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George Gershwin - George Gershwin 1898-1937 [2007] (10 x CD's)



George Gershwin - George Gershwin 1898-1937 [2007] (10 x CD's)

George Gershwin, born Jacob Gershwine; September 26, 1898 – July 11, 1937 was an American composer and pianist, whose compositions spanned both popular and classical genres. Among his best-known works are the orchestral compositions Rhapsody in Blue (1924) and An American in Paris (1928), the songs "Swanee" (1919) and "Fascinating Rhythm" (1924), the jazz standard "I Got Rhythm" (1930), and the opera Porgy and Bess (1935), which gave birth to the hit "Summertime". His first published song was "When You Want 'Em, You Can't Get 'Em, When You've Got 'Em, You Don't Want 'Em" in 1916. It earned the 17 year-old 50 cents.

Gershwin studied piano under Charles Hambitzer and composition with Rubin Goldmark, Henry Cowell, and Joseph Brody. He began his career as a song plugger but soon started composing Broadway theater works with his brother Ira Gershwin and with Buddy DeSylva. He moved to Paris intending to study with Nadia Boulanger, but she refused him, afraid that rigorous classical study would ruin his jazz-influenced style. He subsequently composed An American in Paris, returned to New York City and wrote Porgy and Bess with Ira and DuBose Heyward. Initially a commercial failure, it came to be considered one of the most important American operas of the twentieth century and an American cultural classic.  Gershwin moved to Hollywood and composed numerous film scores. He died in 1937 of a malignant brain tumor. His compositions have been adapted for use in film and television, with several becoming jazz standards recorded and covered in many variations. Gershwin died intestate, and his estate passed to his mother. The estate continues to collect significant royalties from licensing the copyrights on his post-"Rhapsody in Blue" work. The estate supported the Sonny Bono Copyright Term Extension Act (that extended the U.S. 75-year copyright protection an additional 20 years) because its 1923 cutoff date was shortly before Gershwin had begun to create his most popular works. The copyrights on all Gershwin's solo works expired at the end of 2007 in the European Union, based on its life-plus-70-years rule, and in the U.S. on January 1, 2020, on Gershwin's pre-1925 work.  In 2005, The Guardian determined using "estimates of earnings accrued in a composer's lifetime" that George Gershwin was the wealthiest composer of all time. (Amazon)



Track lists


01 George Gershwin Variations On Fascinating Rhythm, Variations On Liza 2:27

02 George Gershwin Second Prelude 2:31

03 George Gershwin Interview 1:28

04 George Gershwin I Got Rhythm 1:05

05 George Gershwin Signature 1:30

06 George Gershwin Of Thee I Sing - Overture 3:31

07 George Gershwin The Man I Love 4:42

08 George Gershwin I Got Rhythm 2:45

09 George Gershwin Commercial 0:57

10 George Gershwin Swanee - Sign-Off 1:11

11 George Gershwin Signature 1:26

12 George Gershwin Mine 1:07

13 George Gershwin Variations On I Got Rythm 8:35

14 George Gershwin Love Is Sweeping The Country 0:59

15 George Gershwin Commercial 1:26

16 George Gershwin Wintergreen For President - Sign-Off 1:09

17 George Gershwin Introduction - Summertime 4:09

18 George Gershwin A Woman Is A Sometime Thing 2:30

19 George Gershwin Act I, Scene 1: Finale 1:42

20 George Gershwin My Man's Gone Now 4:16

21 George Gershwin Bess, You Are My Woman Now 5:31


01 George Gershwin Rhapsody In Blue 9:03

02 George Gershwin Prelude #1 1:21

03 George Gershwin Prelude #2 2:36

04 George Gershwin Prelude #3 1:03

05 George Gershwin Andante from Rhapsody In Blue 2:28

06 George Gershwin An American In Paris 15:47

07 George Gershwin Second Rhapsody Rehearsal Performance 14:20


01 George Gershwin You've Got What Gets Me 3:15

02 George Gershwin Fascinating Rythm 5:28

03 George Gershwin Embraceable You 4:58

04 George Gershwin Boy! What Love Has Done To Me (Extended Version) 3:25

05 George Gershwin Treat Me Rough (Extended Version) 6:36

06 George Gershwin I Got Rhythm 8:06

07 George Gershwin Could You Use Me? 3:03

08 George Gershwin Ouverture Medley, Swanee, Somebody Loves Me, Fascinating Rhythm, Embraceable You, Oh Lady, Be Good, The Man I Love, I Got Rhythm, Liza, Rhapsody In Blue, Strike Up The Band 10:16

