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Band - A Musical History [2005] (5 x CD's)



Band - A Musical History [2005] (5 x CD's)

The Band, A Musical History is a labor of love, and Executive Producer/Band member Robbie Robertson has built something truly impressive in the form of this five CD, one DVD, and 108-page hardcover book collection. The book alone will impress just about any music enthusiast. From its candid photographs of artists from Bob Dylan to Janis Joplin, to a detailed history of the Bend written by Grammy Award-winning musicologist Rob Bowman, it's well worth the price of admission. The 102-song collection follows the group's progression from their earliest of days, pre-Band, circa 1963, as background players for Toronto blues/rocker Ronnie Hawkins, to their final studio recording, "Out of the Blue" laid down in 1977. The box also includes 30 previously unreleased songs. On that list you’ll find everything from early versions of Band tunes to "song sketches" (pieces for which the lyrics may have been unfinished, but, as in the case of the late Richard Manuel’s soulful "Beautiful Thing," the emotion is captured just the same. Equally impressive is the DVD, which is filled with newly-issued live performances. These include a rough-but-wonderful songs from the Festival Express train tour, two tracks from a Wembley Stadium concert (admittedly the weakest sonically and visually on the disc) and three songs recorded for Saturday Night Live, including an endearing cover of "Georgia On My Mind." This amazing box set isn't just for Band fans; anyone who loves the music of the '60s and '70s could spend dozens of hours lost in this incredible collection.

There is little Americana that this group did not master. I strongly recommend appreciating Danko's wonderful bass tones, which, in the more New Orleans oriented material, sound pretty much like a tuba. He had a great voice, too. Robertson's licks make a compelling case for the supremacy of the Fender guitar in rock music. Helms's voice....it sounds like it was unearthed from a Civil War time capsule, and he can ride the bell of his cymbal as if he were conducting a symphony with a drumstick. Hudson...what can you say about that keyboard? That sax? And, of course, Manuel...he bore the weight of the world. You almost wince at the raw humanity as he hits those impossibly beautiful notes. (Amazon)


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Track lists


01 Ronnie Hawkins & The Hawks Who Do You Love? 2:41

02 Ronnie Hawkins & The Hawks You Know I Love You 2:45

03 Ronnie Hawkins & The Hawks Further On Up The Road 3:08

04 Ronnie Hawkins & The Hawks Nineteen Years Old 4:14

05 Levon & The Hawks Honky Tonk 3:05

06 Levon & The Hawks Bacon Fat 2:39

07 Levon & The Hawks Robbie's Blues 3:37

08 Canadian Squires Leave Me Alone 2:37

09 Canadian Squires Uh Uh Uh 2:21

10 Levon & The Hawks He Don't Love You (And He'll Break Your Heart) 2:39

11 Band (I Want To Be) The Rainmaker (Song Sketch) 2:59

12 Band The Stones I Throw (Song Sketch) 1:07

13 Levon & The Hawks The Stones I Throw (Will Free All Men) 2:06

14 Levon & The Hawks Go Go Liza Jane 2:13

15 Bob Dylan Can You Please Crawl Out Your Window? 3:33

16 Bob Dylan Tell Me, Momma 4:05

17 Bob Dylan Just Like Tom Thumb's Blues 5:37

18 Band Words And Numbers (Song Sketch) 4:13

19 Band You Don't Come Through (Song Sketch) 2:03

20 Band Beautiful Thing (Song Sketch) 1:41

21 Band Caledonia Mission (Song Sketch) 2:29

22 Bob Dylan & The Band Odds And Ends 1:48

23 Band Ferdinand The Impostor 4:06

24 Band Ruben Ruben (Stereo) 3:14

25 Band Will The Circle Be Unbroken 0:55


01 Band Katie's Been Gone 2:46

02 Band Ain't No More Cane On The Brazos 3:58

03 Band Don't Ya Tell Henry 3:13

04 Band Tears Of Rage 5:21

05 Band To Kindom Come 3:58

06 Band In A Station 3:32

07 Band The Weight 4:37

08 Band We Can Talk 3:04

09 Band Long Black Veil 3:03

10 Band Chest Fever 5:15

11 Band Lonesome Suzie 3:00

12 Band This Wheel's On Fire 3:13

13 Band I Shall Be Released 3:15

14 Band Yazoo Street Scandal 3:56

15 Band I Ain't Got No Home 3:46

16 Band Orange Juice Blues (Blues For Breakfast) 3:18

17 Band Baby Lou 3:39

18 Band Long Distance Operator 4:33

19 Band Key To The Highway 2:24

20 Band Bessie Smith 4:17


01 Band Across The Great Divide 2:53

02 Band Rag Mama Rag 3:05

03 Band The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down 3:33

04 Band When You Awake 3:15

05 Band Up On Cripple Creek 4:34

06 Band Whispering Pines 3:58

07 Band King Harvest (Has Surely Come) 3:40

08 Band Get Up Jake 2:17

09 Band Jemima Surrender 3:49

10 Band Daniel And The Sacred Harp 4:24

11 Band Time To Kill 3:28

12 Band All La Glory 3:26

13 Band The Shape I'm In 4:03

14 Band Stage Fright 3:43

15 Band The Rumor 4:16

16 Band Slippin' & Slidin' 3:22

17 Band Don't You Do It 3:47

18 Band Strawberry Wine 3:46

19 Band Rockin' Chair 4:12

20 Band Look Out Cleveland 3:34

21 Band 4% Pantomime 6:01


01 Band Life Is A Carnival 3:55

02 Band When I Paint My Masterpiece 4:21

03 Band The Moon Struck One 4:09

04 Band The River Hymn 4:41

05 Band Don't Do It 4:36

06 Band Caledonia Mission 3:23

07 Band Smoke Signal 5:09

08 Band Unfaithful Servant 4:41

09 Band The W.S. Walcott Medicine Show 4:05

10 Band The Genetic Method 7:31

11 Band Chest Fever 5:04

12 Band (I Don't Want To Hang Up My) Rock And Roll Shoes 4:30

13 Band Loving You (Is Sweeter Than Ever) 3:37

14 Band Endless Highway 5:07

15 Band Move Me 2:57

16 Band Two Piano Song 4:13

17 Band Mystery Train 5:33


01 Band Ain't Got No Home 3:25

02 Band Share Your Love With Me 2:56

03 Band Didn't It Rain 3:19

04 Band Forever Young 4:56

05 Band Rainy Day Women 3:37

06 Band Highway 61 Revisited 3:57

07 Band Ophelia 3:32

08 Band Acadian Driftwood 6:41

09 Band It Makes No Difference 6:35

10 Band Twilight 3:25

11 Band Christmas Must Be Tonight 3:36

12 Band The Saga Of Peptone Rouge 4:14

13 Band Livin' In A Dream 2:51

14 Band Forbidden Fruit 5:40

15 Band Home Cookin' 3:44

16 Band Out Of The Blue 3:21

17 Band Evangeline 3:11

18 Band The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down 4:34

19 Band The Weight 4:36




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