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VA - Reggae Box (Limited Edition) [2016] (6 x CD's)



VA - Reggae Box (Limited Edition) [2016] (6 x CD's)

A unique collection of tracks spanning the history of reggae from its Jamaican roots. A complete overview on all the different aspects of Reggae. It covers the traditional Jamaican origins in the 60's and the strong influences of traditional Mento ( African Chant) mated with American Rhythm & Blues, to the gradual evolution alongside genres such as Ska and Rocksteady. The changing attitudes brought on by the social revolutions of the 1970's which added political comment to the mix are all in evidence here and are highlighted on the period covering the "Reggae revolution" The collection covers the instantly recognisable beats of Bob Marley and his contemporaries, the staccato chords of Desmond Dekker, the slower tempo of Horace Andy alongside the developments in dub production of King Tubby and Lee Scratch Perry. It highlights the transitions from the African influenced Jungle Beat to the evolution of reggae into British Culture, where the music took a new path, created by the multiracial make up of England's inner cities and exemplified by groups such as The Beat, the Two-Tone revivalists and the mighty Jah Wobble. Lovers rock and International hits such as Bob Marley's " Stop That Train", Ronni Davis's " Rivers of Babylon", "Monkey Man" by Toots and the Maytals to the magic "Some Like It Hot" by Dennis Brown are present alongside . The set highlights the transitions from the African influenced Jungle Beat to the evolution of reggae into British Culture, where the music took a new path, created by the multiracial make up of England's inner cities and exemplified by groups such as The Beat, the Two-Tone revivalists and the mighty Jah Wobble. A stunning 6 x CD's musical anthology that all reggae lovers will treasure in their collection for years to come (Amazon)


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Track lists

CD1 The Classics

01 Bob Marley & the Wailers Stop the Train 2:18

02 Ronnie Davis Rivers of Babylon 3:21

03 Eric Donaldson Cherry Oh Baby 3:03

04 Toots & the Maytals Monkey Man 3:00

05 U-Roy The Tide is Hight 2:39

06 Desmond Dekker Unity 2:23

07 Wailers Get Up, Stand Up 3:33

08 Max Romeo Israelites 3:47

09 Cimarons You Can Get it If You Really Want 2:41

10 Al Campbell Rasta Time 2:15

11 Gregory Isaacs Loving Pauper 3:17

12 Dennis Brown Some Like it Hot 3:31

13 Horace Andy Handle Me Rough 3:37

14 Jimmy Cliff The Harder They Come 2:45

CD2 The Hidden World of Bob Marley & The Wailers

01 Bob Marley & the Wailers Soul Rebel 4:28

02 Peter Tosh 400 Years 2:32

03 Reggister's Is This Love 3:56

04 Lee Perry Throw Some Water In 3:36

05 Derrick Morgan Some Woman Must Cry 3:08

06 Johnny Osbourne People Get Ready 3:02

07 General Soundwoy Get Up, Stand Up 3:29

08 Peter Tosh Rasta 5:23

09 Rasta Messengers Lively Up Yourself 2:58

10 Peter Tosh I Shot the Sheriff 5:06

11 Lee Perry & the Upsetters Return of the Super Ape 3:34

12 Bob Marley Judge Not 2:27

13 Lee Perry Scratch the Dub Organizer 3:40

14 Bob Marley & the Wailers Try Me 4:29

CD3 Reggae Revolution

01 Freedom Fighters Reggae Revolution 4:51

02 Toots & the Maytals Pressure Drop 2:57

03 Bob Marley & the Wailers Sun is Shining 2:10

04 Jamaicans Peace and Love 2:34

05 Rasta Jah Band We Three Kings 6:04

06 Gregory Isaacs Rock On 2:38

07 Horace Andy Respiration 3:07

08 Don Carlos Just Groove With Me 3:03

09 John Holt I See Your Face 2:40

10 Derrick Morgan Rudie Dont Fear 3:13

11 Dillinger Ball of Fire 2:57

12 Lee Perry Double Six 2:15

13 Dennis Alcapone Judgement Day 2:40

14 Roman Stewart Loser 3:39

CD4 Jungle Beat

01 Desmond Dekker Keep a Cool Head 2:02

02 Johnny Clarke Egyptian Reggae 3:39

03 Wailers Concrete Jungle 3:58

04 Lloyd Robinson Fire Fire 3:06

05 Slim Smith With This Sound 2:34

06 Sugar Minott Let Go the Dread 2:40

07 Barry Biggs Wide Awake in a Dream 4:00

08 Roman Stewart Live and Learn 3:30

09 Dillinger Rock to the Music 3:49

10 Wailers Lively Up Yourself 3:50

11 Zap Pow Jungle Beat 5:02

12 Clint Eastwood Shine Eye Gal 3:14

13 Al Campbell No Time to Loose 2:36

14 Hopewotn Lewis Boom Shaka Laka 2:47

CD5 The 80's British Reggae and Ska Scene and Influences

01 Creation Rebel Love I Can Feel 4:42

02 Culture Good Things 4:04

03 Beat Mirror in the Bathroom 2:02

04 Bad Manners Since You’ve Gone Away 3:38

05 Selecter Missing Words 3:53

06 Judge Dread Big Six 2:47

07 Pama International All About You 5:05

08 Loafers Living in a Suitcase 3:06

9 Alternative Tv Life After Life 2:10

10 Mad Sin I Shot the Sheriff 3:13

11 Phoenix City All-Stars The Selecter 3:28

12 Impressions At the Country Fair 2:03

13 Brute Force Steel Band Autumn Leaves 2:57

14 Jah Wobble's Invaders of the Heart Lam Tang Way 2:10

CD6 The Roots Of Reggae

01 Lord Fly When Me Look Upon Janie So 2:37

02 Count Lasher Sam Fi Man 3:07

03 Lord Tickler Green Guava 4:00

04 Laurel Aitken & the Boogie Cat Sweet Chariot 3:15

05 Hubert Porter Ten Penny Nail 2:54

06 Boysie Grant The Naughty Little Flea 3:01

07 Alerth Bedasse Mussu & John Tom 3:15

08 Baba Motta & His Orchestra Jamaica Talk 2:42

09 Tony Johnson Give Her Banana 2:32

10 Lord Fly Blu-Lu-Lup 2:49

11 Laurel Aitken & the Boogie Cats Baba Kill Me Goat 2:37

12 Lord Power & Trenton Spence Quartet Let´s Do It 2:46

13 Lord Composer & His Silver Seas Hotel Orchestra Gal a Gully, Matilda 3:04

14 Hubert Porter & Jamaica Calypsonians Mas Charley Bell 2:48




  1. Thanks BB. I took it, Good Stuff. Have a good weekend

    1. Hi Patrick,
      Enjoy this set, It's interesting.


  2. I'm not a "fan" of amazon, but I agree that the guy who does the reviews
    is pretty good. That's my point of view...

  3. Love me a bit of reggae to chill too :)

    1. Me too, g8rrick.
      I like the way this one is split up.


  4. Nice compilation. Good layout of songs. I'm always amazed however that I never see Bob Marley "Milkshake and Potato Chips" on any of these compilations as it's one of his best early tracks. And hard to see British reggae compiled without Black Slate. One of my favorite British reggae bands.

    1. I agree Pol,
      This is a nice set that offers something to everyone.
      I have the Milkshake track but no longer have the album it came from. In fact half of the tracks in digitized are no longer. do you have a copy of Bob, Peter, Bunny & Rita by Bob Marley & the Wailers which it feature on ?.