Friday, July 30, 2021

VA - Aussie Power Pop (A Butterboy Compilation) (6 x CD's) PART 2



VA - Aussie Power Pop (A Butterboy Compilation) (6 x CD's)

Power pop is one of the most enduring subgenres within rock 'n' roll, with catchy hooks and recognizable guitar riffs. Power pop is a harder type of pop-rock that combines classic rock band instrumentation - guitar, bass, drums, and occasional keyboards with catchy pop hooks highlighting the lead vocalist. 

Power Pop is a cross between the crunching hard rock of the Who (Who's Pete Townshend in 1967 conder the phrase "power pop" to describe their style of music) and the sweet melodicism of the Beatles and Beach Boys and with the ringing guitars of the Byrds. There are four main attributes of the Power Pop sound: Hook-driven short songs, Jangley guitars, Personal lyrical subjects and a strong overlap with New Wave.

Although several bands of the early 70's established the sound of power pop, it wasn't until the late 70' s that a whole group of like-minded bands emerged. What tied all of these bands together was their love of the three-minute pop single.  Power-pop bands happened to emerge around the same time of punk, so they were swept along with the new wave because their brief, catchy songs fit into the post-punk aesthetic.  During the early '80s, power pop died away as a hip movement, and nearly all of the bands broke up. However, in the late 80's, a new breed of power pop began to form. The new bands blended traditional power pop with alternative rock sensibilities and sounds.  While these bands gained the attention of hip circles, many of the original power-pop groups began recording new material and releasing it on independent labels. In the early 90's compilation series gathered together highlights from these re-activated power poppers, as well as new artists that worked in a traditional power-pop vein. Throughout the early and '90's, this group of independent, grass-roots power-pop bands gained a small but dedicated cult following

Australia developed its own style of Power pop and whilst similar in attributed to worldwide power pop stills selected its own flavour. Here are 120 tracks, over two volumes, of euphoric power-pop brilliance from down under.

Following on from last week's Volume 1, here is ...

PART 2 Volume 02 - CD1+CD2+CD3



Track lists

Volume 02  CD1

61 You Am I Mr. Milk 3:15

62 Pyramidiacs No Soul 3:33

63 Pearson Panaphobia 4:50

64 Runners Pleasure Zone 3:22

65 Innocents Sooner Or Later 3:45

66 Dom Mariani Real Friend 3:25

67 Summer Suns Samantha 3:31

68 Supahip Satellite 4:36

69 Swerve She's Not There 3:23

70 Green Circles Paper, Scissors, Rock 3:22

71 Heroes To-Nite 4:05

72 Someloves Know You Know 3:44

73 Magneto Leaving Look 3:02

74 End of Fashion O Yeah 3:02

75 Carus Thompson You Can't Find Me 4:00

76 Wellingtons Baby's Got a Secret 3:44

77 Heroes Baby's Had a Taste 3:23

78 Dubrovniks Fireball of Love 2:49

79 Gigantic Cold Shoulder 3:10

80 Neon Hit Me Again 2:43

Volume 02  CD2

81 Screaming Tribesmen Igloo 4:00

82 Flanders Shameless 3:49

83 We All Want To I'm Still Waiting 5:46

84 You Am I Jolly's First Time Around the Sun 4:36

85 Pink Tiles State of the Nation 1:56

86 Finkers Just Call Tracy 2:51

87 Juke Savages Love is Gonna Save You 3:05

88 Clones Tired of Hiding (A-Side) 2:53

89 Neptunes Love Sign 4:03

90 Icecream Hands Uncle Robert's Questionnaire 3:53

91 Fast Cars No Love Today 4:18

92 Michael Carpenter & King's Rd Nothing in the World 3:15

93 Superscope Ppy 3:50

94 Booby Traps Scratch My Back 2:43

95 Orphans See You (B-Side) 3:02

96 Affections This is Love 3:18

97 Stoneage Hearts Sick of You 3:26

98 Summer Suns Why I Fell 3:38

99 Fallon Cush The Trouble With a Moonlit Night 4:04

100 Even Stupid Dream 2:58

Volume 02  CD3

101 Supahip Something's Gotta Give 4:29

102 Riffs I'm Not Just Another Boy 3:14

103 Innocents The B Side 2:46

104 Decline of the Reptiles Time Stands Still 4:42

105 Dolly Rocker Movement Side of Town 3:44

106 Danny McDonald Too Much Fun 2:45

107 Ronson Hangup Tragic 4:43

108 Even as We Speak Slugman 3:59

109 Dm3 Show You 2:33

110 Marigolds Waiting in Line 2:44

111 City Lights What You Gonna Do 3:44

112 Scruffs Trash 3:03

113 Montana Towtruck 2:17

114 Chevelles Sunshine 4:34

115 Starky That's How I'll Know You 3:19

116 Stanleys What Are We Gonna Do 2:42

117 Mad Turks From Istanbul Seeing Was Believing 1:40

118 Eastern Dark Walking 3:31

119 Genes All She Wants is the Money 3:01

120 Riptides Only Time 3:17




  1. Thank you BB, some great stuff here!

    1. Hi Gary Field,
      Glad to hear you are enjoying these.


  2. This is such an incredible compilation. (I'm American, but I took a deep dive into a lot of the Australian punk, garage and power pop in the eighties, and I'm reasonably conversant with a lot of the music that's come out of Australia in the years since, but . . . My God, I probably knew about a dozen of these songs/bands going in, and it's just wall to wall quality.)

    Thanks for these. Your compilations are always a special pleasure, and this one really hits the mark.

    1. Thank you Matthew.
      Very kind of you to say so.
      I am delighted you are getting enjoyment from my compilations. I spend a fair time to produce as good a set as I can each time. Your pleasure is my reward.


  3. I have been relishing the first volume... wonderful to have another! Great stuff.

    1. Hi mrRadio,
      Great to hear you have been enjoying the first set.
      I will probably end up with a third set at a later date.


  4. Nice. Just got back from holiday to find this waiting. As good as the first 3 (maybe better). Good work. And thanks!

    1. Hi acresofbears,
      Thanks for your comment, A lot of work goes into these comps so glad they are being enjoyed.


  5. Thank you. amazing. Hoodoo gurus and Chevelles are two of my favorite bands

    1. Hi markoslorca,
      I love the hood Gurus too. Have fun listening to these.