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VA - Pulp & Pop Culture Box Vol. 01 [2013] (4 x CD's)



VA - Pulp & Pop Culture Box Vol. 01 [2013] (4 x CD's)

Another great collection from Rock Beat Records. This box set is the result of sorting through the vastness of the vinyl landfill for a collection of rare and unique tracks. The subject matters were too far out to get broad exposure but these tracks represent the heart and soul of what made rock and roll fun in the 50's and 60's. The songs are compiled thematically and the subject of each song is based on what was happening in pulp and pop culture at the time. Rock and Roll Invasion deals with the space race and aliens , Voodoo Dolls the fascination with horror and occult films, Teenage Rebels is a response to the new concept of juvenile delinquents and Wild Guitar Instrumentals is a response to the uninhibited growth of rock n roll. This set is an incredible collection of records that for obvious reasons would never be heard on the radio (except the ads... which are really cool too). 

So if you're looking for some pretty cool, crazed, fun, electric guitar dominated r 'n' r stuff from that whole formative late 50's, early 60's era, and you own most everything else out there, or you want something that the other box sets have missed, this is the one.   Hopefully this set (approximately 4 hours combined time) will be around for a long time so more people can get into these reat examples of primal r 'n' r from a number of (mostly) small record labels (Republic, Band Box, Beaver, Wee Rebel, Tower, MGM, Surfer, Smek Records, Polly, Hop, Todd Records, Tailspin Records, you get the idea) that recorded these (almost completely) unknown performers in the chance they might have a hit record.  This set reminds me once again why I'm glad I grew up in the late 50's - 1960's, what great music! Hopefully Volume Two will appear very soon. (Amazon)



