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VA - The $100 guitar project [2013] (2 x CD's)



VA - The $100 guitar project [2013] (2 x CD's)

The $100 Guitar Project began in 2010, when Nick Didkovsky and Chuck O'Meara bought a no-name electric guitar online from Elderly Instruments for $100. The guitar has been identified as a FujiGen Gakki EJ-2 (with a missing neck pickup). These guitars were made in Japan from 1962 to 1965.  As a lark, they came up with the idea of getting a number of their guitar-playing friends to write and record a short piece on the guitar. In 2 years and 30,000 miles of travel throughout the US and Europe, the guitar passed through the hands of over 65 players, each of whom recorded a piece with it, signed it and then passed it on to the next player. The result was a 2 x CD album released on Bridge Records, Inc. in January 2013. 50% of the album proceeds go to CARE, an organization fighting global poverty.

Here's the way it worked: Everyone who signed up had one week to write a piece, record it, and send the guitar on to the next player. What do we have here? It's a lot. Nick, who curated and oversaw the collection of these tracks, and who is the project's nominal "producer", has a stylistically broad range of 'guitar friends'. Tracks range from rock 'guitar heros' to leading names in the field of experimental and traditional guitar genres. The instrument itself has also been treated in varying manners- from plain acoustic sound to traditional amplified sound; from numerous 'sound-changing' devices (pedals, boxes etc.), to 'prepared guitar' transformations. In short, these sixty-nine tracks present a fascinating album of what 65 men and women of wildly differing musical backgrounds came up with using exactly the same starting tool. (Amazon)



Track lists


01 Chris Murphy Blockhead 1:39

02 Amy Denio Denizen Koan 0:30

03 Greg Anderson Bale Wagon 2:14

04 Alex Skolnick $100 Guitar Blues 2:20

05 Josh Lopes Hundo 2:46

06 Nick Didkovsky A Fire in God's Path 0:40

07 Biota Watch and Watch 1:58

08 Caroline Feldmeier A Fond Lover 1:28

09 David Starobin Berceuse bas de gamme (Cheap Lullaby) 3:15

10 Taylor Levine Fish Eye 2:15

11 Nels Cline Seared Beard 1:28

12 Andy Aledort Hunnerdollas 'o' Lovin' 2:50

13 Ron Anderson Chainring Compatibility 1:16

14 Mark Hitt & BCTD Boogieman 1:45

15 Rhys Chatham The Out of Tune Guitar ($100 Guitar Version) 4:35

16 ZWERM 100$ pedalfest 2:24

17 Nick Didkovsky Son of Lion 0:11

18 Joe Berger & BCTD D & B Eurotunnel 2:01

19 Han-Earl Park Apophenia, An Atomic Symphony In 10 Movements 1:07

20 Shawn Persinger is Prester John Medley 100 One-Dollar GuitarsSiciliano from Violin Sonata No. 1 by J.S. Bach (excerpt) 2:32

21 Del Rey Leadbelly's Jalopy 1:55

22 Marty Carlson & Joe Bouchard Adjustable Rod 2:54

23 Mike Lerner Requiem 1:18

24 Marco Oppedisano Red Cent 2:09

25 Jon Diaz Harmonic Prayer 2:56

26 Mike Keneally Hi Ma 1:14

27 Mark Solomon Stethoscope 2:31

28 Larry Polansky Duchess Bridge 2:42

29 Julia A. Miller 5.2.onnne 3:30

30 James Moore Birds 1:53

31 Bruce Zeines The Earth Still Turns While I am Still On It 1:53

32 Chuck O Meara Until It All Went Terribly Awry 1:48

33 Karl Evangelista Escroh 1:55

34 Bill Brovold Little Fire 1:55

35 Teisco Del Rey & Bob Spalding House of the Rising Sun 3:42


36 Colin Marston "________" 3:36

37 Fred Frith Light ErasesThe Thought 6:10

38 Thomas Dimuzio Fog Rolls 2:37

39 Janet Feder The Wind that Brought the Fire 2:06

40 Marco Cappelli Do Ut Des 2:10

41 Barry Cleveland Arab Spring 3:06

42 Kai Niggemann when $100 was precious 2:00

43 Roger Miller The Hundred Buck Stopped Here 1:42

44 Nick Didkovsky Monkey and Determination 0:19

45 Jesse Krakow A Song Like This 1:09

46 Blancah ReD 3:21

47 Nick Didkovsky Could Have Been An Ankles Tableau 0:16

48 Steve MacLean M-Theory 2:02

49 Jesse Kranzler Music for the Modern Man Pt. 3 1:36

50 Michael Bierylo Koralate 2:04

51 Hans Tammen I Hate Zero Crossings 2:21

52 David Linaburg Distance, No Distance 1:27

53 Nick Didkosvky I Can Imagine You Dancing To This 0:08

54 John Shiurba Down the Drain 1:28

55 Bruce Eisenbeil Red Winged Blackbird 3:24

56 Henry Kaiser I Forget 2:53

57 Wiek Hijmans Wieks 1:05

58 Ken Field Sonic Wrubble 1:51

59 Juan Parra Cancino Life Is Too Precious... 1:31

60 Ava Mendoza Normal Nagual 3:23

61 Elliott Sharp Ninety-Nine Ninety-Nine 3:15

62 Kobe van Cauwenberghe Himi 2:25

63 Keith Rowe Table 3:32

64 Raymond T. Kallas Malchiro (When Blossoms Fall They Look Like They're Dancing) 2:09

65 Phil Burke Snow Falls on the Rising Tide 2:42

66 Nick Didkovsky Feeble Little Weakling 0:18

67 Mark Stewart Hum! Scratch!! Rub!!! 2:56

68 Tom Marsan Stairwell Blues 1:31

69 Matt Wilson White Byrd 0:25




  1. Great, interesting and curious idea.
    Greetings from Spain

    1. Hi Jose,
      Its a fantastic concept. I would like to see one with a Casio piano.
      Hope you are well and enjoying life,


  2. What a great idea - looking forward to playing this.
    The concept reminds me of the 1990 'One World One Voice' CD which Kevin Godley started as a chain tape. It got sent around different artists to add their 'bit' to it.

    1. Hi LeKermitage,
      I actually have that set. I may post it in the near future. Thanks for reminding me of it.


  3. "At Home with the Groovebox" is another one in this vein and has some great 90s Indie Rock artists and songs on it (Pavement, Sonic Youth, Beck, etc). Thanks Butterboy!

    1. MrDave,
      Thanks for the suggestion.
      Hope you are enjoying The $100 guitar project .