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Eartha Kitt - Eartha-Quake [1993] (5 x CD's)


Eartha Kitt - Eartha-Quake [1993] (5 x CD's)

Eartha Kitt (born Eartha Mae Keith; January 17, 1927 – December 25, 2008) was an American singer, actress, comedian, dancer, and activist known for her highly distinctive singing style and her 1953 recordings of "C'est si bon" and the Christmas novelty song "Santa Baby". Orson Welles once called her the "most exciting woman in the world".  Kitt began her career in 1942 and appeared in the 1945 original Broadway theatre production of the musical Carib Song. In the early 1950s, she had six US Top 30 entries, including "Uska Dara" and "I Want to Be Evil". Her other recordings include the UK Top 10 song "Under the Bridges of Paris" (1954), "Just an Old Fashioned Girl" (1956) and "Where Is My Man" (1983). She starred as Catwoman in the third and final season of the television series Batman in 1967.  

In 1968, her career in the U.S. deteriorated after she made anti-Vietnam War statements at a White House luncheon. Ten years later, Kitt made a successful return to Broadway in the 1978 original production of the musical Timbuktu!, for which she received the first of her two Tony Award nominations. Her second was for the 2000 original production of the musical The Wild Party. Kitt wrote three autobiographies.

Kitt was active in numerous social causes in the 1950s and 1960s. In 1966, she established the Kittsville Youth Foundation, a chartered and non-profit organization for underprivileged youths in the Watts area of Los Angeles. Kitt was also a member of the Women's International League for Peace and Freedom; her criticism of the Vietnam War and its connection to poverty and racial unrest in 1968 can be seen as part of a larger commitment to peace activism. Like many politically active public figures of her time, Kitt was under surveillance by the CIA, beginning in 1956. After The New York Times discovered the CIA file on Kitt in 1975, she granted the paper permission to print portions of the report, stating: "I have nothing to be afraid of and I have nothing to hide." Kitt later became a vocal advocate for LGBT rights and publicly supported same-sex marriage, which she considered a civil right. (Wikipedia)

A typically exhaustive anthology by the superior German reissue label Bear Family, the five-disc box set EARTHA QUAKE collects not only every song Eartha Kitt recorded for the RCA and Kapp labels between 1950 and 1960, it gathers a handful of interesting alternate takes. These reveal that as much as Kitt's detractors complain about her idiosyncratic half-spoken singing style, Kitt's voice is a remarkable instrument; Kitt was able to return surface liabilities into deeper attributes, and throughout this set, she sings with more grace, humor, emotion and sex appeal than many more traditional jazz and pop vocalists could manage. This material is her finest, including such defining songs as "I Wanna Be Evil" and "C'Est Si Bon" . Bonuses include her ultra-rare Swedish recordings and her songs from "Mrs. Patterson" and the W.C. Handy biopic. The packaging, with a remarkably detailed 40-page book, is exemplary. This is a necessity for all Eartha Kitt fans.

She truly needs no introduction. All you need to know is that this collection includes everything from Eartha's first decade as a recording artist, the highly acclaimed RCA recordings, as well as her Kapp and Seeco sides. This is really the most fabulous box set.  I have always loved this lady's singing. She has an unusual quality in her voice and her phrasing is excellent. This collection reflects the many moods of Miss Kitt in all her sultry splendor. (Amazon)






