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Chet Baker - Let's Get Lost (Soundtrack) [1989] + Chet in Paris, The Complete Barclay Recordings of Chet Baker 1955-1956 [1988] + Chet Baker - The Pacific Years 1952-1957 [1994] + Chet Baker Quartet Live [2001]



Chet Baker - Let's Get Lost (Soundtrack) [1989] + Chet in Paris, The Complete Barclay Recordings of Chet Baker 1955-1956 [1988] + Chet Baker - The Pacific Years 1952-1957 [1994] + Chet Baker Quartet Live [2001]

Chesney Henry "Chet" Baker Jr. (December 23, 1929 – May 13, 1988) was an American jazz trumpeter and vocalist. He is known for major innovations within the cool jazz subgenre leading him to be nicknamed the "prince of cool". Baker earned much attention and critical praise through the 1950's, particularly for albums featuring his vocals (Chet Baker Sings, It Could Happen to You). Jazz historian Dave Gelly described the promise of Baker's early career as "James Dean, Sinatra, and Bix, rolled into one". His well-publicized drug habit also drove his notoriety and fame. Baker was in and out of jail frequently before enjoying a career resurgence in the late 1970's and 1980's

Chet Baker in the 1950's was one of the brightest and most talented trumpet players in jazz. But still he was this mysterious guy with an almost ethereal voice who could mesmerize listeners with both his trumpet prowess and his singing. Here are some of his great music.

Chet Baker - Let's Get Lost (Soundtrack) [1989]    This is the soundtrack to the movie of the same name done by Bruce Weber towards the end of Chet's life. The movie is beautifully done but the music should be experienced on its own terms. This recording is beautiful from beginning to end, without a weak spot or misplaced note. Any Chet Baker fan will love it and, considering how long it has been out of print, it is possible that many fans have not heard it yet, especially younger or newer ones. All ballads, very atmospheric, high quality sound, stellar musicianship on the part of everyone involved. A highlight is Chet's performance of Elvis Costello's "Almost Blue," which is one of those moments in which the original, good as it is, is blown out of the water by someone else's version. This is one of the top ten jazz albums of the 80's and is required listening for anyone interested in Chet or West Coast jazz.  It's too bad that this lovely recording hasn't been more widely available because it's a real classic. The tunes are all wonderful - each with their own flavour and mood. Chet sings and plays throughout the CD and gives breathtaking performances. "Everytime We Say Goodbye" and "Blame It On My Youth" are two highlights of this set that are played with an almost unimaginable delicateness. The rhythm section is superb as well and certainly deserves great praise for their tactful accompaniment of Chet. This is one of the finest Baker recordings I have - it's a absolute gem! (Amazon)

Chet Baker - Chet in Paris, The Complete Barclay Recordings of Chet Baker 1955-1956 [1988]   Chet Baker's sessions in Paris 1955-56, originally released on Chet Baker Quartet Vol. 1, Chet Baker Quartet Vol. 2, Chet Baker and His Quintet with Bobby Jaspar and Mythe are deservedly regarded among his best material from the 1950's, because they show for the first time a maturity and technical prowess much superior to that on the early 1950's Pacific Jazz sessions. In 1986, Fresh Sound released the "complete" Barclay recordings on five vinyl discs; two years later, Barclay released the "complete" Barclay recordings on four compact discs , adding one CD full of additional alternate takes to the Fresh Sound package. All of these have been out of print for a while now.. (Amazon)

Chet Baker Quartet -  Live [2001]

Vol. 01, This Time the Dream's on Me    Chet Baker's reputation as a soft, lyrical trumpeter ignores the fact that he was by no means a lightweight performer in his prime. The title number here, a frighteningly uptempo treatment, shows just how strong his grip on time and technique really was. Baker was in his mid-20s, and the drugs that were to blight his life had not yet done any serious damage. These 13 pieces were recorded live at concerts in 1953 and 1954, with the excellent Russ Freeman on piano, Carson Smith on bass, and Larry Bunker and Bob Neel on drums. Gerry Mulligan once described Baker's playing as "just uncanny.... It's as simple as breathing with him." It is that simplicity and freshness which come over here, together with a gift for finding fascinating new twists to familiar phrases. He never quite lost it, but this was the best of him. (Amazon)

