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VA - The Spirit Of Philadelphia Vol. 01 - Vol. 04 [2002 - 2016] (4 x CD's)



VA - The Spirit Of Philadelphia Vol. 01 - Vol. 04 [2002 - 2016] (4 x CD's)

Phillysound is very melodic, characterized by the interaction of the strings with the unmistakable organ sound (today one would say keyboards) combined with the bright sound of the lead guitar(s). The saxophone also plays an important role in the arrangements. 

Volume 1   The first in a series of compilations that feature the cream of "lesser known" recordings that feature that 70's Philly sound. The majority of featured artists might not be top flight A listers like the O Jays & Harold Melvin but the quality is on the same level. Featuring the same core musicians/producers that created the iconic million selling Philadelphia International records of Gamble & Huff. If you like 70's soul and the Philly sound in particular you will love this album. You might not be familiar with many of the artists but I can guarantee you will not be disappointed. (Amazon)

Volume 2   Another fantastic compilation of more obscure recordings from 70s Philly. Many of the tracks included here were minor hits or album tracks that didn't quite achieve the success of those well known 70's era Philly classics. The quality is excellent, musicianship is of course top shelf and the sound quality is great. A number of top flight artists are featured alongside 2nd division and lesser known acts. A great addition to any soul lovers collection. (Amazon)

Volume 3  I love most of what Expansion Records produced, but every now and then a CD comes along that out strips even their high standards. This series does not derive itself from the PIR label itself, but all the other artists and labels who took the spirit of what writers/producers Kenny Gamble & Leon Huff were doing to make their own music during the period, often using the same musicians. Album opens with Tapestry (lead singer is James Carmichael who became integral to Instant Funk), artists like Barbara Mason, Little Anthony and Major Harris are soul legends while Sister Sledge have had huge pop hits and this first legal issue of Sharon McMahan on CD from the original studio tapes. (Amazon)

Volume 4  The Spirit Of Philadelphia series is back with a fourth installment, a further 17 track feast of Philly gems from the music's heyday in the 1970's. In keeping with the tradition of the series, most cuts are either rare on CD or previously unreleased in this format. These are the recordings beyond the walls of Kenny Gamble and Leon Huff's Philadelphia International Records but involve many key musicians, arrangers and artists. At the disco end of the spectrum are three Tom Moulton mixes included here, Monday After's Merry-Go-Round" extremely rare on Buddah Records promo 12" unavailable commercially until now. Detailed liner notes reveal how events surrounding the Everett 'Blood' Hollins track lead to the birth of Chic and how Van McCoy's music was inspired by the sound of Philadelphia. This plus soul legends including The Temptations and Ben E. King at their Philly best. (Amazon)

Excellent collections, all killer no filler. Obscure/rare Philly tracks from the early 70's. You may not have heard of all the artists or the tracks but they are all "A+" and should've been massive hits!






