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VA - Beyond The Pale Horizon, The British Progressive Pop Sounds Of 1972 (3 x CD's)



VA - Beyond The Pale Horizon, The British Progressive Pop Sounds Of 1972 (3 x CD's)

Another captivating entry into their year-specific archival series, Grapefruit Records offers up Beyond the Pale Horizon: The British Progressive Pop Sounds of 1972. Arguing that 1972 was the year that British music finally broke free of the '60s and began to innovate, this heaping three-disc anthology boasts a typically eclectic array of icons, cult faves, and everything in between. While "progressive" may be the imperative term here, this is by no means a prog rock compilation even if bands like Van der Graaf Generator, Uriah Heep, and Yes are all well-represented. Instead, Beyond the Pale Horizon seeks to identify the forward-gazing traits of artists who were setting the tone of the next era. Amid already-established groups altering their sound and artists who had yet to step into their fame are some beguiling deep cuts like "Lord of the Ringside," a fiery prog folk gem by Plymouth band Clown, and an alternate mix of the already obscure "Maypole" by psych outfit Dark. On the folkier side, Iain Matthews' short-lived Plainsong released their masterpiece In Search of Amelia Earhart ("Tigers Will Survive") and Ralph McTell made another fine entry in the burgeoning singer/songwriter movement that was bustling in 1972. Hawkwind blew minds with the swirling fog of "Silver Machine" and former Zombies Rod Argent and producer Chris White hit their stride with Argent's international hit "Hold Your Head Up." Well-established acts like the Moody Blues and Status Quo continued to innovate with strong new material (the lovely "Isn't Life Strange" and "Paper Plane," respectively) while Slade dominated as a singles band and Thin Lizzy either mangled or raised the trad classic "Whiskey in the Jar," depending on one's outlook. Of the more forward-thinking groups that would continue to make an impression throughout the rest of the '70s, the freshly launched Electric Light Orchestra (whose precursor, the Move, is also included) and especially Roxy Music made early entries in what would become decade-defining careers. Whether or not one believes that the '70s truly began in 1972, it was admittedly a stellar year for music, making this set a joy to spend time with. (AllMusic Review by Timothy Monger)

No Cherry Red compilation disappoints. This is a rule of nature. Some artists are familiar, some are not, but if you grew up in this era and know your music, this set is pure enjoyment. Sound quality is excellent and the informative booklet imparts background with great humour.



Track lists


01 Van Der Graaf Generator Theme One 2:57

02 Roxy Music Virginia Plain 2:59

03 Argent Hold Your Head Up 3:20

04 Strawbs Here it Comes 3:18

05 Rare Bird Hey Man 5:52

06 Shape of the Rain The Very First Clown 4:34

07 Move Do Ya 4:05

08 Byzantium Into the Country 4:16

09 Moody Blues Isn't Life Strange 6:11

10 Michel Pagliaro Lovin' You Ain't Easy 2:42

11 Rusty Once Upon a Dream 4:41

12 Nazareth Fool About You 2:48

13 Open Road Funny 4:06

14 Stackridge Keep on Clucking 4:03

15 Rupert Hine Hamburgers 3:17

16 Eddie Hardin Strange People 3:36

17 Slade Wonderin' Y 2:51

18 Mott the Hoople Honaloochie Boogie (Demo) 3:08

19 Caravan Aristocracy 3:04

20 Nirvana I Need Your Love Tonight 3:38

21 Yes America 4:05


01 Electric Light Orchestra 10538 Overture 5:29

02 Free Little Bit of Love 2:34

03 Clown Lord of the Ringside 2:59

04 Tuesday Sewing Machine 3:14

05 Family Burlesque 4:02

06 Silverhead Oh No No No 3:51

07 Uriah Heep Traveller in Time 3:23

08 Cold Turkey Nobody's Fool 3:00

09 Neil Harrison Maybe I'm Lost Without You 2:53

10 Troggs Feels Like a Woman 3:31

11 Rocky Cabbage Birds Must Learn to Fly 4:33

12 Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah Band King of Scurf 4:59

13 Lindisfarne All Fall Down 3:41

14 Home Rise Up 3:24

15 Dark Maypole(Alternative Mix) 5:03

16 Medicine Head Kum On 3:35

17 Bombadil When the City Sleeps 4:11

18 White Plains Beachcomber 5:07

19 Pluto Something That You Loved 3:42

20 Mike Hugg Blue Suede Shoes Again 3:32

21 Second Hand Funeral 3:00


01 Thin Lizzy Whiskey in the Jar 5:46

02 Status Quo Paper Plane 2:56

03 Hello The Wench 2:52

04 Curtiss Maldoon One Way Ticket 3:10

05 Hawkwind Silver Machine 4:39

06 Roy Wood Wake Up 3:23

07 Summer Wine Take a Load of Your Feet 3:01

08 Trapeze Coast to Coast 4:02

09 Grobbert & Duff I Am...I Think 3:24

10 Andromeda Rainbow Chasing 2:46

11 Jade Warrior The Demon Trucker 2:37

12 Hobbit Everything's Turning Out Fine 2:51

13 Atlantis Teddy Boyd's Rock 'n' Roll Show 2:14

14 Plainsong Tigers Will Survive 5:03

15 Curved Air Sarah's Concern 3:31

16 Hard Stuff Taken Alive 3:18

17 Kevin Coyne God Bless the Bride 3:55

18 Ralph McTell Zimmerman Blues 3:45

19 Jake And in the Morning 3:08

20 Guest & Edwards All Alone 3:25

21 Nimbo Noticeingly By 2:40

22 Bond + Brown Mass Debate 3:25

23 Patto Mummy 2:20




  1. There are bands I used to listen to in Prog/Rock (Family, Caravan or Hawkwind).. But with you, I discover with hindsight, a lot of music that I completely missed at the time in the 70's. So Thanks for all these Prog compilations.

    1. Thanks Patrick,
      There is so much to enjoy. Enjoy!


  2. Another treasure from the great grab bag of British Rock from the seventies, always a pleasure to hear, thank you very much!

    1. Hi WOODY,
      And all of these in 1972. Fantastic.


  3. Hi Butterboy!
    Your blog is an absolute treasure!!! This comp is not an exception!
    Thanks for all you give us!

    1. Thank you for the very Kind words, Il Commendatore.


  4. Replies
    1. Great to hear, Masters 6672.
      Crackers with no cheese, well maybe a little.


  5. Hi Butterboy
    Thanks for these continued classic compilations so great to hear
    If you have the below could you consider for the future please
    Revolution - Underground Sounds of 1968
    Cave Of Clear Light
    Spirit Of Joy (Polydor)

    1. Hi Marley,
      The first two are slated for sharing in the near future. I don't have the third. Hopefully someone who visits here can provide a link for that one.