09 George Gershwin Swanee 1:50

10 George Gershwin 135th Street Blues (Blue Monday) 6:06

11 George Gershwin Summertime (Extended Version) 3:56

12 George Gershwin Delicious (Extended Version) 2:11

13 George Gershwin Third Prelude (Outtake) 0:56


01 George Gershwin Shall We Dance (Ouverture) 1:18

02 George Gershwin Slap That Bass 4:51

03 George Gershwin (I've Got) Beginner's Luck 2:00

04 George Gershwin They All Laughed (With Extended Chorus) 4:21

05 George Gershwin Let's Call The Hole Thing Off 5:02

06 George Gershwin They Can't Take That Away From Me 4:34

07 George Gershwin Promenade (Walking The Dog) 2:34

08 George Gershwin Shall We Dance (Final) 5:57

09 George Gershwin I Can't Be Bothered Now 1:23

10 George Gershwin A Foggy Day 2:16

11 George Gershwin Nice Work If You Can Get It 2:35

12 George Gershwin Things Are Looking Up 3:50

13 George Gershwin I Was Doing All Right 3:11

14 George Gershwin Love Walked In (Outtake) 3:15

15 George Gershwin Oh! Lady, Be Good 3:09


01 George Gershwin Strike Up The Band 5:10

02 George Gershwin Somebody Loves Me 3:14

03 George Gershwin The Babbitt And The Bromide 5:33

04 George Gershwin Liza (All The Clouds'll Roll Away) 6:11

05 George Gershwin Opening Music / Sweet Packard 2:48

06 George Gershwin Changing My Tune 2:46

07 George Gershwin Stand Up And Fight 1:49

08 George Gershwin Aren't You Kind Of Glad We Did 3:53

09 George Gershwin Changing My Tune (Reprise) 1:58

10 George Gershwin Back Boy Polka (But Not In Boston) 2:19

11 George Gershwin One, Two, Three 4:17

12 George Gershwin For You, For Me, For Evermore 4:05

13 George Gershwin For You, For Me, For Evermore (Reprise) 5:45

14 George Gershwin Aren't You Kind Of Glad We Did (Finale) 1:09


01 George Gershwin Somebody Loves Me 2:47

02 George Gershwin I'll Build A Stairway To Paradise 3:11

03 George Gershwin Nashville Nightingale 3:14

04 George Gershwin I Won't Say I Will (But I Won't Say I Won't) 2:48

05 George Gershwin Boy Wanted 3:02

06 George Gershwin Song Of The Flame 2:50

07 George Gershwin Clap Yo' Hands 3:16

08 George Gershwin Do, Do, Do 3:12

09 George Gershwin Someone To Watch Over Me 3:21

10 George Gershwin Fascinating Rythm 2:50

11 George Gershwin Oh! Lady, Be Good! 3:03

12 George Gershwin Funny Face 3:05

13 George Gershwin That Certain Feeling 2:50

14 George Gershwin Looking For A Boy 3:04

15 George Gershwin Sweet And Low-Down 2:32

16 George Gershwin The Man I Love 3:04


01 George Gershwin; Johnny Johnson and Hist Statler Pennsylvanians My One And Only 2:54

02 George Gershwin; Victor Arden, Phil Ohman, and Their Orch. 'S Wonderful 3:16

03 George Gershwin; Ben Selvin and His Orch. Oh Gee! Oh Joy! 2:47

04 George Gershwin; Leo Reisman and His Orch. Liza 2:50

05 George Gershwin; Victor Arden, Phil Ohman and Orch. Soon 2:56

06 George Gershwin; Ethel Waters I Got Rythm 3:03

07 George Gershwin; Blue Jeans Bidin' My Time 3:22

08 George Gershwin; Duke Ellington and his Cotton Club Orch. feat. Chick Bullock Sam And Delilah 3:31

09 George Gershwin; Lyda Roberti My Cousin In Milwaukee 2:54

10 George Gershwin; Paul Whiteman and Orch. Let 'Em Eat Cake 4:38

11 George Gershwin; NBC Radio Orch. Overture from 'Of Thee I Sing' 4:00

12 George Gershwin; Victor Arden, Phil Ohman and Orch. Who Cares? 2:49

13 George Gershwin; Lawrence Tibbett The Buzzard Song 3:48

14 George Gershwin; Todd Duncan I Got Plenty O' Nuttin' 2:45

15 George Gershwin; Lena Horne The Man I Love 3:18


01 George Gershwin; Benny Goodman Orchestra Somebody Loves Me 2:50

02 George Gershwin; Johnny Williams Swing Sextet I'll Build A Stairway To Paradise 2:50

03 George Gershwin; Billie Holiday Orchestra Summertime 2:54

04 George Gershwin; Benny Goodman Quartet 'S Wonderful 3:25

05 George Gershwin; Nat King Cole Trio Liza 2:56

06 George Gershwin; Fred Astaire Who Cares? 2:51

07 George Gershwin; Harry James Orch. feat. Helen Forrest But Not For Me 3:04

08 George Gershwin; Tommy Dorsey Orchestra Embraceable You 2:55

09 George Gershwin; Judy Garland, Ivan Ditmars, piano But Not For Me 2:41

10 George Gershwin; Bing Crosby and Judy Garland Mine 2:46

11 George Gershwin; Vaughn Monroe and Betty Norton Aren't Ya Kinda Glad We Did? 3:13

12 George Gershwin; Billie Holiday The Man I Love 3:05

13 George Gershwin; Frank Sinatra, Alex Stordahl Orch. Someone To Watch Over Me 2:23

14 George Gershwin; Charlie Parker Quintet Embraceable You 3:22


01 George Gershwin Love Walked In 2:57

02 George Gershwin Love Is Here To Stay 3:22

03 George Gershwin I Can't Get Started 9:02

04 George Gershwin But Not For Me 5:45

05 George Gershwin The Man I Love 3:12

06 George Gershwin A Foggy Day 2:53

07 George Gershwin I Got Rhythm 2:44

08 George Gershwin Lady Be Good 3:29

09 George Gershwin Nice Work If You Can Get It 4:06

10 George Gershwin Love Walked In 2:37

