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Phyllis Hyman - Old Friend, The Deluxe Collection 1976-1998 (9 x CD's)



Phyllis Hyman - Old Friend, The Deluxe Collection 1976-1998 (9 x CD's)

Phyllis Hyman never achieved the superstar status her talent deserved. The statuesque vocalists was comfortable performing across many genres which proved to be a challenge in the US where Radio and the music industry like to pigeon hole artists. Her biggest UK hit was the club anthem You Know How To Love Me, a timeless classic that was a top 50 hit. This collection captures the essence of Phyllis featuring the majority of her "hits" and fan favourites. The remastering is excellent, particularly on Loving You Losing You which never sounded this good on any previous release. Phyllis was diagnosed bipolar and had a difficult personal life. She took her own life in 1995 (R.I.P.). This extensive collection is a fitting tribute to one of Soul music's greatest singers.

The late singer, actress, and songwriter Phyllis Hyman was a powerful and inspiring performer whose artistry left an indelible impression on fans. Now, some 26 years since her passing, a majority of her studio recordings, plus several bonus tracks, have been compiled for this 9 x CD set “Old Friend: The Deluxe Collection 1976-1998,” via Soul Music Records/Cherry Red Records.  “Old Friend: The Deluxe Collection 1976-1998,” is the most extensive collection yet of Phyllis Hyman‘s body of work to date that includes nine studio albums and several bonus tracks showcasing her range from R&B, jazz, pop, and more.  The customized boxed set includes personal tributes by Glenda Gracia, longtime manager, and executrix of the singer’s estate; music journalist and former Billboardeditor Janine Coveney, and music archivist and curator Michael Lewis; also featured are never-before-seen studio and candid photographs.  It’s a little known fact that throughout her career Phyllis went out of her way to partner and enlist people of color in every aspect of her business. She believed to “fight the power,” one must keep the dollars within their community, and was very vocal in her business dealings and standards. Her former business associates confirm that the singer never went back on her word. In full command of every aspect of her career, Phyllis embodied the incipient spirit that we now know as “Black Girl Magic” over 20 years ago; truly ahead of her time.

This is a great tribute to one of the greatest female soul singers to emerge in the 70's, the magnificent Phyllis Hyman, a vocalist who first began in jazz, then moved to soul music to help chart a whole new sound for the future, a new sort of sophistication that was key to a shift in the way that female soul singers came across, with plenty of pride, maturity, and subtle power that really comes through in these recordings. Right from the start, Hyman was very much her own artist, as you'll hear in this set, which begins with some of her earliest, jazziest work, and includes a few contributions with Norman Connors, then moves through a rich legacy of 9 full length albums. (Amazon)






