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A Box Of Gene Pitney [1959-1977] (5 x CD's)



A Box Of Gene Pitney [1959-1977] (5 x CD's)

Gene Francis Alan Pitney (February 17, 1940 - April 5, 2006) was an American singer-songwriter and musician. At the height of his fame in 1967, Pitney married his childhood sweetheart, Lynne Gayton, and the couple had three sons, Todd, Chris, and David. Pitney was touring the UK in the spring of 2006 when his manager found him dead in his hotel room following a concert in Cardiff, Wales, on April 5. An autopsy found the cause of death to be a heart attack and that he had severely occluded coronary arteries. His final show at Cardiff's St David's Hall had earned him a standing ovation; he ended with "Town Without Pity". He was buried at Somers Center Cemetery in Somers, Connecticut.

Pitney charted 16 top-40 hits in the United States, four in the top ten. In the United Kingdom, he had 22 top-40 hit singles, including 11 in the top ten. Among his most famous hits are "Town Without Pity", "(The Man Who Shot) Liberty Valance", "Twenty Four Hours from Tulsa", "I'm Gonna Be Strong", and "It Hurts To Be In Love". He also wrote the early 1960's hits "Rubber Ball" recorded by Bobby Vee, "Hello Mary Lou" by Ricky Nelson, and "He's a Rebel" by the Crystals. In 2002 he was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. (Wikipedia)

Here are his first 3 Compilations from 1964  to 1967 title Gene Pitney's Big Sixteen [1964], Gene Pitney's Big Sixteen Vol. 2 [1965] and Gene Pitney's Big Sixteen Vol. 3 [1967] .To round this set off I've included a 2006 compilation of Rare Songs and Demos. Also included is one of my favorites albums She's a Heartbreaker [1968].


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Track lists

Gene Pitney's Big Sixteen [1964]

01 Gene Pitney Ship True Love Goodbye 0:02:28

02 Gene Pitney Twenty Four Hours From Tulsa 0:02:56

03 Gene Pitney Only Love Can Break A Heart 0:02:46

04 Gene Pitney Not Responsible 0:02:30

05 Gene Pitney Teardrop By Teardrop 0:02:14

06 Gene Pitney Donna Means Heartbreak 0:02:21

07 Gene Pitney Aladin's Lamp 0:02:29

08 Gene Pitney (The Man Who Shot) Liberty Valence 0:02:53

09 Gene Pitney Keep Telling Yourself 0:02:27

10 Gene Pitney Mecca 0:02:17

11 Gene Pitney Town Without Pity 0:02:52

12 Gene Pitney Tower Tall 0:03:18

13 Gene Pitney Cry Your Eyes Out 0:02:06

14 Gene Pitney True Love Never Runs Smooth 0:02:21

15 Gene Pitney Take Me Tonight 0:02:38

16 Gene Pitney Half Heaven, Half Heartache 0:02:46

Gene Pitney's Big Sixteen Vol. 2 [1965]

01 Gene Pitney It Hurts To Be In Love 0:02:35

02 Gene Pitney Oh, Annie, Oh 0:02:35

03 Gene Pitney Today's Teardrops 0:01:52

04 Gene Pitney Fool Killer 0:03:14

05 Gene Pitney Laurie 0:02:24

06 Gene Pitney Hawaii 0:02:05

07 Gene Pitney Little Betty Falling Star 0:02:25

08 Gene Pitney Brandy Is My True Love's Name 0:03:01

09 Gene Pitney I'm Gonna Be Strong 0:02:17

10 Gene Pitney Hello Mary Lou 0:02:12

11 Gene Pitney I Love You More 0:02:20

12 Gene Pitney Half The Laughter, Twice The Tears 0:02:13

13 Gene Pitney Lyda Sue, Wha'dya Do? 0:02:00

14 Gene Pitney Every Breath I Take 0:02:47

15 Gene Pitney I Laughed So Hard I Cried 0:02:19

Gene Pitney's Big Sixteen Vol. 3 [1967]

01 Gene Pitney Rags To Riches 0:02:06

02 Gene Pitney Born To Lose 0:02:25

03 Gene Pitney Last Chance To Turn Around 0:03:04

04 Gene Pitney Amor Mio 0:02:58

05 Gene Pitney Looking Through The Eyes Of Love 0:03:14

06 Gene Pitney Remind My Baby Of Me 0:02:07

07 Gene Pitney I Can't Stop Loving You 0:02:47

08 Gene Pitney I'm Afraid To Go Home 0:02:46

09 Gene Pitney Stay 0:02:15

10 Gene Pitney On The Street Where You Live 0:02:36

11 Gene Pitney There's No Living Without Your Loving 0:02:55

12 Gene Pitney Princess In Rags 0:02:43

13 Gene Pitney Unchained Melody 0:03:27

14 Gene Pitney Close To My Heart 0:02:31

15 Gene Pitney I Really Don't Want To Know 0:02:42

16 Gene Pitney All The Way 0:03:17

Rare Songs and Demos [2006]

