Friday, May 13, 2022

Elvis Presley - Under The Radar (A Butterboy Compilation) CD1+CD2+CD3


Elvis Presley - Under The Radar (A Butterboy Compilation) CD1+CD2+CD3

Elvis Presley‘s music is the definition of timeless. Elvis released over 800 songs on over 200 albums so when you tell me you have them “all” I will smile. This list of hidden gems is comprised of songs that I’m sure many of these “fans” that say they own all his music have never heard. Or heard of. Or maybe even if they heard them, couldn’t identify the singer as Elvis. Most real Elvis fans are probably well aware of these tunes and they could argue that they are not exactly “hidden”. 

There were actually some gems among the movie songs (“Viva Las Vegas,” “Return to Sender”), and until he got bored with the routine, he was one the most exciting performers to appear in Las Vegas. Classic radio and best-of collections tend to highlight the same numbers over and over again. Elvis sang in a variety of genres like rock, pop, R&B, country, blues, gospel, and folk. And when he had a song worthy of his talents, he invariably turned in a superlative performance. Presley recorded some extraordinary songs and he always had an affinity for ballads and slower numbers, so many in fact that many didn't receive the attention they deserved. 

Here are 66 Elvis song that mostly fell under the radar. These underrated songs are ones that people need to know about.. Enjoy!