Vol. 02, Out of Nowhere   An essential CD for Chet Baker fans, this reissue includes some of the selections on the long-unavailable Mosaic Records collection The Complete Pacific Jazz Live Recordings of the Chet Baker Quartet with Russ Freeman. Baker's productive partnership with pianist Freeman only lasted from mid-1953 to 1955, yet it coincided with and helped spark the meteoric rise in the trumpeter's popularity after he split with baritone saxophonist Gerry Mulligan and went solo. The recording is aptly named, as Baker literally appeared out of nowhere to win the Down Beat Readers' Poll for trumpet in 1953 and again in 1954 after an acclaimed U.S. tour. Recorded at the Santa Cruz Civic Center in July 1954 and at the Tiffany Club in L.A. that August, the 10 tracks showcase the controlled passion that typified Baker's trademark "California cool" sound, a style that found a perfect foil in Freeman's clear, crisp pianism. Highlights include memorable interpretations of modern jazz classics such as Charlie Parker's "Billie's Bounce," Mulligan's "Line for Lyons," Tadd Dameron's "Lady Bird," and the popular standards "Stella by Starlight" and "All the Things You Are." The remaining Tiffany Club performances are scheduled to appear on a third volume in this series. (Amazon)

Vo3, My Old Flame    This third and final Pacific Jazz volume of the Chet Baker Quartet in concert continues with more music from the August 1954 date at the Tiffany Club in Los Angeles (some of which was heard on Vol. 2 in this CD series). Baker is in great form on trumpet throughout this performance, accompanied by pianist Russ Freeman, bassist Carson Smith, and drummer Bob Neel. The group is well-rehearsed and in top form, beginning with a turbocharged run through Charlie Parker's "My Little Suede Shoes. (AllMusic)

Chet Baker - The Pacific Years 1952-1957 [1994]   These four CDs are perfect for anyone seeking a primer of Chet Baker's (trumpet/vocals) sides for Pacific Jazz. The collection boasts over three-and-a-half-hours of primal West Coast cool from one of the subgenre's most luminous scene-makers. Although his tenure with the label lasted a mere five years (1952 -- 1957), the impact that the artist made continued its influence far beyond the realm of post-bop jazz, thanks in part to the variety of bands featuring Baker as either a member or leader. The legendary combo with Gerry Mulligan (baritone sax) was notable as being the only unit of its kind -- without a pianist -- yielding Baker's unofficial theme song, the classic "My Funny Valentine." Additional highlights by this aggregate are "Freeway" and "My Old Flame." Many listeners consider Baker's singing as an acquired taste. Parties fond of his supremely unpretentious and at times seemingly tortured delivery will find a healthy sampling of his vocals, including "But Not for Me," "You Don't Know What Love Is," "Let's Get Lost" and "Grey December." Chet Baker: The Pacific Jazz Years includes a few otherwise unavailable cuts. Primarily, selections from June '53 with the Stan Getz/Chet Baker quintet: "Come Out Wherever You Are," "What's New" and "Half Nelson" -- all of which were captured at the Haig in L.A. As if that weren't enough, a nearly 18-minute-long performance of "All the Things You Are" with Stan Getz, Russ Freeman, Carlson Smith and Shelly Manne (drums), at the infamous Tiffany Club in 1954 is an additional bonus. Visually augmenting the compendium is a 40-page booklet containing a thorough Pacific Jazz discography, with William Claxton's photos surrounding Ted Gioia's text. (AllMusic Review by Lindsay Planer)




Track lists

Chet Baker - Let's Get Lost (Soundtrack) [1989] 