Track lists

Vol. 01

01 Joneses Who Loves You 0:03:30

02 Gloria Gaynor This Love Affair 0:04:06

03 Futures Stay With Me 0:04:00

04 Modulations Your Love Has Me Locked Up 0:03:38

05 Revelation We've Got To Survive 0:03:55

06 Invitations Look On The Good Side 0:03:25

07 Barbara Mason & The Futures Make It Last 0:03:24

08 Jermaine Jackson Good For The Gander 0:04:21

09 Little Dooley (It's Got To Be) Now Or Never 0:03:35

10 Dianne Steinberg One More Time 0:03:13

11 Touch Of Class I Love You Pretty Baby 0:04:43

12 Philly Devotions Hurt So Bad 0:05:39

13 Invitations They Say The Girl's Crazy 0:02:54

14 Revelation Where It's Warm 0:03:30

15 Touch Of Class I Just Can't Say Goodbye 0:04:56

16 Charen Cotten A Little Bit Of Love 0:03:21

17 New York City Happiness Is 0:03:24

18 Whispers Will You Be Mine 0:03:37

Vol. 02

01 Ben E. King We Got Love 0:03:56

02 Eddie Kendricks Its Not What You Got 0:04:13

03 Brenda & The Tabulations Lets Go All The Way (Down) 0:03:44

04 Joneses In Love Again 0:03:17

05 Whispers Dont Take Your Love 0:02:56

06 Persuaders Its Love 0:02:59

07 Gateway Cant Accept The Fact 0:05:33

08 Anglo Saxon Brown Straighten It Up 0:05:00

09 David Morris Midnight Lady 0:06:14

10 Temprees You Make Me Feel So Good Baby 0:03:23

11 Four Tops Just In Time 0:03:52

12 Jimmy Ruffin Falling In Love With You 0:05:23

13 Jackie Moore Walk Away From Love 0:04:16

14 Persuaders Trying To Love 2 Women 0:05:24

15 Little Anthony & The Imperials I Dont Have Time To Worry 0:03:23

16 New York City Do You Remember Yesterday 0:04:41

17 Vincent Montana Jr & The Philly Sound Orchestra Thats What Love Does 0:05:55

Vol. 03

01 Tapestry It's Not The World That's Messed Up 0:03:36

02 Ecstasy, Passion & Pain I Wouldn't Give You Up 0:03:25

03 Jay & The Techniques Don't Ask Me To Forget 0:03:30

04 Sharon Paige New To You 0:03:30

05 Troy And Tomorrow Means Another Day We're Apart 0:04:01

06 Sharon Mcmahan Get Out Of My Life 0:03:04

07 Ghetto Children I Just Got To Fine Someone To Love Me 0:03:08

08 Brown Sugar I'm Going Through Changes Now 0:03:07

09 Keith Barrow Precious 0:03:54

10 Barbara Mason When You Look At Me 0:03:00

11 Impact I Thought You Would Like To Know 0:03:25

12 Moving Violation Wild Goose Chase 0:03:31

13 Debbie Taylor I Have Learned To Do Without You 0:03:48

14 Ronnie Dyson I Think I'll Tell Her 0:04:05

15 Little Anthony & The Imperials Help Me Find A Way (To Say I Love You) 0:03:04

16 Sister Sledge Thank You For Today 0:03:17

17 Major Harris This Is What You Mean To Me 0:03:24

Vol. 04

01 Everett 'blood' Hollins & Jean Lang How Have You Been 0:05:27

02 Free Spirit Love You Just As Long As I Can (Tom Moulton 12' Mix) 0:06:52

03 Temptations Ready Willing And Able 0:03:27

04 Ben E. King No Danger Ahead 0:04:04

05 Futures Don't Close The Book 0:03:05

06 Monday After Merry-Go-Round (Tom Moulton 12' Mix) 0:05:46

07 Tapestry Life Is What You Make It 0:03:11

08 Billy Proctor & Love System Keeping Up With The Joneses 0:03:23

09 Anacostia All I Need 0:02:41

10 Choice Four Keep In Touch 0:04:29

11 Ronnie Dyson Cup (Runneth Over) 0:02:53

12 Philly Devotions I Was A Lonely Man 0:03:24

13 Lenny Welch Fancy Meeting You Here Baby 0:03:00

14 Final Touch I'm Ready To Give Up My Love 0:05:33

15 Reflections Day After Day (Night After Night) 0:04:45

16 Finishing Touch Don't Put Me Down 0:03:25

17 Tymes All You Ever Wanted To Know About Love 0:03:31




  1. thank you BB philly soul is soul good

    1. Hope you have fun with this excellent set, doors97426.

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks Bob Mac.
      I think it is a thing of beauty.

  3. Great collection of quality soul music...many thanks!!

  4. Looks a great set BB - many thanks :)

    On a side note, does it ever bother anyone that on similar compilations there will be odd tracks with a credit to some 'REMIXER' & their 'remixed VERSION' ? It bothers me a lot when these tracks are surrounded by the original versions, as though we don't want to hear the 'original', as though it's boring etc. I know I'm getting old, but what got put 'in the can' as in 'that's a wrap' should be offered up first and foremost (I don't mind a 'remastering' that improves the actual original recorded sound, such as it may remove previous distortion etc), but all the remixes, put them on a collective 'Remix' album, please :)

    When it first became popular to release a 12" 45rpm back in the day with multiple versions, edits, remixes etc, I stopped buying them, because it was as though the record label just wanted to 'milk' as much out of me for a single song as they could, rather than included unissued songs or a couple from an LP etc.

    Ok ..... moaning, groaning & complaining over LOL

    1. Hi puw.
      Your moaning, groaning & complaining about this is totally acceptable. Your comments are fair questions and I tend to agree with your sentiment. I like it much better when a compilation of 12" remixes only is offered up. We can then decide if we want it. I also think that the original versions are what was intended, and it would be better to stick with that...

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    New links stablished, tested and working.