freshies No Money 4:02

14 Flys Name Dropping 3:51

15 Outsiders Out of Place 2:42

16 Stiffs Magic Roundabout 3:00

17 Wasps Something to Tell You 2:56

18 Amber Squad (I Can't) Put My Finger on You 3:12

19 Thought Police Mr. Sad 2:59

20 Doctors of Madness Sons of Survival 4:23

21 Nips Happy Song 3:31

22 Cherry Boys Wait a Minute 2:48

23 Trainspotters High Rise 2:40

24 Tonight Drummer Man 2:46

25 Searchers Hearts in Her Eyes 3:22




  1. It is not the best compilation but quite enjoyable

    1. Hi Doc,
      There is never a best compilation because we all have different tastes and needs. It is here for those who do like it and as you say there is always something to like. I hope the good tracks are stand outs for you. It is a good mix of two genres as far as I can see.


  2. Thank you! (It does seem like only yesterday that I thought of
    so many of these artists as new and edgy -- but that's just the
    way it goes, I guess.)

    1. Hi Crab Devil,
      Yes Time does fly... Enjoy the music while we can.


  3. Thank you BB, so many great songs at one place.

    1. Thanks StoneRose.
      I hope will enjoy the music.


  4. As far as I'm concerned, I don't know much about this period, but no problem, I trust you since the beginning, it's just an opportunity to discover. For the compilations, your blog is ideal for (my) inspiration. Thanks for sharing and also for your communication. There is a great feeling here! Thanks BB

    1. Thank you Patrick,
      for your comments and kind words.


  5. It's not my favorite type of music, but I'm often pleasantly surprised by what you come up with. So I'll listen to it!!! Thanks

    1. That is good news to me, Il Commendatore.
      You never know what gems are lurking.


  6. BB, this IS a great comp. Thank You for sharing it. The British contribution to power pop is often overlooked due to the preoccupation with UK punk, understandable as that may be. Having said that this comp is a great testament. Thx again.
    Regards, Jeremy

    1. Thanks Jeremy,
      Many great tracks on this set. And it is different to many that are available. Glad to hear you are enjoying it.


  7. Replies
    1. Hi heartofstone,
      Thanks for your message. Enjoy this set.


  8. Thank you so much! Very nice compil

    1. Hi vicentdelm.
      I think it is a beauty. Glad you like it too.