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K's DREAM POP SPECIAL VA - The 125 Dreamiest Dream Pop Songs in the World... Ever! (Super Deluxe Edition) [2022] (7x CD's)

K's DREAM POP SPECIAL       VA - The 125 Dreamiest Dream Pop Songs in the World... Ever! (Super Deluxe Edition) [2022] (7x CD's)

Something for these long hot summer days...

Dream pop is a subgenre of alternative rock and neo-psychedelia that emphasizes atmosphere and sonic texture as much as pop melody. Common characteristics include breathy vocals, dense productions, and effects such as reverb, echo, tremolo, and chorus. It often overlaps with the related genre of shoegaze, and the two genre terms have at times been used interchangeably.

The genre came into prominence in the 1980s through the work of groups such as Cocteau Twins and A.R. Kane. Acts such as My Bloody Valentine, Galaxie 500, Julee Cruise, Lush, and Mazzy Star released significant albums in the style. It saw renewed popularity among millennial listeners following the late-'00s success of Beach House.

The term "dreampop" was coined in the late 1980s by Alex Ayuli of A.R. Kane to describe his band's eclectic sound, which blended ethereal dub production, distorted guitar, and drum machine, among other influences. In the 1990s, "dream pop" and "shoegazing" were interchangeable and regionally dependent terms, with "dream pop" being the name by which "shoegazing" was typically known in America. AllMusic describes the dream pop label as covering both the "loud, shimmering feedback" of My Bloody Valentine and the "post-Velvet Underground guitar rock" of Galaxie 500.

The 1990 Cocteau Twins album Heaven or Las Vegas proved an iconic release in the genre. The UK band Lush became an influential act in the genre during the 1990s, with Robin Guthrie producing their 1992 debut album Spooky. The 1993 album So Tonight That I Might See by American band Mazzy Star reflected a dream pop sound specific to "the glitzy decay that is L.A.", according to Pitchfork; that publication called the album a "dream pop classic".  The 2010 album Teen Dream by Baltimore duo Beach House established the group as purveyors of modern dream pop that drew on the "languid reveries" of Cocteau Twins, Mazzy Star and Galaxie 500. The group's success in the late 2000s solidified the popularity of dream pop with millennial listeners.

There has never been an officially released compilation and thorough overview of dream pop. Compiled as always using the very latest and highest quality digital remasters for superior sound quality and enjoyment.








