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VA - Going Back, A Collection Of Rhythm & Blues Soul Harmony Sounds From The Galaxy, Fantasy, 4-J, Riverside, and Specialty Labels [2000]


VA - Going Back, A Collection Of Rhythm & Blues Soul Harmony Sounds From The Galaxy, Fantasy, 4-J, Riverside, and Specialty Labels [2000]

What unites these 26 tracks? They're all black vocal group sides from 1960-1970, originally released on the Galaxy, Fantasy, 4-J, Riverside, and Specialty labels. That might be a fragile thread to tie a compilation around, but basically it's a way for Fantasy, which now distributes Specialty, to round up a bunch of doo wop, R&B, and soul rarities that it has license to. 

Illustrating, in a modest way, the transitional links between doo wop and soul music. It mixes some late-period doo wop sounds, some as late as 1964, as with the Showcases' "(This Love) Was Real", with other 60's records that went into soul and a bit of girl group music, the harmonies retaining links to the doo wop era. Only one of these, the Sevilles' rollicking 1960 single "Charlena," made the national charts (and only at number 84, for that matter), so for both doo wop and soul fans, this is bound to include some damned hard to find sides. As for cuts that make the leap from okay to noteworthy, the Serenaders' 1963 single "Adios, My Love" is a superbly arranged, energetic cut that (according to the liner notes) included original Temptations Eddie Kendricks and Eldridge Bryant; the Playgirls' "Donnie" is rare and slightly raw girl group soul; and Lonnie Russ' "Something Old, Something New" has the kind of orchestration that you might associate with a group like the Skyliners. As for a big name, there's a pre-Motown single by the Four Tops, 1962's "Pennies From Heaven" (on Riverside). As for a big price tag, there's Eugene Knox's "Miss You"/"Carmelita," pairing a smoocher with a Latin-influenced up-tempo tune, originally issued by Galaxy in 1962, and so rare that it reportedly is worth up to four figures on the collector's market. (Amazon)



Track lists

01 Right Kind Going Back 0:03:04

02 Showcases (This Love) Was Real 0:02:31

03 Invictas Featuring Sonny P Gone So Long 0:02:23

04 Eugene Knox Miss You 0:02:47

05 Playgirls Bells 0:03:01

06 Holidays Send Back My Love 0:02:42

07 Sevilles Baby 0:02:35

08 Eugene Knox My Carmelita 0:02:07

09 Sevilles Charlene 0:02:51

10 Holidays Deacon Brown Vs. the Devil 0:02:32

11 Sevilles Loving You (Is My Desire) 0:02:40

12 Bobby Moore & the Fourmost You Got to Live for Yourself 0:02:28

13 Chauncey Huff Does She Love Me? 0:02:22

14 Four Tops Pennies From Heaven 0:02:32

15 Serenaders Adios, My Love 0:02:10

16 Sevilles Creation 0:02:30

17 Showcases Anna My Love 0:01:50

18 Playgirls Donnie 0:02:11

19 Sevilles Treat You Right 0:02:07

20 Little Alice Why Oh Why 0:02:02

21 Lonnie Russ Something Old, Something New 0:02:28

22 James Conwell I Know I'm Sure (I'm in Love) 0:02:25

23 Johnny Lewis & the Gents Right, Don't Wrong Nobody 0:02:20

24 Debonaires Woman, Why? 0:02:32

25 Millionaires It Ain't No Achievement 0:03:16

26 Millionaires And the Rains Came 0:03:37




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  2. What a collection of 'epic' small-time independant labels (espeically Galaxy) that released some of my favourite, absolutely raw upbeat RnB. Thanks BB, great stuff

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      This is a wonderful album and also had many downloads.