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VA - The Wants List Vol.01 -Vol.05 [2003-2021] (5 x CD's)



VA - The Wants List Vol.01 -Vol.05 [2003-2021] (5 x CD's)

This really is a fantastic set of compilations of rare grooves. Every one of the tracks featured in the collection is out of the top drawer, the most in demand soulful rare grooves from Soul Brother Records. Many are appearing on CD for the first time. Every soul fan should have a copy of these CD's in their collection.

Vol. 01     Every one of the 17 tracks featured in the collection is out of the top drawer, the most in demand soulful rare grooves from Soul Brother Records. Highlights include Barbara Acklin's 'Am I the Same Girl', Lonnie Hill's 'Galveston Bay', & Benny Golson's 'I'm Always Dancing to the Music' along with sought after rarities by Benny Johnson, Rita Wright, & Lou Ragland & G.L.O. The combined value of these tracks on vinyl is well over $1,000 & many are appearing on CD for the first time. It is still amazing that "One Girl Too Late" failed to chart, it really is a classic early 70's recording. 

Vol. 02      A collection of 18 of the most in demand soulful rare grooves. The Wants List, Vol. 2 combines some of the most popular of the rare groove genre. The tracks on the album cover the period from the early 70's to the early 90's. This means that the music will sound familiar to people who have been into soul music for a long time. Although the music might be familiar there are tracks on the album that people outside of the UK might never have heard of. This makes the "The Wants List Vol. 02" a very special album. 

Vol. 03     The third volume in Soul Brother's Wants List series celebrates the obsessive-compulsive collector within, compiling 17 rare grooves from the heyday of soul and funk, While much of the material is obscure, many of the accompanying artists are anything but, which speaks volumes about just how easy it is for great music to slip unnoticed through the cracks.  We use to hear on the radio the same songs over and over. This is an awesome discovery of beautiful love songs, sharp philly sounds.

Vol. 04      The fourth volume has been compiled in response to customer demand, ten years after Wants List 3. It features some great in demand tracks from the 70's rediscovered in the UK's Rare Groove and Modern Soul Scene's from the mid 80's onwards, several are appearing on a compilation for the first time and some are being reissued on CD or Vinyl for the first time ever. Harold Wheeler Consort 'Black Cream' is a wonderfully lush semi-instrumental funky soul cut that has been sampled many times over the last 20 years. Almeta Lattimore beautiful 'These memories' is an extremely rare 45. It is 70's Modern Soul at its finest! Mary Clark's 'You Got Your Hold on Me' is another great slab of rare mid tempo soul produced by Patrick Adams and Billy Nichols which is reissued here for the first time. Tommy McGee rare 45 'Now That I Have You' that has been in demand on both the Rare Groove and Modern Soul scenes for decades, makes it's CD and Compilation debut. Dee Edwards '(I Can) Deal With That' is a wonderful record has been heralded on the Two-Step, Modern Soul and Funk scenes over the past 25 years. The 'Strings and Tambourine' version featured here is very hard to find on CD or LP. A truly fantastic compilation. Comprising 21 deeper/rare cuts from obscure acts and a few iconic artists. Excellent selection. great sound quality. 

Vol. 05     This fifth volume of "The Wants List" features some great in demand tracks from the 1970's, rediscovered in the UK's rare groove and modern soul scenes from the mid-1980's onwards. Many of these tracks are bass propelled two-steppers or modern soul mid tempo dancers as fresh today as they were nearly 50 years ago. During the late 1980's, many of the UK jazz and soul shops would have a two-step rare groove section and this album highlights some of those tracks which were in demand and under the radar for many people who were akin to the groups but not the tracks that were circulating on the scene. Some tracks appear for the first time of CD, or extremely rare in this format. (Amazon)

Special Thanks to visitor Puw for sharing Volume 5 with me.