Track lists


01 Elvis Presley Wearin' That Loved on Look 0:02:47

02 Elvis Presley Lonely Man (Solo Version) 0:02:04

03 Elvis Presley If You Talk in Your Sleep 0:02:29

04 Elvis Presley I Got a Feelin' in My Body 0:03:35

05 Elvis Presley Inherit the Wind 0:03:11

06 Elvis Presley Stranger in the Crowd 0:03:48

07 Elvis Presley It's Midnight 0:03:22

08 Elvis Presley Faded Love 0:03:19

09 Elvis Presley Good Time Charlie's Got the Blues 0:03:10

10 Elvis Presley I'm Leaving (Mono Single Version) 0:03:54

11 Elvis Presley That's Someone You Never Forget 0:02:48

12 Elvis Presley Heart of Rome 0:02:58

13 Elvis Presley It's Easy for You 0:03:28

14 Elvis Presley The Fool 0:02:34

15 Elvis Presley Mean Woman Blues 0:02:17

16 Elvis Presley True Love Travels on a Gravel Road 0:02:43

17 Elvis Presley This is the Story 0:02:28

18 Elvis Presley The Sound of Your Cry 0:03:18

19 Elvis Presley City By Night 0:03:05

20 Elvis Presley My Babe 0:02:29

21 Elvis Presley My Baby Left Me 0:02:13

22 Elvis Presley Long Lonely Highway 0:02:27


23 Elvis Presley Stranger in My Own Home Town 0:04:26

24 Elvis Presley I'll Remember You 0:04:07

25 Elvis Presley Spinout 0:02:35

26 Elvis Presley Pieces of My Life 0:04:07

27 Elvis Presley Hard Luck 0:02:53

28 Elvis Presley Promised Land 0:02:54

29 Elvis Presley Song of the Shrimp (Lp Version) 0:02:20

30 Elvis Presley Milky White Way 0:02:13

31 Elvis Presley If I Can Dream (Mono Single Version) 0:03:10

32 Elvis Presley Tomorrow is a Long Time 0:05:21

33 Elvis Presley A House That Has Everything 0:02:14

34 Elvis Presley Loving Arms 0:03:05

35 Elvis Presley You'll Think of Me 0:04:11

36 Elvis Presley Who Am 0:03:22

37 Elvis Presley In My Way 0:01:23

38 Elvis Presley Fame and Fortune 0:02:30

39 Elvis Presley Long Black Limousine 0:03:44

40 Elvis Presley My Baby's Gone (I'm Left, You're Right, She's Gone - Alternate Take) 0:02:43

41 Elvis Presley You'll Be Gone 0:02:27

42 Elvis Presley Working on the Building 0:01:52

43 Elvis Presley Forget Me Never 0:01:37

44 Elvis Presley Marguerita 0:02:42


45 Elvis Presley Tomorrow Never Comes 0:04:07

46 Elvis Presley What Now My Love 0:02:49

47 Elvis Presley I Washed My Hands in Muddy Water 0:03:56

48 Elvis Presley Sylvia 0:03:20

49 Elvis Presley Susan When She Tried 0:02:19

50 Elvis Presley Chesay 0:01:37

51 Elvis Presley Power of My Love 0:02:40

52 Elvis Presley Down in the Alley 0:02:50

53 Elvis Presley Shoppin' Around 0:02:28

54 Elvis Presley Hey Little Girl 0:02:15

55 Elvis Presley No More 0:02:25

56 Elvis Presley There is So Much World to See 0:01:55

57 Elvis Presley The Girl Next Door Went A-Walking 0:02:12

58 Elvis Presley Baby Let's Play House 0:02:19

59 Elvis Presley I Love You Because 0:02:45

60 Elvis Presley Blue Moon 0:02:44

61 Elvis Presley How the Web Was Woven 0:03:27

62 Elvis Presley I Gotta Know 0:02:16

63 Elvis Presley If I'm a Fool (For Loving You) 0:02:45

64 Elvis Presley My Little Friend 0:02:47

65 Elvis Presley Never Ending 0:02:00

66 Elvis Presley Doncha Think it S Time 0:01:55




  1. Replies
    1. You're welcome doors97426.
      He is an amazing voice.

  2. You're welcome Crab Devil.
    I tried to create a comp that is not like all the others. Enjoy.

  3. Thanks for this Butterboy. Elvis was one of the best - arguably the best - white blues/gospel singers. And, yes, there are some tracks here I'm not familiar with.

    1. Hi Bob Mac,
      He was a true star. I am glad there is something still to find.

  4. Thanks for this, it will be fun. He was the best.
    My Elvis file is full of duplicates but I have 25,000 songs in 177 gigabytes. I need to prune that I think.
    Have you seen the "Follow That Dream" series of bootlegs? There is lots of great and odd things there.

    1. That's a lot of Elvis files lemonflag.
      I am not familiar with the bootleg you mention. I will need to seek it out.

    2. That's a lot of Elvis files lemonflag.
      I am not familiar with the bootleg you mention. I will need to seek it out.

  5. Not much we can say about the King, many thanks BB for the under he radar collection

    1. Thanks little Bill.
      I hope you find something new.

  6. Hi. Here's 184 volumes of the "Follow That Dream" (FTD) series. Now when people say they have it all, you can really smile.. There are demos, acetates, live performances, songs in progress--you name it.. Here's a quick example.. There are 2 songs from your Disc #1 here on FTD #146 ["American Sound 1969" Disc 1]. "You'll Think Of Me" [14 Takes] and "Long Black Limousine" [9 takes]. Here is a link for all 184 volumes-- should keep you busy this weekend. Thanks for all the cool thinks you do! -Duane-

    1. HI Duane
      I'm smiling now. Thank you for the link you have generously shared and your kind words.
      I will check it out soon. I will probably need refreshment in the Tiki Room afterwards.

  7. I'm a fan of Elvis but I don't pretend to posses all of his recordings. It's just impossible. And, in my case, it's not necessary because I don't appreciate the majority of his songs of the second part of the sixties and of his pictures.
    So, many thanks for completing my collection.

    1. I am always amazed how more Elvis turns up, sprouting music I have not heard before. And I have a big collection. DLA (above) gave me a link to a massive download of Elvis material. I don't know how long it will take to get them all but what I have taken so far is really rewarding.
      Enjoy this Elvis compilation.

  8. Thanks for some great music this last month, it's always a joy to visit your wonderful site. Cheers BB!