Track lists


01 Eartha Kitt Annie Doesn't Live Here Any More 0:02:54

02 Eartha Kitt Lilac Wine 0:03:46

03 Eartha Kitt I Want to Be Evil 0:03:32

04 Eartha Kitt C'est Si Bon 0:03:01

05 Eartha Kitt Two Lovers 0:02:47

06 Eartha Kitt Mountain High, Valley Low 0:02:38

07 Eartha Kitt Angelitos Negros 0:03:28

08 Eartha Kitt Uska Dara 0:03:09

09 Eartha Kitt Avril Au Portugal (April in Portugal) 0:02:55

10 Eartha Kitt African Lullaby 0:02:53

11 Eartha Kitt Senor 0:02:59

12 Eartha Kitt Santa Baby 0:03:26

13 Eartha Kitt Under the Bridges of Paris 0:02:46

14 Eartha Kitt Oh John! (Please Don't Kiss Me) 0:02:49

15 Eartha Kitt Let's Do It 0:03:07

16 Eartha Kitt Salangadou 0:02:26

17 Eartha Kitt Sandy's Tune 0:02:34

18 Eartha Kitt Smoke Gets in Your Eyes 0:03:06

19 Eartha Kitt The Blues 0:03:35

20 Eartha Kitt My Heart Belongs to Daddy 0:03:03

21 Eartha Kitt Lovin' Spree 0:02:58

22 Eartha Kitt Somebody Bad Stole De Wedding Bell 0:02:50

23 Eartha Kitt Looking for a Boy 0:03:03

24 Eartha Kitt Lonely Girl 0:03:04

25 Eartha Kitt Easy Does It 0:02:57

26 Eartha Kitt I Wantcha Around 0:02:30


01 Eartha Kitt Apres Moi 0:02:49

02 Eartha Kitt Mink Schmink 0:03:05

03 Eartha Kitt This Year's Santa Baby 0:03:19

04 Eartha Kitt Hey Jacque 0:02:41

05 Eartha Kitt Strangers in the Starlight 0:02:25

06 Eartha Kitt Do You Remember 0:03:35

07 Eartha Kitt The Day That the Circus Left Town 0:03:20

08 Eartha Kitt The Heel 0:02:49

09 Eartha Kitt Mambo De Paree 0:02:56

10 Eartha Kitt I've Got That Lovin' Bug Itch 0:02:26

11 Eartha Kitt Dinner for One Please, James 0:03:01

12 Eartha Kitt My Heart's Delight 0:02:20

13 Eartha Kitt Freddy (And Perez Prado) 0:02:15

14 Eartha Kitt Sweet and Gentle (And Perez Prado) 0:02:36

15 Eartha Kitt Sho-Jo-Ji (The Hungry Raccoon) 0:02:33

16 Eartha Kitt Nobody Taught Me 0:02:25

17 Eartha Kitt Nothin' for Christmas 0:02:38

18 Eartha Kitt Je Cherche Un Homme (I Want a Man) 0:02:54

19 Eartha Kitt If I Can't Take it With Me 0:02:33

20 Eartha Kitt Just an Old Fashioned Girl 0:02:56

21 Eartha Kitt Mademoiselle Kitt 0:02:33

22 Eartha Kitt Oggere 0:03:21

23 Eartha Kitt No Importa Si Menti 0:02:51

24 Eartha Kitt Lazy Afternoon 0:02:25

25 Eartha Kitt There is No Cure for L'amour 0:03:13

26 Eartha Kitt Lisbon Antigua 0:02:15

27 Eartha Kitt Lullaby of Birdland 0:02:56

28 Eartha Kitt Jonny 0:02:51


01 Eartha Kitt There is No Cure for L'amour 0:02:48

02 Eartha Kitt Fascinating Man 0:02:28

03 Eartha Kitt Thursday's Child 0:04:01

04 Eartha Kitt Le Danseur De Charleston 0:02:36

05 Eartha Kitt Honolulu Rock and Roll 0:01:51

06 Eartha Kitt Vid Kajen (Swedish) 0:03:46

07 Eartha Kitt Rosenkyssar (Swedish) 0:03:20

08 Eartha Kitt Put More Wood on the Fire 0:02:03

09 Eartha Kitt Enough 0:02:14

10 Eartha Kitt I'm a Funny Dame 0:02:11

11 Eartha Kitt A Woman Wouldn't Be a Woman 0:02:03

