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Lambchop - Tour Box [2010] (8 x CD's)


Lambchop - Tour Box [2010] (8 x CD's)

Lambchop, originally Posterchild, is an American band from Nashville, Tennessee.[1] AllMusic referred to them as "arguably the most consistently brilliant and unique American group to emerge during the 1990s". Never a band with a "core" lineup, Lambchop has consisted of a large and fluid collective of musicians focused around its creative centre, frontman Kurt Wagner. Lambchop is loosely associated with the alternative country genre. Initially indebted to traditional country, the music has subsequently moved through a range of influences including post-rock, soul and lounge music. (Wikipedia)

Whatever the style, the characteristic mood of Lambchop's music is evoked by Wagner's distinctive songwriting: lyrically subtle and ambiguous, the vocals melodic but understated. American Songwriter described Wagner's lyrics as "witty and deeply insightful." They were the backing band for Vic Chesnutt on his 1998 album The Salesman and Bernadette.  Singer Kurt Wagner is married to founder of Nashville 90's record store, Lucy's Record Shop and Tennessee Democratic Party leader Mary Mancini.

If you feel as though there's a big hole in your life where eight albums of rare Lambchop obscurities ought to be (plus two bonus DVDs), then you should buy this box set unhesitatingly. It's a real treasure chest of delights, mainly from the backwaters of Lambchop's life on the road, but also with some juicy sweepings from the studio floor. Sound quality is mainly excellent, with the 'Boo F*cking Who?' CD being a particular standout in this respect. There's some fluff and filler here too, of course, but also some real highlights you simply won't find anywhere else - some of the covers on 'Rainer on my Parade' are a scream. One of the added pleasures of the box set is the sheer quality of the packaging: each of the albums has its own identity, with beautifully executed original sleeve art. The box itself is fabric-bound, with a red ribbon to help you lever the discs out. And that smudgy silhouette on the front? Turns out it's Kurt's dog, rolling on its back. Which nicely sums up the whole homespun but slightly disorientating ethos that makes the 'chop so cherishable. (Amazon)






Track lists

CD1 Recorded Live at The Queen Elizabeth Hall, London (2000)

01 Lambchop If I Could Touch The Hem of His Garment 3:46

02 Lambchop Nashville Parent 5:56

03 Lambchop The Old Gold Shoe 7:28

04 Lambchop Give Me Your Love 5:40

05 Lambchop Theone 4:37

06 Lambchop Love TKO 6:14

CD2 Recorded Live at Basement rehearsal space Nashville in (2001)

01 Lambchop We Shall Not Be Overwhelmed 3:43

02 Lambchop The Puppy And The Leaf 3:57

03 Lambchop Haul Away Joe 4:58

04 Lambchop Greylines In Heaven 5:53

05 Lambchop Yard Work 3:32

06 Lambchop Kurt Wagner's Heart Attack 2:56

07 Lambchop Di Di 7 3:56

CD3 Recorded Live at The Great American Music Hall, San Francisco) (2002)

01 Lambchop The New Cobweb Summer 7:31

02 Lambchop My Blue Wave 7:41

03 Lambchop I Can Hardly Spell My Name 4:47

04 Lambchop Flick 5:02

05 Lambchop You Masculine You 7:45

06 Lambchop Caterpillar 6:29

07 Lambchop Bugs 5:35

08 Lambchop The Book I Haven't Read 6:24

09 Lambchop The Puppy And The Leaf 4:14

10 Lambchop Flub 5:56

CD4 Recorded Live at Burg Wilhelmstein in Würselen, Germany (2002)

01 Lambchop Intro 3:03

02 Lambchop The Daily Growl 6:49

03 Lambchop The New Cobweb Summer 10:04

04 Lambchop I'm A Stranger Here 4:35

05 Lambchop Betweemus 6:35

06 Lambchop Your Life As A Sequel 5:53

07 Lambchop I Can Hardly Spell My Name 4:46

08 Lambchop The Old Matchbook Trick 5:56

09 Lambchop My Blue Wave 7:59

10 Lambchop You Masculine You 8:21

11 Lambchop The Gusher 4:20

CD5 A Collection Of Recordings By Lambchop (Tracks 2,4,5,7,9 recorded 2004, Tracks 1,3,6,8 recorded (2003)

