Thursday, July 22, 2021

VA - Aussie Power Pop (A Butterboy Compilation) (6 x CD's) Part 1



VA - Aussie Power Pop (A Butterboy Compilation) (6 x CD's)      Part 1

Power pop is one of the most enduring sub-genres within rock 'n' roll, with catchy hooks and recognizable guitar riffs. Power pop is a harder type of pop-rock that combines classic rock band instrumentation - guitar, bass, drums, and occasional keyboards with catchy pop hooks highlighting the lead vocalist. 

Power Pop is a cross between the crunching hard rock of the Who (Who's Pete Townshend in 1967 considered the phrase "power pop" to describe their style of music) and the sweet melodicism of the Beatles and Beach Boys and with the ringing guitars of the Byrds. There are four main attributes of the Power Pop sound: Hook-driven short songs, Jangley guitars, Personal lyrical subjects and a strong overlap with New Wave.

Although several bands of the early 70's established the sound of power pop, it wasn't until the late 70' s that a whole group of like-minded bands emerged. What tied all of these bands together was their love of the three-minute pop single.  Power-pop bands happened to emerge around the same time of punk, so they were swept along with the new wave because their brief, catchy songs fit into the post-punk aesthetic.  During the early 80's, power pop died away as a hip movement, and nearly all of the bands broke up. However, in the late 80's, a new breed of power pop began to form. The new bands blended traditional power pop with alternative rock sensibilities and sounds.  While these bands gained the attention of hip circles, many of the original power-pop groups began recording new material and releasing it on independent labels. In the early 90's compilation series gathered together highlights from these re-activated power poppers, as well as new artists that worked in a traditional power-pop vein. Throughout the early and 90's, this group of independent, grass-roots power-pop bands gained a small but dedicated cult following.

Australia developed its own style of Power Pop and whilst similar to worldwide power pop still reflected its own flavour. Here are 120 tracks, over two volumes, of euphoric power-pop brilliance from down under.

PART 1 Volume 01 - CD1+CD2+CD3



Track lists

Volume 01  CD1

01 Hoodoo Gurus 1000 Miles Away 4:28

02 Livingstone Daisies Everything Has Got to Go 3:17

03 Sea Stories Gone for Sure 4:32

04 Bad Dreems My Only Friend 2:58

05 Dolly Rocker Movement A Sound for Two 3:15

06 Sunnyboys Alone With You 3:13

07 Neptunes Julianne 3:16

08 Stems At First Sight 4:04

09 Hoolahan Chapel Lane 2:31

10 78 Saab Chasing the Light 3:25

11 Bhagavad Guitars Horizon to Horizon 3:06

12 Kubes Frostbite 2:39

13 Rosebuds In the Back Yard 3:51

14 Chalice In My World 3:18

15 Johnny Casino & the Secrets Brother Grahame Says 2:21

16 Someloves Melt 5:11

17 Maladaptive Solution Consort (Queen of Everything) 4:28

18 Zimmermen Forever After 5:12

19 78 Saab Beat of Your Drum 3:54

20 Easybeats Friday on My Mind 2:38

Volume 01  CD2

21 Hoodoo Gurus A Place in the Sun 3:39

22 Deniz Tek & the Golden Breed Always Out of Reach 4:52

23 Waltons Cherry 3:49

24 Beaut Goodbye Judy (A-Side) 3:13

25 Rainyard Beneath the Skin 3:40

26 Boopy Traps Dig Your Attitude 1:52

27 Peabody Rockwell 2:25

28 Young Modern Automatic 3:06

29 Bad Dreems Ghost Gums 3:13

30 Dubrovniks As Long as I Can Listen 2:12

31 Heroes Baby´s Had a Taste 3:25

32 Taxiride Get Set 3:13

33 Juke Savages Bye Bye Memories 2:44

34 Loaded Dice Groovy Sunglasses (Studio Version) 3:11

35 Bam Balams Here She Comes 2:50

36 Hummingbirds Blush 3:16

37 Early Hours Hard Feelings 2:10

38 We All Want To All Day 3:25

39 Organic Hold You in My Arms 3:04

40 Sick Rose Blastin' Out 3:20

Volume 01  CD3

41 Hoodoo Gurus Bittersweet 3:48

42 Solicitors I Need You More 2:53

43 Someloves It's My Time 3:20

44 Numbers Can't Take It 3:41

45 Starky Complicator 3:36

46 Neon A Man 2:36

47 Welcome Mat Gram 3:14

48 Alohas Headhunter 3:29

49 Major The Bliss Domestic 3:59

50 Screwtop Detonators God Knows 2:58

51 Juke Savages Him 2:55

52 Rumours I'm So in Love With You 4:45

53 Dm3 Second Floor 3:29

54 Chevelles Lost in Love 3:26

55 Mav & Her Majesty's Finest Long Time Nothing New 3:31

56 Michael Carpenter Kailee Anne 2:54

57 Eastern Dark Julie is a Junkie 2:41

58 On and Ons Menacing Smile 2:52

59 Spliffs Merry-Go-Round 3:15

60 You Am I If  We Can't Get it Together 2:32




  1. I'm gonna comment right away about my enthusiasm for this. Powerpop (Aussie or not) is another very favored genre for me and it's one you don't post or compilate much on. Like any genre, Powerpop, as it's come to be known, is represented by more than one style. It may be the harder more frenzied style, which leans toward new-wave, that appeals to some, but for others, like myself, it's the more pop-oriented, maybe but not necessarily, softer styles which get the attention. It's tied to my appreciation for a catchy tune, a memorable melody, good harmony, anything Beatlesque in nature, and melodic pop in general. Looking forward to this as I'm less familiar with Aussie contributions. Perhaps a Powerpop-ish Lucky Dip one day is possible. My thanks to you again.

    1. Hi mrRadio,
      There is a lot of power pop comps out there but I haven't seen many on, just, Australian artists. So this is my first go at it. Six track lists in total the other three posted in two weeks. I also like the softer side, melodic pop with meaningful lyric. This one has a mixture of styles which are probably a little more edgier. Saying that there is so much to get excited about here. Australia definitely has its own flavour across all genres.There is a Power Pop Lucky Dip planned for later. Enjoy these favorites.


  2. Thanks Butterboy for another grouse comp

    1. Hi Masters 6672,
      Grouse is how I like 'em...
      Great for a party.


  3. Bravo for a job well done and many thanks for this incredible collection.

    1. Thanks YankeeBoy,
      The first track gives me goosebumps, such a great group and song. Those ringing guitars...


  4. thank you butterboy nice one

    1. You are always welcome, Aussie.
      Enjoy these classics.


  5. Cool set, BB. The world can't get enough Dom Mariani, a Power Pop demigod, or 78 Saab, truly one of the coolest and best Antipodean bands. (Not to mention Dolly Rockers and Chevelles!)

    1. Hi Jim H.
      There are some great bands down-under that should be explored more...


  6. Thanks Butterboy!
    Another nice comp of your own!

  7. why 3 links for same thing

  8. Nice compilation. Thanks! FYI, the Numbers track is the Canadian band Numbers, not the Aussie band of the same name (but a favourite of mine anyhow).

    1. Hi acresofbears.
      Ooops. That happens sometimes. Thanks for picking that up. Yeah. Still a great song.