Track Lists

Vol. 01

01 Barbara Acklin Am I The Same Girl 3:04

02 Erma Franklin Light My Fire 2:41

03 Brenda & The Tabulations One Girl Too Late 3:05

04 Duncans Let Me Be 4:51

05 Carl Carlton This Feeling's Rated X-Tra 4:11

06 Soul Survivors City Of Brotherly Love 3:19

07 Bennie Johnson I Just Got To Know 2:37

08 Natural High I Think I'm Falling In Love With You 3:39

09 Lonnie Hill Galveston Bay 4:05

10 Love Unlimited Orchestra Midnight And You 5:15

11 Rita Wright Touch Me Take Me 3:05

12 Ann Peebles Mon Belle Amour 3:42

13 Lou Courtney Beaware 3:22

14 Benny Golson I'm Always Dancing To The Music 6:16

15 Lou Ragland and G.L.O. Making Love 4:58

16 G.C. Cameron Hearts And Flowers 4:06

17 Hi Rhythm On The Loose 4:37

Vol. 02

01 Kellee Patterson I'm Gonna Love You Just A Little Bit More 3:07

02 Barbara Mason World In A Crisis 3:23

03 Edna Wright Oops! Here I Go Again 3:56

04 Sly, Slick And Wicked Sho' Nuff 2:52

05 Vibrations Shake It Up 3:01

06 G.C. Cameron Live For Love 4:09

07 Four Flights All I Want Is You 4:38

08 Lou Rawls Stop Me From Starting This Feeling 4:39

09 Samuel Jonathan Johnson My Music 5:44

10 Michelle Wiley I Feel So At Home Here 3:51

11 Jeannie Reynolds Unwanted Company 3:54

12 Alton McClain & Destiny Making Room For Love 4:12

13 Isaac Hayes A Few More Kisses To Go 6:08

14 Garland Green Let Me Your Pacifier 3:13

15 Leon Haywood It's Got To Be Mellow 2:46

16 Ruth Copeland Heaven 3:42

17 Cloe Martin It Comes To My Attention 3:41

18 Denise Lasalle When We're Makin' Love 3:32

Vol. 03

01 Modulations It's Rough Out Here 4:41

02 Vernon Burch Lovely Lady 3:00

03 Arnold Blair Trying to Get Next to You 3:00

04 C.B. Overton If I Can't Stop You 3:26

05 Gloria Scott Just as Long as We're Together (In My Life There Will Never Be Another) 2:39

06 Betty Wright Smother Me With Your Love 2:53

07 Fatback Band Feed Me Your Love 3:50

08 George & Gwen McCrae The Rub 3:40

09 Carl Davis and the Chi Sound Orchestra Show Me the Way to Love 3:30

10 Michelle Wiley Feel Good 3:54

11 Archie Bell Harder and Harder 4:26

12 William Bell The Man in the Street 2:59

13 Charles Drain Is This Really Love 2:57

14 Ken Williams Sweet Music Soft Lights and You 4:31

15 Betty Everett Wondering 4:01

16 Ernie Hines Electrified Love 4:23

17 Passion Midnight Lovers 4:08

Vol. 04

01 Harold Wheeler Consort Black Cream 3:50

02 Almeta Lattimore These Memories 3:27

03 Ty Karim Lighten Up Baby 3:13

04 Mary Clark You Got Your Hold on Me 3:51

05 Bobby Wilson Dont Shut Me Out 4:46

06 Zulema Wanna Be Where You Are 3:28

07 Tommy McGee Now That I Have You 5:30

08 Dee Edwards Can Deal With That 3:29

09 McArthur Its So Real 2:56

10 Jocelyn Brown If I Cant Have Your Love 3:55

11 G.C. Cameron Love Just Aint No Fun 3:43

12 Natural High Trust in Me 3:22

13 Ebonys A Love of Your Own 5:25

14 Impressions We Go Back a Ways 3:43

15 Manhattans Give Him Up 2:32

16 Carolyn Franklin Sunshine Holiday 2:05

17 Pat Lundy Lets Get Down to Business 4:36

18 Margie Joseph Ridin High 3:23

19 Aretha Franklin Daydreaming 3:57

20 Maxine Weldon I Want Sunday Back Again 2:47

21 Debbie Taylor I Dont Want to Leave You 5:38

Vol. 05

01 Barry White Playing Your Game Baby 7:14

02 Sweet Charles Yes It's You 3:12

03 Edwin Starr There You Go 3:04

04 Willie Hutch Ain't That (Mellow Mellow) 3:00

05 Sister Love Give Me Your Love 4:21

06 Voices of East Harlem Wanted Dead Or Alive 3:05

07 Mighty Ryeders Evil Vibrations 3:45

08 Etta James All the Way Down 5:35

09 Bobby 'blue' Bland Ain't No Love In The Heart Of The City 3:53

10 Dramatics Whatcha See is Whatcha Get 3:36

11 Four Tops Strung Out for Your Love 5:42

12 Reflections She's My Summer Breeze 4:25

13 Ronnie McNeir I'm Your Lover 3:38

14 Thelma Houston Nothing Left to Give 3:25

15 Jeannie Reynolds I Down't Want to Be Second Best 4:22

16 Penny Goodwin Too Soon You're Old 5:15

17 Marlena Shaw Save the Children 4:13

18 Mike James Kirkland Hang on in There (Soul Brother Edit) 5:20




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