Friday, October 8, 2021

VA - LIVE! Progressive Rock (A Butterboy Compilation) (6 x CD's) PART 2


LIVE! Prog

VA - LIVE! Progressive Rock (A Butterboy Compilation) (6 x CD's)   PART 2

Prog is an adventure, a bridge between pop immediacy and classical structure that challenges musicians and fans alike. At the turn of the 70's, the sudden shift in musical emphasis from singles to albums gave rock bands a chance to stretch out and investigate grooves not built for dancing and plangent melodies that take the ear on an emotional gallivant to unexplored locations. Inspired by symphonic form, the rigors of modern jazz, and great works of literature, prog rockers such as King Crimson, Yes, and Emerson, Lake & Palmer set out to discover different sonic landscapes and create a new language for popular music. This questing spirit, upheld in subsequent years by The Mars Volta and Muse, encourages longer song suites as musicians wrestle with uncanny time signatures, dense mystical poetry and devilish chord structures on an eternal quest to find the lost chord. (Amazon)

Over the next 5 weeks I will present: 

4 x CD's of Single tracks by various rock artists of Live rock. 

4 x CD's of Double tracks by various rock artists of Live rock music

3 x CD's of Live Progressive Rock  Part 1

3 x CD's of Live Progressive Rock  Part 2

3 x CD's of Live Soul

The feeling of a live concert is almost impossible to replicate perfectly. but these tracks all exhibit a live feeling and sound reminding us of the times we were exported to another moment in time. Enjoy!

Here is LIVE! Progressive Rock  PART 2 (3 x CD's )


45    6 


Track lists


01 Wishbone Ash Phoenix 17:12

03 Tangent Grooving on Mars 6:12

04 Syn New Reality 7:48

05 Rush La Villa Strangiato 9:37

07 Greenslade Joi De Vivre 9:01

08 Emerson, Lake & Palmer Take a Pebble; Lucky Man 7:38

09 Kraan Arabia 12:30

010 Yes Starship Trooper 12:20

011 Tangerine Dream Ricochet Part One 17:00

012 Tangerine Dream Ricochet Part Two 21:03


01 Barclay James Harvest Poor Man's Moody Blues 7:20

02 Jethro Tull Locomotive Breath 7:44

03 David Gilmour Wot's... Uh the Deal 5:38

04 Affinity Yes Man 7:22

05 Focus Hocus Pocus (Live) 8:06

06 Curved Air Marie Antoinette 6:51

07 Anyone`s Daughter Anyone's Daughter 11:09

08 Traffic (Sometimes I Feel So) Uninspired 10:34

09 Flower Kings Stardust We Are 26:24

10 Ozric Tentacles Feng Shui 10:56

11 Yes Ritual 23:10


01 Sebastian Hardie Openings 11:31

02 England Yellow 6:29

03 David Gilmour Shine on You Crazy Diamond (Feat. Crosby & Nash) 11:06

04 Marillion Neverland 10:36

05 Finch Paradoxical Moods 11:05

06 Yes Awaken 17:06

07 SBB Coda 5:39

08 Nice Lt. Kije (The Troika) , Rondo 8:01

09 Rufus Zuphall Paint it Black 2:45

10 Neal Morse Band Reunion 10:22

11 Triumvirat The Deadly Dream of Freedom 5:01

12 Giraffe This Warm Night 4:34

13 England Three Piece Suite 13:36

14 Mario Millo; Men From Mars Horsemen to Symphinity 11:55




  1. Thanks so much. I do love me some Prog.

    1. Hi heartofstone,
      This is the last one in the Butterboy series.
      But Prog always finds it's way back...


  2. Hey Butterboy,
    many thanks for your tasteful shares, i am a true follower.

    Have you ever stumbled across the A.V. Club Undercover Series?
    That would be a real smash!

    Thanks for your passion in compiling and sharing.
    Greets A

    1. Hi Kurt.
      Thank you for your kind comments.
      I am familiar with the A.V. Club over a number of years now. Unfortunately I don't have A V Club audio but agree it would be a great project to pull together.


  3. Thanks BB, I'm not a specialist in Prog, but there's a band I really like in your selection, it's Kraan. Their 1975 live show is amazing! Great live.
    Thanks, I'm going to listen to these compilations this weekend.
    Nice day for you

    1. Hi Patrick,
      That is a great track and the LIVE albums is very enjoyable too.
      Hope you will enjoy the rest of this set.


  4. Poor Man's Moody Blues!! One of my all time favourites!
    Thank you BB
    Be well!!
    Manolis F.

    1. Thanks Manolis,
      Enjoy the week ahead...


  5. Hey BB, I see the Flower Kings, but you know that band Transatlantic, an ex Marillion, Dream Theater & Flowers Kings.
    I can't help but leave the link to that London gig:
    I love this concert!

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    1. Hi Kevin,
      Not sure why you are having that problem as there have been hundreds of downloads so far.
      I have now split the file so please try again and see if that helps.