01 Lambchop Jan 17b 4:26

02 Lambchop Where Or When 2:53

03 Lambchop Under A Dream Of A Lie 4:19

04 Lambchop Every Waking Moment 2:35

05 Lambchop (Get A) Grip (On Yourself) 3:53

06 Lambchop Jan 14 2:37

07 Lambchop Christian Rock 4:00

08 Lambchop The Puppy And The Leaf 4:56

09 Lambchop Theme From The Television Show 'dallas' 0:52

CD6 RecordedLive in Brussels (2004)

01 Lambchop (With The Dafo String Quartet) Nothing But A Blur From A Bullet Train 3:58

02 Lambchop (With The Dafo String Quartet) Low Ambition 5:36

03 Lambchop (With The Dafo String Quartet) The Gusher 4:14

04 Lambchop (With The Dafo String Quartet) There's Still Time 3:48

05 Lambchop (With The Dafo String Quartet) Sunrise 4:09

06 Lambchop (With The Dafo String Quartet) I Haven't Heard A Word I've Said 4:25

07 Lambchop (With The Dafo String Quartet) The Lone Official 3:35

08 Lambchop (With The Dafo String Quartet) Four Pounds In Two Days 2:16

09 Lambchop (With The Dafo String Quartet) Joke 0:37

10 Lambchop (With The Dafo String Quartet) You Masculine You 8:52

11 Lambchop (With The Dafo String Quartet) Action Figure 5:15

12 Lambchop (With The Dafo String Quartet) Under A Dream Of Lie 3:41

13 Lambchop (With The Dafo String Quartet) Nothing Adventurous Please 3:55

14 Lambchop (With The Dafo String Quartet) Steve Mcqeen 4:59

15 Lambchop (With The Dafo String Quartet) Betweemus 6:14

16 Lambchop (With The Dafo String Quartet) The Man Who Loved Beer 3:21

CD7 Recorded Live at ORF for the Austrian radioshow FM4 Radio Sessions (2006)

01 Lambchop Paperback Bible 9:48

02 Lambchop The Daily Growl 6:06

03 Lambchop Prepared 6:28

04 Lambchop Catapillar 6:30

05 Lambchop The Rise And Fall Of The Letter P 4:24

06 Lambchop I Would Have Waited All Day 4:07

07 Lambchop Ther New Cobweb Summer 10:00

08 Lambchop A Day Without Glasses 5:20

09 Lambchop Beers Before The Barbican 5:15

10 Lambchop The Militant 4:00

11 Lambchop Fear 4:45

12 Lambchop The Decline Of Country And Western Civilization 3:47

CD8 Recorded Live, Various locations (2008)

01 Lambchop I'm Glad I Never (Lee Hazelwood) 1:24

02 Lambchop Seemingly Stranded (David Kilgour) 5:15

03 Lambchop Miss Prissy (Vic Chesnutt) 7:06

04 Lambchop Beyond Belief (Elvis Costello) 4:16

05 Lambchop Give Me Your Love (Curtis Mayfield) 5:22

06 Lambchop I've Been Lonely For So Long (Posie Knight & Jerry Weaver) 3:46

07 Lambchop Love T.K.O. (Teddy Pendergrass) 5:16

08 Lambchop Hey, Where's Your Girl (F. M. Cornog) 2:46

09 Lambchop Why Can't I Touch It (Buzzcocks) 5:33

10 Lambchop (Get A) Grip (On Yourself) (The Stranglers) 3:36

11 Lambchop This Corrosion (The Sisters Of Mercy) 6:52

12 Lambchop Fall Of Troy (Tom Waits) 4:00

13 Lambchop Chelsea Hotel #2 (Leonard Cohen) 3:21

14 Lambchop Give It (X-Press & Kurt Wagner) 4:59

15 Lambchop Where Or When (Rogers And Hart) 4:16




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    1. Hi Herve,
      A totally underappreciated band. For me they were never bad, always fresh. Enjoy!

  2. Thanks for this...the greatest band no one has ever heard of.

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      I am glad you said that.
      Wonderful music from this everchanging band.

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