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Sandie Shaw - Nothing Comes Easy [2004] (4 x CD's)



Sandie Shaw - Nothing Comes Easy [2004] (4 x CD's)

Sandie Shaw, MBE (born Sandra Ann Goodrich; 26 February 1947) is an English former singer. One of the most successful British female singers of the 1960's, she had three UK number one singles with "(There's) Always Something There to Remind Me" (1964), "Long Live Love" (1965) and "Puppet on a String" (1967). With the latter, she became the first British entry to win the Eurovision Song Contest. She returned to the UK Top 40, for the first time in 15 years, with her 1984 cover of the Smiths song "Hand in Glove". Shaw retired from the music industry in 2013. (Wikipedia)

Four CD's and 101 songs may seem like more Sandie Shaw than most listeners would want to own, much less hear -- that's what this reviewer thought, until he started going song by song through this set, and damned if there was not one song in this collection, covering her complete single A- and B-sides from 1964 through 1988, that wasn't worth hearing. Indeed, there are revelations throughout, starting with the superb sound and the use of proper first-generation masters on everything here, and the digital production to back it up with a warm, rich sound that's quietly intoxicating and seductive. The evolution of Shaw's style and approach to singing is so gradual that it catches you unaware when she shifts from one style to another -- her 1980's sides may be far removed from the British Invasion sides in style, but you hardly notice the incremental moves, from being surrounded by electric rhythm guitars to accompanied by synthesized drums, and she's pretty powerful in either mode. The sound is amazingly crisp throughout, making up for a multitude of sins evident in past compilations of Shaw's work. The fourth disc is made up of rare tracks that, for a change, can be taken as simply more good music by the casual listener, as much as savored by the true fan. (AllMusic review by Bruce Eder)