01 Chet Baker Moon And Sand (Motivo Di Raggio Di Luna) 5:24

02 Chet Baker Imagination 4:46

03 Chet Baker You're My Thrill 4:53

04 Chet Baker Everytime We Say Goodbye 4:41

05 Chet Baker Daydream 4:55

06 Chet Baker Zingaro (Aka Portrait In Black And White) 7:22

07 Chet Baker Blame It On My Youth 6:11

08 Chet Baker My One And Only Love 5:25

09 Chet Baker Almost Blue 3:12

Chet in Paris CD1

01 Chet Baker Rondette 2:11

02 Chet Baker Mid-Forte 3:09

03 Chet Baker Sad Walk 4:15

04 Chet Baker Re-Search 5:01

05 Chet Baker Just Duo 4:13

06 Chet Baker Piece Caprice 5:12

07 Chet Baker Pomp 4:42

08 Chet Baker The Girl From Greenland 5:16

09 Chet Baker Brash 5:56

10 Chet Baker Chet 3:10

11 Chet Baker Vline - 1st version 3:05

12 Chet Baker In Memory of Dick 2:56

Chet in Paris CD2

01 Chet Baker Summertime 4:16

02 Chet Baker You Go To My Head 5:55

03 Chet Baker Tenderly 6:40

04 Chet Baker Lover Man 4:52

05 Chet Baker There's a Small Hotel 3:48

06 Chet Baker Autumn in New York 7:07

07 Chet Baker These Foolish Things 4:43

08 Chet Baker I'll Remember April 5:54

09 Chet Baker Alone Together 3:53

10 Chet Baker Exitus 8:32

11 Chet Baker Once in a While 5:37

12 Chet Baker All the Things You Are 5:44

13 Chet Baker Everything Happens To Me 3:38

Chet in Paris CD3

01 Chet Baker Chekeetah 6:03

02 Chet Baker How About You 4:30

03 Chet Baker Exitus - Quintet Version 4:17

04 Chet Baker Dear Old Stockholm 7:46

05 Chet Baker Speak Low 4:29

06 Chet Baker Anticipated Blues 2:31

07 Chet Baker Cheryl 3:13

08 Chet Baker Tasty Pudding 4:45

09 Chet Baker Mythe 3:03

10 Chet Baker Not Too Slow 2:57

11 Chet Baker Vline 2nd Version 2:56

12 Chet Baker In a Little Provincial Town 3:00

Chet in Paris CD4

01 Chet Baker Quartet Chet 3:17

02 Chet Baker Quartet Dinah 3:12

03 Chet Baker Quartet In Memory of Dick 3:02

04 Chet Baker Quartet Alone Together (1) 3:35

05 Chet Baker Quartet Alone Together (2) 3:46

06 Chet Baker Quartet Exitus (Quartet Version) 7:06

07 Chet Baker Quartet All the Things You Are 5:44

08 Chet Baker Quartet Chekeetah 5:09

09 Chet Baker Quartet How About You 4:17

10 Chet Baker Quartet Exitus - Quintet Version I 4:31

11 Chet Baker Quartet Exitus - Quintet Version II 4:27

12 Chet Baker Quartet Anticipated Blues 2:20

13 Chet Baker Quartet Tasty Pudding - Take 1 2:21

14 Chet Baker Quartet Tasty Pudding - Take 2 1:58

15 Chet Baker Quartet Tasty Pudding - Take 3 2:11

16 Chet Baker Quartet Tasty Pudding - Take 4 6:05

The Pacific Years CD1

01 Chet Baker Freeway 2:44

02 Chet Baker My Old Flame 3:14

03 Chet Baker Five Brothers 3:00

04 Chet Baker My Fanny Valentine 5:18

05 Chet Baker Come Out Wherever You Are 5:30

06 Chet Baker What's New 3:43

07 Chet Baker Half Nelson 5:45

08 Chet Baker All the Things You Are 2:55

09 Chet Baker Bea's Flat 3:01

10 Chet Baker Moon Love 3:17

11 Chet Baker Happy Little Sunbeam 2:42

12 Chet Baker But not for Me 3:03

13 Chet Baker I Get Along Without You Very Well 2:59

