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VA - Sophisticated Boom Boom, The Shadow Morton Story [2013]


VA - Sophisticated Boom Boom, The Shadow Morton Story [2013]

"Producers are quirky, conceptual people," David Johansen of the New York Dolls once said. Few fit that description better than George Shadow Morton, whose work is celebrated in this new addition to Ace Records' long-running Producers series. This 24 track collection was compiled with input from Shadow Morton himself, who sadly died while the project was being prepared for release. R.I.P. His story is told in great detail in the accompanying sumptuously illustrated 38-page booklet, which features an exhaustive 12,000-word essay by Mick Patrick and many rare photographs, including some supplied by the Morton family.

The collection covers Shadow’s career from his debut as lead vocalist with the Markeys and the Lonely Ones through to the New York Dolls’ “Too Much Too Soon” album. Also included are tracks by the Beattle-ettes, Shangri-Las, Goodies, Ellie Greenwich, Shaggy Boys, Nu-Luvs, Janis Ian, Blues Project, Vanilla Fudge, Vagrants, Iron Butterfly and Mott The Hoople - everything from 1950's doo wop to 1970's glam-punk via girl group melodramas and Long Island psychedelia. In other words, a very varied listening experience. (Ace)



Track lists

01 George "Shadow" Morton; Mar-Keys Hot Rod 2:23

02 Lonely Ones I Want My Girl 2:19

03 Beattle-Ettes Only Seventeen 1:56

04 Shangri-Las Remember (Walkin' in the Sand) 2:55

05 Shangri-Las Give Him a Great Big Kiss 2:14

06 Goodies Sophisticated Boom Boom 2:00

07 Ellie Greenwich Baby 2:43

08 Ellie Greenwich You Don't Know 3:07

09 Shangri-Las Past, Present and Future 2:41

10 Janis Ian Society's Child (Baby I've Been Thinking) 3:13

11 Nu-Luvs So Soft, So Warm 2:54

12 Nu-Luvs Take My Advice 2:02

13 Blues Project Lost in the Shuffle 2:56

14 Shaggy Boys Stop the Clock 2:17

15 Shangri-Las I'll Never Learn 2:41

16 Janis Ian Too Old to Go 'way Little Girl 3:11

17 Vanilla Fudge You Keep Me Hangin' On 6:48

18 Vagrants, The And When It's Over 2:16

19 Vanilla Fudge Season of the Witch, Pt. 2 3:14

20 Iron Butterfly In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida 2:53

21 Mott the Hoople Midnight Lady 3:29

22 New York Dolls Puss 'n' Boots 3:08

23 New York Dolls Stranded in the Jungle 4:06

24 Shadow Morton Dressed in Black 2:53




  1. Hi!

    Thanx for this one. Know most artists but some "new" hears here too.

    Ciao! For now.

  2. Hi, Just DLed this and a warning - one that I've never seen before - flashed up that it contained a virus or malware, so I deleted. Probably a malfunction at my end, but worth checking out.
    Thanks for all the music.

    1. Ah, you can probably scrub that warning, as the exact same thing happened with the Gene Pitney set. Going to have to sort it out at my end, I guess.

    2. Hi Rayge,
      I know its not from me. I have had everything fully analyzed and no problems noted.
      My google account sometimes blocks files due to the settings I have. Possibly its in peoples set up with their browsers. The files are safe. If you see it again and can identify why please let the group who visit here know.

    3. Hi, and thanks for the reply. I went ahead and DLed both the Pitney and Shadow Morton sets, and unzipped them with no obvious problems, although I again got the virus/malware warning. Just to check, I tried to DL them on my laptop, which has an older version of firefox than my desktop, and again go the warning, so it isn't a function of the updated browser. I noticed on another page that someone was getting a warning in Chrome as well, so I suspect the issue is with Krakenfiles. I went back and DLed something I had already taken from the Butterboy several months ago without problems, and that, too, inspired the warning.
      Best wishes

    4. Hi Rayge
      Thanks for the updated feedback/findings..
      I tried to download a link my friend sent me and Google failed me too. I kept getting the message you are all seeing.
      I did a few test at my end and discovered that by using an alterative browser (I moved to Edge) I encountered no issues. I have posted todays BB compilation using the Edge broweser. Let see if that improves the situation.