12 Eartha Kitt Toujour Gai 0:02:11

13 Eartha Kitt Waydown Blues 0:02:32

14 Eartha Kitt Proceed With Caution 0:02:28

15 Eartha Kitt Yomme, Yomme 0:02:46

16 Eartha Kitt Take My Love, Take My Love 0:02:26

17 Eartha Kitt Careless Love 0:03:16

18 Eartha Kitt Beale Street Blues 0:03:15

19 Eartha Kitt Hesitating Blues 0:03:30

20 Eartha Kitt The Memphis Blues 0:03:28

21 Eartha Kitt Atlanta Blues 0:02:41

22 Eartha Kitt Friendless Blues 0:02:51

23 Eartha Kitt Yellow Dog Blues 0:02:27

24 Eartha Kitt Chantez Les Bas 0:02:53

25 Eartha Kitt St. Louis Blues 0:02:48

26 Eartha Kitt Long Gone 0:03:46

27 Eartha Kitt Steal Away 0:02:38

28 Eartha Kitt Hist the Window, Noah 0:01:57


01 Eartha Kitt Shango 0:02:46

02 Eartha Kitt Sholem 0:01:51

03 Eartha Kitt Torah Dance (Ki M'tzion) 0:02:06

04 Eartha Kitt Tierra Va Temblar 0:03:08

05 Eartha Kitt Mack the Knife 0:02:30

06 Eartha Kitt I'd Rather Be Burned as a Witch 0:02:20

07 Eartha Kitt Independent 0:02:33

08 Eartha Kitt Love is a Gamble 0:02:11

09 Eartha Kitt Yellow Bird 0:02:40

10 Eartha Kitt Jambo Hippopotami 0:02:35

11 Eartha Kitt In the Evening (When the Sun Goes Down) 0:02:35

12 Eartha Kitt Lamplight 0:03:28

13 Eartha Kitt Apres Moi 0:03:28

14 Eartha Kitt My Heart Belongs to Daddy 0:02:51

15 Eartha Kitt Let's Do It 0:02:44

16 Eartha Kitt Lilac Wine 0:03:30

17 Eartha Kitt C'est Si Bon 0:02:39

18 Eartha Kitt I Want to Be Evil 0:03:03

19 Eartha Kitt I Wantcha Around 0:02:31

20 Eartha Kitt Uska Dara 0:03:39

21 Eartha Kitt Santa Baby 0:03:06

22 Eartha Kitt Just an Old Fashioned Girl 0:02:50

23 Eartha Kitt Angelitos Negros 0:03:28

24 Eartha Kitt April in Portugal 0:02:41

25 Eartha Kitt Johnny With the Gentle Hands (Take 7) 0:03:24

26 Eartha Kitt Johnny With the Gentle Hands (Take 8) 0:02:47


01 Eartha Kitt Monotonous 0:03:49

02 Eartha Kitt Love is a Simple Thing 0:05:10

03 Eartha Kitt Bal Petit Bal 0:03:01

04 Eartha Kitt Overture 0:02:05

05 Eartha Kitt Dialogue- Mrs. Patterson 0:01:24

06 Eartha Kitt Mrs. Patterson 0:03:31

07 Eartha Kitt Devil Scene 0:03:00

08 Eartha Kitt If I Was a Boy 0:02:43

09 Eartha Kitt The Fantasy 0:04:35

10 Eartha Kitt I Wish I Was a Bumble Bee 0:03:09

11 Eartha Kitt Card Game Scene 0:04:57

12 Eartha Kitt Be Good, Be Good, Be Good 0:03:02

13 Eartha Kitt Tea Party Scene 0:00:52

14 Eartha Kitt Tea in Chicago 0:03:41

15 Eartha Kitt Tea Party Scene (Cont.) 0:05:20

16 Eartha Kitt My Daddy is a Dandy 0:02:30

17 Eartha Kitt Finale 0:02:31

18 Eartha Kitt Reprise, Tea in Chicago 0:00:52

19 Eartha Kitt I Can't Give You Anything But Love 0:02:36

20 Eartha Kitt Solitude 0:02:44

21 Eartha Kitt Since I Fell for You 0:03:15

22 Eartha Kitt What is This Thing Called Love 0:02:34

23 Eartha Kitt Tierra Va Temblar 0:02:53

24 Eartha Kitt Callete (Caliente) 0:02:47




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