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VA - Pebbles Vol. 01- 04 [1989 - 1990] (4 x CD's)



VA - Pebbles Vol. 01- 04 [1989 - 1990] (4 x CD's)

Pebbles is an extensive series of compilation albums in both LP  (28 albums) and CD (12 albums) formats that have been issued on several record labels, though mostly by AIP. Together with the companion Highs in the Mid-Sixties series (23 albums, This series is a companion to the Pebbles series of similar music; the title is technically preceded by "Pebbles Presents:"), the Pebbles series made available over 800 obscure, mostly American "Original Punk Rock" songs recorded in the mid-1960's, primarily known today as the garage rock and psychedelic rock genres, that were previously known only to a handful of collectors. 

Including the Highs in the Mid-Sixties series, Best of Pebbles series, Essential Pebbles series, Planetary Pebbles series, and two box sets, more than 60 compilation albums have been released using the Pebbles name. Following on the heels of the success of the Pebbles series, dozens of other series of garage rock compilation albums have been started, with numerous albums being released each year for several decades.

According to the AIP website, ESD Records (also known as East Side Digital) issued 4 volumes of CDs in the Pebbles series in 1989–1990. Though compiled by AIP, the tracks are almost completely different from those in the corresponding volumes of the LPs and CDs described previously (although a sizable number of the tracks on ESD's Pebbles, Volume 2 appear on both the earlier Pebbles, Volume 3 LP and the later CD reissue). Particularly on ESD's Pebbles, Volume 1, many of the tracks are either new to Pebbles or are buried on the higher-numbered volumes in the Pebbles series or Highs in the Mid-Sixties series. The albums had a limited run of only 1,000 each and are now difficult to locate; but, not surprisingly, the ESD and AIP CDs are often confused. One added bonus in the ESD CDs is that the excellent liner notes are written by Nigel Strange (who wrote liner notes for several of the BFD Records albums also).

This whole damn series is great! This is what rock is about! 


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Track lists

Vol. 01

01 Others I Can't Stand This Love, Goodbye 2:10

02 Bold Gotta Get Some 2:32

03 Knaves The Girl I Threw Away 2:35

04 Kings Ransom Shame 2:09

05 Les Sinners Nice Try 2:13

06 Bougalieu Let's Do Wrong (2nd Version) 1:48

07 Nervous Breakdowns I Dig Your Mind 1:47

08 Endd Out of My Hands 2:45

09 Hysterics Everything's There 2:16

10 Fallen Angels Bad Woman 2:10

11 Emperors I Want My Woman 2:38

12 M.G. & the Escorts A Someday Fool 2:33

13 Kim & Grim You Don't Love Me 2:19

14 Belles Melvin 2:29

15 Hangmen What a Girl Can't Do 2:27

16 Gentlemen It's a Cry'n Shame 2:31

17 Byron & the Mortals Do You Believe Me 2:15

18 Bohemian Vendetta Enough 2:42

19 Kama-Del-Sutra She Taught Me Love 2:17

20 Sparkles No Friend of Mine 2:22

21 Stoics Enough of What I Need 2:15

22 Wilde Knights Beaver Patrol 2:21

23 Tongues of Truth Let's Talk About Girls 2:38

24 Weeds It's Your Time 2:19

25 Robin & the Three Hoods I Wanna Do It 1:55

Vol. 02

01 Dave Diamond & the Higher Elevation The Diamond Mine 2:12

02 Teddy & His Patches Suzy CreaMcHeese 3:09

03 Crystal Chandelier Suicidal Flowers 2:23

04 William Penn Fyve Swami 2:56

05 Calico Wall Flight Reaction 2:39

06 Hogs Loose Lip Sync Ship 3:04

07 Driving Stupid The Reality of (Air) Fried Borsk 1:53

08 Bees Voices Green and Purple 1:34

09 Monocles The Spider & the Fly 2:05

10 Godfrey Let's Take a Trip (The Trip) 2:13

11 T.C. Atlantic Faces 2:44

12 Lea Riders Group Dom Kaller Oss Mods 4:02

13 Id Boil the Kettle, Mother 2:59

14 Burning Bush Evil Eye 2:15

15 Naked Truth The Wall 2:30

16 Mystic Tide Running Through the Night 2:30

17 Unsettled Society 17 Diamond Studded Cadillacs 5:00

18 Bedlam Four Hydrogen Atom (Or Mushrooms Are In) 2:10

19 Afterglow Susie's Gone 2:24

20 Holocaust Savage Affection 2:39

21 Spontaneous Generation Up in My Mind 2:52

22 Jelly Bean Bandits Generation 2:55

Vol. 03

01 Avengers Be a Cave Man 1:57

02 Split Ends Rich With Nothin' 2:20

03 Kit & the Outlaws Don't Tread on Me 2:50

04 Groupies Primitive 3:35

05 Silver Fleet Look Out World 3:13

06 Keith Kessler Don't Crowd Me 2:43

07 Terry Knight & the Pack How Much More? 2:34

08 Breakers Don't Send Me No Flowers (I Ain't Dead Yet) 2:07

09 006 Like What, Me Worry 2:38

10 Original Dukes Ain't About to Lose My Cool 2:34

11 Seeds Bad Part of Town 3:29

12 Magic Plants I'm a Nothing 2:39

13 Leather Boy I'm a Leather Boy 1:54

14 Rovin' Flames How Many Times 1:51

15 Litter I'm a Man 4:02

16 Traits High on a Cloud 3:32

17 Gonn Blackout of Gretely 4:31

18 Cave Men It's Trash 2:05

19 Dick Watson Five Cold Clear World 2:45

20 Knaves Leave Me Alone 2:30

21 Leo & the Prophets Tilt-A-Whirl 2:42

22 Shades of Night Fluctuation 3:35

23 Haunted 1-2-5 (45 Version) 2:32

24 Ravens Are You a Boy, Or Are You a Girl? 2:22

25 Nobody's Children Good Times 2:44

26 Randy Alvey & Green Fuz Green Fuz 1:59

Vol. 04

01 Soup Greens Like a Rolling Stone 2:46

02 Grains of Sand She Needs Me 2:40

03 Painted Faces Anxious Color 2:32

04 We the People You Burn Me Up and Down 2:23

05 New Colony Six At the River's Edge 2:38

06 Remains You Got a Hard Time Coming 2:05

07 Vejtables Feel the Music 2:53

08 Things to Come I'm Not Talkin' 2:16

09 Rogues Train Kept a Rollin' 2:35

10 Teddy Boys Mona 2:59

11 Grains of Sand Goin' Away, Baby 2:11

12 Brandywines She Ain't No Good 2:05

13 Clefs of Lavender Hill Stop! Get a Ticket 2:28

14 Choir It's Cold Outside 2:38

15 Dutch Masters The Expectation 2:24

16 Four Fifths If You Still Want Me 2:07

17 Pat Farrell & the Believers Bad Woman 2:08

18 Floyd Dakil Combo Dance Franny Dance 2:03

19 Shandells Gorilla 2:56

20 Gents If You Don't Come Back 2:11

21 Q65 I Got Nightmares 2:29

22 Golden Cups Giniro No Glass (Love is My Life) 2:44

23 Roks Hey Joe 2:45

24 Mad Sound To Masturbate 4:13




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