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Track lists


01 Sandie Shaw As Long As You're Happy, Baby [Mono Version] 2:47

02 Sandie Shaw Ya-Ya-Da-Da [First Stereo Release] 2:20

03 Sandie Shaw (There's) Always Something There to Remind Me [New Stereo Remix] 2:45

04 Sandie Shaw Don't You Know [New Stereo Remix] 2:11

05 Sandie Shaw I'd Be Far Better off Without You 3:00

06 Sandie Shaw Girl Don't Come 2:12

07 Sandie Shaw I'll Stop at Nothing 3:00

08 Sandie Shaw You Can't Blame Him 2:39

09 Sandie Shaw Long Live Love 2:40

10 Sandie Shaw I've Heard About Him 2:26

11 Sandie Shaw Message Understood 3:00

12 Sandie Shaw Don't You Count On It 2:28

13 Sandie Shaw How Can You Tell 2:40

14 Sandie Shaw If Ever You Need Me 3:08

15 Sandie Shaw Tomorrow [New Stereo Remix] 2:54

16 Sandie Shaw Hurting You [Mono Version] 2:31

17 Sandie Shaw Nothing Comes Easy [First Stereo Release] 2:30

18 Sandie Shaw Stop Before You Start 2:02

19 Sandie Shaw Run [First Stereo Release] 2:37

20 Sandie Shaw Long Walk Home 2:28

21 Sandie Shaw Think Sometimes About Me 2:21

22 Sandie Shaw Hide All Emotion 3:05

23 Sandie Shaw I Don't Need Anything [First Stereo Release] 2:38

24 Sandie Shaw Keep in Touch 2:44

25 Sandie Shaw Puppet on a String 2:23

26 Sandie Shaw Tell the Boys 2:56

27 Sandie Shaw Tonight in Tokyo 2:39

28 Sandie Shaw You've Been Seeing Her Again [First Stereo Release] 3:03


01 Sandie Shaw You've Not Changed 2:19

02 Sandie Shaw Don't Make Me Cry [First Stereo Release] 2:38

03 Sandie Shaw Today 2:19

04 Sandie Shaw London [First Stereo Release] 2:22

05 Sandie Shaw Don't Run Away [Mono Version] 2:38

06 Sandie Shaw Stop [First Stereo Release] 2:52

07 Sandie Shaw Show Me [Mono Version] 2:43

08 Sandie Shaw One More Lie [Mono Version] 2:14

09 Sandie Shaw Together [New Stereo Remix] 2:21

10 Sandie Shaw Turn On the Sunshine [Mono Version] 2:53

11 Sandie Shaw Those Were the Days [First Stereo Release] 3:58

12 Sandie Shaw Make It Go [First Stereo Release] 2:52

13 Sandie Shaw Monsieur Dupont [Mono Version] 2:53

14 Sandie Shaw Voice in the Crowd [First UK Stereo Release][Version] 2:26

15 Sandie Shaw Think It All Over 3:04

16 Sandie Shaw Send Me a Letter 2:56

17 Sandie Shaw Heaven Knows I'm Missing Him Now 2:39

18 Sandie Shaw So Many Things to Do [First Stereo Release] 3:08

19 Sandie Shaw By Tomorrow [Mono Version] 2:56

20 Sandie Shaw Maple Village [Mono Version] 3:02

21 Sandie Shaw Wight Is Wight 2:51

22 Sandie Shaw That's the Way He's Made [First Stereo Release] 2:39

23 Sandie Shaw Rose Garden 3:10

24 Sandie Shaw Maybe I'm Amazed 3:43

25 Sandie Shaw Show Your Face [First Stereo Release] 3:26

26 Sandie Shaw Dear Madame [First Stereo Release] 3:25


01 Sandie Shaw Where Did They Go? [First Stereo Release] 3:48

02 Sandie Shaw Look at Me [First Stereo Release] 2:35

03 Sandie Shaw Father and Son [First Stereo Release] 3:27

04 Sandie Shaw Pity the Ship Is Sinking [First Stereo Release] 3:17

05 Sandie Shaw One More Night 3:26

06 Sandie Shaw Still So Young 4:27

07 Sandie Shaw Just a Disillusion 4:06

08 Sandie Shaw Your Mama Wouldn't Like It 3:36

09 Sandie Shaw Anyone Who Had a Heart 3:13

10 Sandie Shaw Anyone Who Had a Heart [Instrumental] 3:24

11 Sandie Shaw Wish I Was 3:19

12 Sandie Shaw Life Is Like a Star 3:01

13 Sandie Shaw Hand in Glove 2:58

14 Sandie Shaw I Don't Owe You Anything 4:06

15 Sandie Shaw Are You Ready to Be Heartbroken? 3:42

16 Sandie Shaw Steven (You Don't Eat Meat) 3:49

17 Sandie Shaw Frederick 3:27

18 Sandie Shaw Go Johnny Go! 3:02

19 Sandie Shaw Please Help the Cause Against Loneliness 2:11

20 Sandie Shaw Lover of the Century 5:12

21 Sandie Shaw Nothing Less Than Brilliant 3:41

22 Sandie Shaw I Love Peace 3:15


01 Sandie Shaw As Long As You're Happy, Baby (Remake) 3:01

02 Sandie Shaw It's All Over (Guardo Te Che Te Ne Vai) 3:02

03 Sandie Shaw I'll Cry Myself to Sleep (First Stereo Release) 2:35

04 Sandie Shaw Had a Dream Last Night 2:37

05 Sandie Shaw Ask Any Woman (First Stereo Release) 3:06

06 Sandie Shaw So This Is Love (Mono) 2:54

07 Sandie Shaw Gypsy Eyes (First Stereo Release) 2:19

08 Sandie Shaw Don't Run Away [#][Early Version] 2:50

09 Sandie Shaw Every Day (Mono) 2:22

10 Sandie Shaw Now (Mono) 2:20

11 Sandie Shaw Toy (First Stereo Release) 2:23

12 Sandie Shaw Any Time, Any Place, Anywhere (Mono) 2:55

13 Sandie Shaw I Must Be Lucky (Mono) 2:07

14 Sandie Shaw Surround Yourself With Sorrow (Mono) 2:54

15 Sandie Shaw I Can't Go On Living Without You (Mono) 3:08

16 Sandie Shaw The Fool on the Hill (Mono) 3:30

17 Sandie Shaw The Comedy (Arlecchino) 3:43

18 Mimms, Tony Orchestra; Orlandi, Nora Chorus; Sandie Shaw It's Affecting My Mind (Che Effetto Mi Fa) 2:45

19 Sandie Shaw Love Is for the Two of Us 2:52

20 Sandie Shaw She's Such a Beauty 2:18

21 Sandie Shaw Strawberry Pie 2:52

22 Sandie Shaw Sour Grapes 3:35

23 Sandie Shaw Be My Baby 3:13

24 Sandie Shaw Wish I Was (Demo) 2:43

25 Sandie Shaw Sentimental Again 4:52




  1. The wonderful Sandie (You have a few "Sandy" in there)

    The "barefoot" singer who in latter years had corrective surgery on her feet, which she described as "ugly"!


    1. Hi Stephen,
      Fixed, I live to close to the beach...😳

  2. Great offer. I have all her studios except Choose Life (1983). Still hunting.
    Some trivia from Wiki;
    "Shaw wrote and recorded the album, Choose Life, to publicize the World Peace Exposition in London in March 1983. Later in the year, a new phase in her career began after she received a letter from "two incurable Sandie Shaw fans" – singer Morrissey and lead guitarist Johnny Marr of the Smiths – telling her that "The Sandie Shaw legend cannot be over yet – there is more to be done." Shaw's husband was a friend of Geoff Travis of Rough Trade Records, the label to which the Smiths were signed, and she agreed to record some of their songs."

    1. Thanks D.
      I try to highlight artists every Tuesday that who for whatever reason don't get a lot of mentions these days. Glad you like this. If you have a copy of "Choose Life" at some stage, please share it.