Track lists


01 Butch Paulson Man From Mars 2:15

02 Ran-Dells The Martian Hop 2:12

03 Invasion The Invasion is Coming 1:44

04 Trailer Plan 9 From Outer Space 0:58

05 Joe Bennett & the Sparkletones Rocket 2:00

06 Johnny Bond X-15 2:57

07 Starfires Space Needle 2:01

08 Rebelaires W; Sammy Smith Satellite Rock 2:39

09 Wesley Reynolds Trip to the Moon 2:04

10 Trailer Invaders From Mars 1:59

11 Jack Fautheree First Man on Mars 2:14

12 Jackie Lowell W; Duane Diamond & the Astronauts Rocket Trip 2:29

13 Bill Thomas The Sputnik Story 2:34

14 Sonny Sheather Orbit With Me 2:27

15 Neslon Young Rock Old Sputnik 1:27

16 Joe Norris Rock Out of This World 2:11

17 Blackie Jenkins Spaceship Life 1:46

18 Royce Simpson Space Dance 2:17

19 Trailer It Came From Outer Space 1:13

20 Sonny Day & the Tony Ray Trio Creature From Outer Space 2:29

21 Lonnie Miley Satellite Fever Asiatic Flu 2:12

22 Joe Montgomery Planetary Run 2:10

23 Trailer Robot Monster 0:50

24 Dick Robinson & His Makebelievers The Boppin' Martian Gibo Miban Gibo-Go Man Go 1:54

25 Trailer Blood Beast From Outer Space 1:30

26 Boss-Tones Mope Itty Mope 2:02

27 Rollettes Orchestra Venus Rock (Vocals By Ray & Bob) 1:59

28 Deacon & the Rock Rollers Rockin' on the Moon 1:43

29 Trailer Astro Zombies 2:11

30 Thunderbirds Flying Saucer 2:06

31 Unknown Preacher Flying Saucer Sermon 0:35


01 Jimmy Hombs W; The Invictas & the Hollywood Rebels Voodoo Dolly 2:03

02 Glenda & Glen Voodoo Doll 1:49

03 Bill James & the Hex-O-Tones Voodoo Queen and the Medicine Man 2:32

04 Smiley Smith Voodoo Woman 2:05

05 Art Van Damme Quintet Voodoo Doll 2:19

06 Dixie Dee W; Ted Russell Voodoo Mama 2:23

07 Trailer Voodoo Island 1:34

08 Jericho Jones Black Magic 2:08

09 Red Callendar Sextette Voodoo 2:28

10 Curtis Knight Voodoo Woman 2:16

11 Jan David Watusi Zombie 1:58

12 Islanders Voodoo Drums 3:05

13 Johnny Perry The Voodoo Man 2:37

14 Trailer Voodoo Woman 1:34

15 Mercy Baby Loves Voodoo 2:48

16 Akim Voodoo Drums 2:13

17 Trailer Voodoo Village 1:27

18 Don Sargent & the Buddies Voodoo Kiss 2:00

19 Mighty Joe Young Voo Doo Dust 1:59

20 Trailer White Zombie 2:00

21 Billy Taylor & the Teardrops Wombie Zombie 2:16

22 Charles Sheffield Its Your Voodoo Working 1:48

23 Joe Gaines W; The Hi Liters Voo Doo Lou 2:12

24 Volcanos Oh Oh Oh Mojo 1:38

25 Cyril Diaz Orchestra Voodoo 3:58


01 Ricky & the Stompers The Wild One 1958 2:09

02 Pete & Jimmy So Wild 2:29

03 Ronnie Allen Juvenile Deliquent 1:58

04 Kip Tyler Rumble Rock 2:16

05 Gene Maltais Gangwar 1:59

06 Alan Barnicoat Savage 2:09

07 Rocky Holman W; Mort Wise & the Wisemen Wild Boy 2:07

08 Johnny Stark Rockin' Billy 1:58

09 Trailer Girls Town 0:42

10 Steve Wright Wild Wild Woman 1:58

11 Johnny Gamble Wicked Woman 2:04

12 1950's Instructional Record Sex Education 1:08

13 John & Jackie Little Girl 2:11

14 Creep Betty Lou's Got a New Tattoo 1:58

15 Terry Ann Motorcycle Jack 1:55

16 Marcel St. Jean The Big Black Jacket 2:29

17 Ron & Joe & the Crew Riot in Cell Block No. 9 2:40

18 Joyce Green Black Cadillac 2:28

19 Dwight Pullen Sunglasses After Dark 2:09

20 Alvie Self Let's Go Wild 1:58

21 Trailer Damaged Goods 1:38

22 Joy Russel Woman 2:17

23 Johnny Faire Till the Law Says Stop 2:12

24 Johnny Knight Rock & Roll Guitar 2:09

25 Three Aces & a Joker Booze Party 2:20

26 Jerry Irby Forty Nine Women 2:17

27 Tommy Bell Swamp Girl 2:07

28 Trailer Reform School Girl 0:41

29 Don French Little Blonde Girl 2:17

30 Wayne Williams Red Hot Mama 2:10

31 Myron Lee & the Caddies Homicide 2:10

32 Trailer Jail Bait 0:29

33 Johnny Carlton She's a Moonlighter 2:15


01 Rangers Mogul Monster 2:08

02 Rocky & His Friends Riot City 2:02

03 Ronnie Isle Wicked 2:09

04 Enchanters 4 Like Tuff 2:09

05 Alfredo Mendieta Chicken Run 1:56

06 Marlins Let Down 2:19

07 Abootay's Pig Bone 2:09

08 Pat & the Wildcats Green Tomatoes 2:22

09 Vettes Devil's Driver Theme 2:09

10 Mustangs Jack the Ripper 2:02

11 Treasures Minor Chaos 2:13

12 Bud Spudd & the Sprouts Slow Jam 3:29

13 Ralph Nielsen & the Chancellors Scream 1:56

14 Ronny Kae Drums Fell Off a Cliff 2:29

15 Billy Mure Supersonic 2:47

16 Corvairs Something Wild 2:11

17 Holidays Concussion 2:01

18 Angie & the Citations Headache 2:41

19 Jack the Ripper Heart Attack 1:57

20 Royal Playboys Goodbye Bo 2:23

21 Ray Clark & the Demons Little Betty Twist 2:12

22 Runabouts Wild Fire 2:08

23 Don Love Panic in the Powerplant 1:53

24 Corvettes W; Bill Dunzan Shaften 2:00

25 Gestics Invasion 2:44




  1. Hello Aussie/Butterboy, I enjoy to look on your great side every day! Can you perhaps help with a offer and link?I am searching for the CD The Shangri Las Remembered (3 CD album).Thanks for looking! Greetings Thomas

    1. Hi Tom.
      Here is a link


  2. The None-Hit Wonders! Music (Rock and otherwise) is a sky full of dark stars just waiting to be charted (pun intended).

    Another winner, BB! Thank you.

  3. wow, what an awesome set of unknowns. Exactly what I was hoping it would be. Thanks a lot, BB!

    1. You are welcome hotrodmike.
      The unknown is always fun.

  4. Hi BB, a question - is it a fairly new rip that's in mp3 or flac? I'm asking because the current files out there that I've seen are mp4 (AAC). I don't use any apple products so converting them down to mp3 loses a lot of quality.

    1. Hi George
      I also don't use Apple products. I've had this file for a long time now. Years ago I received several hundred digitized albums from a friend who moved overseas. I believe he used an old style of encoding but was the standard of the time. He would always say this sounds better. I occasionally post these. Re: quality of sound I don't really understand. When I listen to it, it sounds fine to me.


    2. Thanks BB. Some files out there are mp4 or mpeg4 (it's an ACC format). It's what itunes is coded in. It is still lossy (just like mp3) but 'supposedly' better (that's debatable). In the past, if I dl'd a file in mpg4, I'd convert it. However, converting a lossy file to another file diminishes the overall quality of the file. I frown upon it now and no longer convert them.

      192 kbps is the lowest I go. To my ears, you can barely hear (if at all) any differences between 192-320.

      Thank you again BB.

    3. Ooops, meant to add - I still prefer mp3s at 320 or 256 but I'm fine with 192.

  5. Thanks!
    These 4 volumes look quite interesting!

    1. Hi Il Commendatore,
      Enjoy the new sounds.