Track lists


01 The XX Angels 2:49

02 Cocteau Twins Aikea-Guinea 3:58

03 The Church Another Century 4:42

04 Yo La Tengo Autumn Sweater 5:16

05 Saint Etienne Avenue 7:33

06 The Sugarcubes Birthday 4:00

07 Chromatics Blue Girl 4:16

08 Galaxie 500 Blue Thunder 3:47

09 The Innocence Mission Bright as Yellow 3:34

10 The Sundays Can't Be Sure 3:23

11 Saint Etienne Carnt Sleep 4:43

12 Cocteau Twins Carolyn's Fingers 3:04

13 Slowdive Catch the Breeze 4:18

14 Chromatics Cherry 4:32

15 Cocteau Twins Cherry-Coloured Funk 3:11

16 The Innocence Mission Clear to You 5:39

17 Goldfrapp Cologne Cerrone Houdini 4:25

18 Broadcast Come on Let's Go 3:15

19 Tamaryn Cranekiss 3:50


20 Bat For Lashes Daniel 4:11

21 Cocteau Twins Donimo 6:23

22 Frazier Chorus Dream Kitchen (12" Mix) 4:25

23 The Cranberries Dreams 4:14

24 The Heart Throbs Dreamtime 3:54

25 Kitchens Of Distinction Drive That Fast 5:36

26 Broadcast Echo's Answer 3:12

27 Mazzy Star Fade into You 4:51

28 Julee Cruise Falling 5:24

29 Cocteau Twins Fifty-Fifty Clown 3:11

30 Mazzy Star Flowers in December 4:58

31 Lush For Love 3:29

32 Cocteau Twins Fotzepolitic 3:29

33 Mazzy Star Halah 3:15

34 Saint Etienne Heart Failed (In the Back of a Taxi) 3:39

35 Beach House Heart of Chambers 4:25

36 Cocteau Twins Heaven or Las Vegas 4:56

37 The Radio Dept. Heaven's on Fire 3:33


38 The Sundays Here's Where the Story Ends 3:54

39 Saint Etienne Hobart Paving 4:50

40 Engineers Home 4:07

41 Sigur Ro´s Hoppipolla 4:28

42 Chromatics I Want Your Love 6:45

43 Cocteau Twins I Wear Your Ring 3:28

44 Cocteau Twins Iceblink Luck 3:17

45 Clan Of Xymox Imagination 5:05

46 His Name Is Alive In Every Ford 3:43

47 All About Eve In the Clouds 3:28

48 Alvvays In Undertow 3:17

49 Julee Cruise Into the Night 4:44

50 The XX Intro 2:05

51 Cocteau Twins Ivo 3:53

52 A.C. Marias Just Talk 5:40

53 The Radio Dept. Keen on Boys 4:53

54 Chromatics Kill for Love 3:58

55 M83 Kim & Jessie 5:23

56 Spiritualized Ladies and Gentlemen We Are Floating in Space 3:41


57 Au Revoir Simone Lark 4:15

58 Beach House Lazuli 5:01

59 Yo La Tengo Let's Save Tony Orlando's House 5:01

60 Wild Nothing Letting Go 3:41

61 Beach House Levitation 5:56

62 Cocteau Twins Lorelei 3:42

63 Mojave 3 Love Songs on the Radio 5:47

64 Cocteau Twins Love's Easy Tears 3:35

65 Goldfrapp Lovely Head 3:49

66 The Innocence Mission Mercy 3:54

67 School Of Seven Bells My Cabal 3:20

68 The Sundays My Finest Hour 4:00

69 The Durutti Column Never Known 6:46

70 Fishmans Night Cruising 6:01

71 Beach House Norway 3:54

72 Lush Nothing Natural 5:54

73 The Cranberries Ode to My Family 4:31


74 A.C. Marias One of Our Girls Has Gone Missing 4:40

75 My Bloody Valentine Only Shallow 4:18

76 Liars The Other Side of Mt. Heart Attack 4:43

77 Yo La Tengo Our Way to Fall 4:20

78 Low Over the Ocean 3:50

79 Chromatics The Page 3:36

80 Cocteau Twins Pandora (for Cindy) 5:35

81 Chapterhouse Pearl 4:53

82 Cocteau Twins Pearly-Dewdrops' Drops 4:11

83 Saint Etienne People Get Real 4:45

84 The Chameleons Perfume Garden 4:36

85 The Cure Plainsong 5:15

86 The Cure Pictures of You 7:28

87 Felt Feat. Elizabeth Fraser Primitive Painters 6:01

88 The Radio Dept. Pulling Our Weight 3:20

89 Julee Cruise Rockin' Back Inside My Heart 5:48


90 Geowulf Saltwater 4:07

91 Chromatics Shadow 3:44

92 Wild Nothing Shadow 4:18

93 Bel Canto A Shoulder to the Wheel 4:17

94 Frazier Chorus Sloppy Heart 5:58

95 Trembling Blue Stars Sometimes I Still Feel the Bruise 4:26

96 This Mortal Coil Song to the Siren 3:31

97 Beach House Space Song 5:21

98 Mew Special 3:22

99 Saint Etienne Spring 3:44

100 Lisa Germano Stars 2:32

101 Galaxie 500 Strange 3:17

102 Cocteau Twins Sugar Hiccup 3:39

103 Hope Sandoval & The Warm Inventions Suzanne 4:54

104 Cigarettes After Sex Sweet 4:52

105 Lush Sweetness and Light 5:19

106 Medicine Time Baby III 3:51

107 Strawberry Switchblade Trees and Flowers 3:50


108 Still Corners The Trip 6:14

109 Galaxie 500 Tugboat 3:55

110 Blonde Redhead 23 5:20

111 Frazier Chorus Typical! (12" Mix) 4:42

112 Warpaint Undertow 5:53

113 Beach House Used to Be 3:58

114 Ride Vapour Trail 4:18

115 Sigur Ro´s Við spilum endalaust (We Play Endlessly) 3:30

116 Lana Del Rey Video Games 4:42

117 Atlas Sound Feat. Noah Lennox Walkabout 3:58

118 M83 We Own the Sky 5:02

119 Grouper When We Fall 2:07

120 A.R. Kane When You're Sad 3:17

121 Mojave 3 Who Do You Love 3:43

122 School Of Seven Bells Windstorm 3:43

123 Low Words 5:45

124 Beach House Zebra 4:48

125 Mew The Zookeeper's Boy (Radio Edit) 3:36




  1. Looks wonderful! Discs 6 and 7 are missing, however.

  2. Superb compilation, going dreaming.

  3. Hi All,
    New link established for part 3 CD's5,6,8.

    1. What no disc 8!?
      Was looking forward to the surprise (hidden disc)!

      Cheers Stephen

  4. Wonderful stuff and lots more Elizabeth Fraser.


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    1. Hi D,
      Keep playing this over and over. Had to put down.

  6. Have you really included the same A.C. Marias track twice? I'd swap one of those out for the album version of "Just Talk".

    1. Hi "Lady of Leisure"
      The correct title is: One Of Our Girls Has Gone Missing, so the other one Girls Have Gone Missing is incorrect anyway, so I would delete that.
      I think that’s what threw me off with the difference in titles.
      I can send Just Talk later.

    2. a new track link has been added on the main page. I will repost the entire set later with all tracks in order including the new track.

  7. Many thanks Butterboy for sharing this wonderful collection, it is very much appreciated as always....Love & Peace Stu

  8. Not sure I'm keeping up!

    Can you confirm all your updates.


    1. Hi Stephen,
      Only one change made. Added 1 track (52, A.C. Marias - Just Talk) and deleted 1track that was repeated., however the track order change. The list on the main post is the correct list, and the links above reflect the track list below. Initially I just added the new track as a separate link. To be correct I reposted the entire set in the correct order. (As I indicated in the comments to "Lady of Leisure" above)

  9. Just had the chance to really listen to this comp. It is so good. I suggest to anyone who wants to listen to it in it's entirety, either just put it on random play (they all go good with each other) or put them BPM order, which really sounds excellent. Either way , it's a great compilation. Thank you!

    1. Thank you, Pol.
      It's one you can always go back to.

  10. Excellent comp....many thanks K & BB.

    1. Thanks, zipper.
      There is so much to love about K's work. And a great genre.

  11. This looks amazing! But the links are dead :-( Any chance of a reup? And thanks for all you do!

    1. Hi The Lacemaker.
      New links established, tested and working.

    2. Thank you so much! Awesome compilation!!!