14 Chet Baker I Fall in Love too Easily 3:20

15 Chet Baker Let's Get Lost 3:44

16 Chet Baker You Don't Know What Love Is 4:51

17 Chet Baker Grey December 3:42

The Pacific Years CD2

01 Chet Baker Russ Job 6:04

02 Chet Baker Lullaby of the Leaves 4:32

03 Chet Baker A Dandy Line 6:24

04 Chet Baker Carson City Stage 4:53

05 Chet Baker All the Things You Are 17:45

06 Chet Baker Love Nest 4:19

07 Chet Baker Lush Life 4:54

08 Chet Baker Say When 5:04

The Pacific Years CD3

01 Chet Baker Minor Yours 7:12

02 Chet Baker Tynan Time 5:34

03 Chet Baker Picture of Heath 6:44

04 Chet Baker C.T.A 5:11

05 Chet Baker To Mickey's Memory 5:15

06 Chet Baker Lucius Lu 5:37

07 Chet Baker Jumpin' off a Clef 4:56

08 Chet Baker Music to Dance By 4:37

09 Chet Baker Festive Minor 4:11

10 Chet Baker The Song Is You 3:22

11 Chet Baker My Old Flame 3:52

The Pacific Years CD4

01 Chet Baker Pro Defunctus 3:27

02 Chet Baker Moonlight Becames You 3:26

03 Chet Baker Bockhanal 3:00

04 Chet Baker Stella by Starlight 3:54

05 Chet Baker The Half Dozens 4:12

06 Chet Baker A Foggy Day 3:28

07 Chet Baker Mythe 4:26

08 Chet Baker Rebel at Work 3:43

09 Chet Baker Let Me Be Loved 4:09

10 Chet Baker Twenties Late 5:40

11 Chet Baker A-minor Benign 4:19

12 Chet Baker Ponder 4:27

13 Chet Baker X 4:36

Chet Baker Quartet Live CD1

01 Chet Baker Quartet All The Things You Are 5:08

02 Chet Baker Quartet Isn't It Romantic 5:17

03 Chet Baker Quartet Maid In Mexico 4:55

04 Chet Baker Quartet My Funny Valentine 3:11

05 Chet Baker Quartet This Time The Dream's On Me 5:07

06 Chet Baker Quartet Introduction 0:33

07 Chet Baker Quartet Line For Lyons 6:57

08 Chet Baker Quartet Lover Man 5:59

09 Chet Baker Quartet My Funny Valentine 5:30

10 Chet Baker Quartet Maid In Mexico 5:16

11 Chet Baker Quartet Stella By Starlight 4:23

12 Chet Baker Quartet My Old Flame 6:06

13 Chet Baker Quartet Headline 5:05

14 Chet Baker Quartet Russ Job 6:07

Chet Baker Quartet Live CD2

01 Chet Baker Quartet Billie's Bounce 10:21

02 Chet Baker Quartet Stella By Starlight 4:54

03 Chet Baker Quartet Line For Lyons 5:27

04 Chet Baker Quartet Carson City Stage 4:54

05 Chet Baker Quartet All The Things You Are 6:23

06 Chet Baker Quartet No Ties (incomplete) 3:13

07 Chet Baker Quartet Out Of Nowhere 8:30

08 Chet Baker Quartet Deep Purple 6:25

09 Chet Baker Quartet Lady Bird 7:19

Chet Baker Quartet Live CD3

01 Chet Baker Quartet My Little Suede Shoes 6:32

02 Chet Baker Quartet Line For Lyons 5:33

03 Chet Baker Quartet Lullaby Of The Leaves 4:34

04 Chet Baker Quartet My Old Flame 5:48

05 Chet Baker Quartet Russ Job 6:05

06 Chet Baker Quartet The Wind 4:24

07 Chet Baker Quartet Zing Went The Strings Of My Heart 6:04

08 Chet Baker Quartet Everything Happens To Me 5:22

09 Chet Baker Quartet A Dandy Line 6:26

10 Chet Baker Quartet Frenesi 6:29

11 Chet Baker Quartet Moonlight In Vermont 5:08

12 Chet Baker Quartet Carson City Stage 7:03




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