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VA - Fania Goes Psychedelic [2019]



VA - Fania Goes Psychedelic [2019]

Much has been documented about the pioneering music that came out of the United States in the 1960's, amidst the social and political strife of the era. Certainly, the times were changing, but the music scene wasn't just about the Summer of Love, or festivals like Woodstock or Monterey Pop. There was another movement happening in New York, in the heart of "El Barrio." As younger generations of Latinos and Latinas were growing up, they, too, were rebelling against the establishment-whether that meant questioning their place in American society, experimenting with drugs, or breaking away from the traditions of their parents. As cultural barriers in the city loosened, and pop culture reigned, young Latin American musicians were exposed to more influences than ever before. They began combining soul, R&B,Afro-Cuban dance rhythms, and English lyrics to make a sound all their own-a craze which became known as boogaloo. Simultaneously, the rising drug culture among '60s youth was becoming a heavy influence across all genres, and Latin music was no exception. References to LSD, marijuana and other trappings of psychedelia-whether blatant or subtle-can be heard in many of the Latin soul songs of the era.  (

Craft Recordings’ Craft Latino imprint has released Fania Goes Psychedelic, a 15-song compilation featuring Latin soul and experimental gems from the legendary Fania catalogue, now available on major streaming and digital platforms. Just as the Summer of Love and psychedelic rock was sweeping suburban America, another movement was happening in New York as Latino youth were rebelling against cultural norms and experimenting with soul, R&B, Afro-Cuban dance rhythms, and English lyrics to make a sound all their own a craze which became known as boogaloo. 

Fania Goes Psychedelic is a crate-digger and 60's music fan’s dream. Spanning all of the greatest Latin soul cuts of the era, the compilation also explores the influence of drug culture and psychedelia on Latino culture in America, from conguero and bandleader Ray Barretto’s instrumental ‘Acid’ to The Lebrón Brothers Orchestra’s catchy ode to cannabis, ‘Let’s Get Stoned’, off their 1968 LP, The Brooklyn Bums. (Amazon)



Track lists


1. Ray Barretto ‘Acid’

2. The Lebron Brothers Orchestra ‘Let’s Get Stoned’

3. Johnny Colon and His Orchestra ‘Boogaloo Blues’

4. The Latin Blues Band Featuring Luis Aviles ‘Take a Trip’

5. George Guzman ‘Banana Freak Out’

6. The Harvey Averne Band ‘Got To Have Brotherhood’

7. Pete Rodriguez ‘Oh That’s Nice’

8. Orquesta Harlow ‘Freak Off’

9. Joey Pastrana and his Orchestra ‘Problems (Problemas)’

10. Eddie Palmieri ‘Revolt/La Libertad Logico’

11. Ray Barretto ‘Power’

12. Bobby Valentin ‘Use it Before You Lose It’

13. The Lebron Brothers Orchestra ‘Summertime Blues’

14. Jimmy Sabater ‘Kool It (Here Comes the Fuzz)’

15. Flash and the Dynamics ‘Electric Latin Soul’




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    1. Hi pmac,
      Its a really interesting albums, Enjoy this friend.


    2. Was fortunate to have visited NY often during the hey day of the Fania All Stars. Got to see their various configurations often. Always a very long night, followed by a morning of regret, but the cycle was frequently repeated.

    3. Never saw the Fania All-Stars, but I did see Ray Barreto's orchestra, Willie Colon's orchestra, Celia Cruz, Eddie Palmieri's orchestra, and many others during my youth in Puerto Rico during the 60s-70s! Fantastic times.

  2. The Boogaloo Era is so undervalued when it comes to Salsa and Puerto Rican-Cuban music. Nice addition!

    1. I do enjoy the music of Boogaloo era. I will post some more in the future.