01 Gene Pitney Darkness 0:02:35

02 Gene Pitney Runaway Lover 0:01:38

03 Gene Pitney SoTired 0:01:54

04 Gene Pitney Victory 0:02:42

05 Gene Pitney I'm Going Back To My Love 0:03:36

06 Gene Pitney I'll Find You 0:02:06

07 Gene Pitney Cradle In My Arms 0:03:29

08 Gene Pitney Looking at the world 0:02:29

09 Gene Pitney Tears from heaven 0:01:50

10 Gene Pitney I`ll be there 0:02:02

11 Gene Pitney Little miss heartbreak 0:01:44

12 Gene Pitney Bonnie 0:01:58

13 Gene Pitney All Summer Long 0:01:42

14 Gene Pitney Scarlet Ribbons 0:02:23

15 Gene Pitney Odota En 0:03:23

16 Gene Pitney Amico Ascoltami 0:02:21

17 Gene Pitney Building Up My Dream World 0:02:04

18 Gene Pitney Guardati alle spalle 0:02:43

19 Gene Pitney I Tuoi Anni Piu Belli 0:03:10

20 Gene Pitney Quando Ti Lascia Lamore 0:02:14

21 Gene Pitney Amici Miei 0:02:52

22 Gene Pitney Angelique 0:03:55

23 Gene Pitney Ave Maria 0:02:37

24 Gene Pitney Because you came to me 0:02:04

25 Gene Pitney Big Job 0:06:37

26 Gene Pitney Bisogna Amare Per Vevere 0:03:19

27 Gene Pitney Come La Prima Volta 0:02:33

28 Gene Pitney Corro Da Te 0:02:10

29 Gene Pitney Geh' Nie Andere Wege 0:03:03

30 Gene Pitney Ha Qualcosa Piu Di Me 0:03:25

31 Gene Pitney Johnny Lo Svelto 0:02:19

32 Gene Pitney Beautiful Sounds 0:02:30

33 Gene Pitney La Faccia Spora 0:03:08

34 Gene Pitney Oh cara 0:02:47

35 Gene Pitney Quella che sa piangere 0:02:27

36 Gene Pitney Somewhere (there`s a place for us) 0:03:22

37 Gene Pitney The birds and the bees 0:01:04

38 Gene Pitney The RaceIs On 0:01:47

39 Gene Pitney The Lord`s Prayer 0:02:23

40 Gene Pitney This is my faith 0:02:35

41 Gene Pitney Walk hand in hand 0:02:56

42 Gene Pitney Una Ragazza Nel Cuora 0:02:53

43 Gene Pitney Uomo Non Sai 0:03:42

44 Gene Pitney Something`s gotten hold of my heart 0:04:21

45 Gene Pitney What Will She Say 0:03:26

46 Gene Pitney Morning In April 0:03:05

47 Gene Pitney I Just Cant Help Myself 0:03:15

48 Gene Pitney I Just Cant Help Myself 0:03:27

49 Gene Pitney Song Without a Friend 0:03:17

50 Gene Pitney Damned If I Do 0:03:43

51 Gene Pitney Broken lady 0:03:19

52 Gene Pitney I´ll be still in love with you 0:02:37

53 Gene Pitney Take Me Tonight 0:02:45

54 Gene Pitney Trans Canada Highway 0:03:03

55 Gene Pitney Hold On To The Music 0:03:09

56 Gene Pitney Love On Our Hands 0:03:22

57 Gene Pitney Sandman 0:03:28

58 Gene Pitney Walkin In The Sun 0:03:02

59 Gene Pitney We Wrote The Show 0:03:27

60 Gene Pitney It's Over It's Over 0:03:27

She's a Heartbreaker [1968]

01 Gene Pitney She’s a Heartbreaker 0:03:12

02 Gene Pitney Hate 0:02:55

03 Gene Pitney (1-2-3-4-5-6-7) Count the Days 0:02:37

04 Gene Pitney Run, Run, Roadrunner 0:02:29

05 Gene Pitney Small Town, Bring Down 0:02:37

06 Gene Pitney Yours Until Tomorrow 0:03:21

07 Gene Pitney Somewhere in the Country 0:03:04

08 Gene Pitney Love Grows 0:03:27

09 Gene Pitney Heaven Held 0:03:08

10 Gene Pitney If I Only Had Time 0:02:50




  1. Thanks for Gene Pitney; great songwriter, very distinctive voice [only 'copied' by Los Bravos - Black Is Black], great songs.

    1. Hi old fan,
      I've always like his voice. Enjoy the selections here.

  2. Thanks BB
    "old fan" what a great name.

    1. Hi lemonflag,
      We are all Young men who got older.

    2. updating an old joke.
      My mind says 31, my driving license says 71, and my body says 101.

  3. Looking through the eyes of love - is one of my fav tunes a classic - sad we lost him very talented

    1. Hi JD Hogg,
      I hope you are enjoying the set posted. He really was a talent.

    2. My fav singer but deserves better than 64-96 kbps. This after all is 2022

    3. You might notice some of your 16 are only 15 tracks ? I do appreciate what you share so here is Big 16 & Vol 2 & Vol 3 all @@320 with covers


      as a side-note firefox said all of yours contained a virus. they did not but there is something up with your download provider

    4. Hi Z,
      Firstly, thank you for the Pixeldrain link and your kind words. Appreciated.
      As far as I know when I post them they are at the bit rate indicated in the file. They were done a long time ago. I don't have a way to or know how to check bit-rates. Re Virus message all my work is virus checked before I post and I don't experience such events. I have not changed my download provider but will keep an eye on this situation.

  4. to check TRUE bitrates use a spectrogram program many are free. The BEST is fakin' the funk not free but amazing. You can load thousands at a time and it will check for bitrates, stereo etc etc etc

  5. Gene is a sadly and unjustly underappreciated talent nowadays. Thanks for this and so many other gifts.