11 George Gershwin They Can't take That Away From Me 2:40

12 George Gershwin Maybe 2:45

13 George Gershwin Liza (All The Clouds'll Roll Away) 2:37

14 George Gershwin How Long Has This Been Going On 2:32

15 George Gershwin Jenny 3:17

16 George Gershwin My One And Only 3:15

17 George Gershwin Fascinating Rhythm 3:05

18 George Gershwin Swanee 2:13


01 George Gershwin Blue Monday 23:06

02 George Gershwin Looking For a Boy 2:51

03 George Gershwin Sweet and Lowdown 3:18

04 George Gershwin Maybe 3:34

05 George Gershwin Clap Yo' Hands 2:53

06 George Gershwin My One and Only 2:45

07 George Gershwin 'S wonderful, Funny Face 3:08

08 George Gershwin SomeoneTo Watch Over Me 3:20

09 George Gershwin That Certain Feeling 2:33

10 George Gershwin Delishious 3:29

11 George Gershwin Dream Sequence 4:54

12 George Gershwin Somebody From Somewhere 2:09

13 George Gershwin Katinkitschken 3:09

14 George Gershwin Blah, Blah, Blah 2:34

15 George Gershwin New York Rhapsody, Explanation of Scene 1:44

16 George Gershwin New York Rhapsody 7:50




  1. Thank you for these wonderful sets:-). I appreciate the time and effort you put into them. Do you know why the download from Kraken Files always becomes disconnected around 200 mb. It never happens with any other service.

    1. Hi Beatle,
      Thank you for you kind words.
      Sorry to here you are struggling with krakenfiles. I don't often get that type of message, but it does happen occasionally . Usually its a an issue with the transfer due to connection speeds. I will probably revert to smaller files in the future . I have tested the file download prior to posting and it fully loaded in 11 min with no interruptions for me.



    2. Thank you so much for your reply. I appreciate it. It's very frustrating and I can't find any support or way around it on the web.

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    1. Hi D,
      That is my sentiments exactly.

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    1. You are welcome, Crab Devil.
      Great songwriter...


  4. 1989 year should be 1898!?


    1. Thanks Stphen,
      Fat Fingers, what can I say without embarrassing myself more.
      50 lashes for me. (The beer). Fixed now. Please rename the downloaded files....



    2. Looks good now..........Georges Birthday!

  5. Besides JS BACH and THE BEATLES, GEORGE GERSHWIN is of course also part of the world cultural heritage, thank you very much for this exciting compilation.

    1. Hi WOODY,
      Agreed. Pity I have stated the dates of the recordings as 1989-1937 . A dyslexic day.
      Enjoy the music , always.


  6. Wow, many thanks for the motherlode of Gershwin. My late father-in-law performed with him, and also went on a Canadian tour with him. My guess is that he is on some of these tracks (a violinist, Harry Glickman).

    1. Hi pmac,
      Wow! back at you.
      Harry Glickman has his own place in music culture/history. RIP.
      I checked at discogs to see if he is named in any of the tracks on this set but could not see that.

      Thanks for sharing your story. Appreciated.


  7. Thx, BB. He played on Lennon's Imagine (my wife used to get royalty checks), and also a few albums by Grant Green, and the original West Side Story recording. He came to the US, orphaned, as a small boy, and was given his name at what was then the NY Port Authrity. He was born in Russia and as a young boy was being sent to the concentration camps. He was a child prodigy on the violin, and on the train, he began to perform. The soldiers on the train took him off, and that's how he escaped to the US. My wife was completely unaware of this until she listened to her father giving a radio interview on a NYC public radio station. Afterwards when she asked him why he never told this before, he said that he was still too scarred by the incident.

  8. Thanks so much for this treasure trove!

  9. Hi Butterboy,
    A lot of positive commnets in today's post. No doubt, the compilation deserves it. I'd like to thanks you too for this fantastic comp. I don't know much about the George Gershwin' musical career, so here's a good oportunity to solve this.

    1. Hi Il Commendatore,
      It is always a great to see positiveness in the comments.
      I hope you will gain some new insights into Gershwin's music.


  10. Thank you for this collection, Butter. I have _some_ Gershwin in my Vault, but he's long been underrepresented there - thank you for filling many embarrassing blanks... cheers!

    1. Hi Aging Child,
      The man wrote some majestic material. This is a nice and hard to find box that will delight any who listen to it.
      I am happy that you can now fill some blanks in your collection.


  11. Thank you for this. You are amazing.

    1. Thanks Eric.
      This set at times has me in tears. The beauty in song can at times be overwhelming.