Track lists


01 Phyllis Hyman Loving You, Losing You 7:27

02 Phyllis Hyman No One Can Love You More 4:23

03 Phyllis Hyman One Thing On My Mind 5:30

04 Phyllis Hyman I Don't Want To Lose You 5:31

05 Phyllis Hyman Deliver The Love 3:59

06 Phyllis Hyman Was Yesterday Such A Long Time Ago 4:36

07 Phyllis Hyman The Night Bird Gets The Love 5:21

08 Phyllis Hyman Beautiful Man Of Mine 6:58

09 Phyllis Hyman Children Of The World 3:01

10 Phyllis Hyman Baby (I'm Gonna Love You) 3:51

11 Phyllis Hyman Do Me 3:02

12 Phyllis Hyman You're The One 5:24

13 Norman Connors Feat. Phyllis Hyman & Michael Henderson We Both Need Each Other 4:01

14 Norman Connors Feat. Phyllis Hyman Betcha By Golly Wow 6:19

15 Norman Connors Feat. Phyllis Hyman Just Imagine 3:58


01 Phyllis Hyman Kiss You All Over 5:07

02 Phyllis Hyman Somewhere in My Lifetime 3:29

03 Phyllis Hyman Lookin’ for a Lovin’ 2:56

04 Phyllis Hyman The Answer Is You 5:09

05 Phyllis Hyman So Strange 4:41

06 Phyllis Hyman Gonna Make Changes 3:58

07 Phyllis Hyman Living Inside Your Love 6:13

08 Phyllis Hyman Be Careful (How You Treat My Love) 4:13

09 Phyllis Hyman Soon Come Again 3:34

10 Phyllis Hyman Here’s That Rainy Day 3:04

11 Phyllis Hyman So Strange (12″ version) 9:01

12 Phyllis Hyman Kiss You All Over (12″ version) 6:16

13 Phyllis Hyman Sweet Music 3:48

14 Phyllis Hyman Love Is Free 3:45

15 Phyllis Hyman Sing a Song 3:37

16 Phyllis Hyman feat. Pharoah Sanders As You Are 5:09


01 Phyllis Hyman You Know How To Love Me 7:35

02 Phyllis Hyman Some Way 5:11

03 Phyllis Hyman Under Your Spell 4:37

04 Phyllis Hyman This Feeling Must Be Love 3:45

05 Phyllis Hyman But I Love You 3:05

06 Phyllis Hyman Heavenly 4:31

07 Phyllis Hyman Hold On 4:14

08 Phyllis Hyman Give A Little More 4:05

09 Phyllis Hyman Complete Me 5:26

10 Phyllis Hyman You Know How To Love Me (Single Edit) 3:47

11 Phyllis Hyman Under Your Spell (Single Edit) 3:37

12 Phyllis Hyman Magic Mona 3:24

13 Phyllis Hyman Feat. McCoy Tyner I’ll Be Around 6:12

14 Phyllis Hyman Feat. McCoy Tyner Love Surrounds Us Everywhere 5:14

15 Phyllis Hyman Feat. McCoy Tyner In Search Of My Heart 7:06

16 Phyllis Hyman In A Sentimental Mood 3:25


01 Phyllis Hyman You Sure Look Good To Me 4:19

02 Phyllis Hyman Don’t Tell Me, Tell Her 4:19

03 Phyllis Hyman I Ain’t Asking 4:02

04 Phyllis Hyman Feat. Michael Henderson Can’t We Fall In Love Again 5:16

05 Phyllis Hyman The Love Too Good To Last 4:05

06 Phyllis Hyman Tonight You And Me 3:46

07 Phyllis Hyman The Sunshine In My Life 4:26

08 Phyllis Hyman Just Another Face In The Crowd 5:51

09 Phyllis Hyman Feat. Michael Henderson Can’t We Fall In Love Again (Single Version) 4:39

10 Phyllis Hyman You Sure Look Good To Me (Single Version) 3:28

11 Phyllis Hyman Tonight You And Me (Disco Version) 5:25

12 Phyllis Hyman Sleep On It 3:21

13 Phyllis Hyman If You Ever Change Your Mind 2:58

14 Phyllis Hyman In Between The Heartaches 3:44


01 Phyllis Hyman Riding The Tiger 6:22

02 Phyllis Hyman Goddess Of Love 5:50

03 Phyllis Hyman Why Did You Turn Me On 4:11

04 Phyllis Hyman Your Move, My Heart 4:43

05 Phyllis Hyman Let Somebody Love You 4:44

06 Phyllis Hyman Falling Star 3:46

07 Phyllis Hyman We Should Be Lovers 3:53

08 Phyllis Hyman Just Me And You 4:36

09 Phyllis Hyman Just Twenty Five Miles To Anywhere 2:46

10 Phyllis Hyman I’m Not Asking You To Stay 4:20

11 Phyllis Hyman Riding The Tiger (Dance Version) 8:46

12 Phyllis Hyman Riding The Tiger (Single Edit) 4:08


01 Phyllis Hyman Living All Alone 5:08

02 Phyllis Hyman First Time Together 4:03

03 Phyllis Hyman If You Want Me 4:20

04 Phyllis Hyman Slow Dancin’ 4:35

05 Phyllis Hyman Old Friend 4:52

06 Phyllis Hyman You Just Don't Know 4:15

07 Phyllis Hyman Ain’t You Had Enough Love 4:13

08 Phyllis Hyman Screamin’ At The Moon 4:09

09 Phyllis Hyman What You Won’t Do For Love 4:05

10 Phyllis Hyman Feat. Barry Manilow Black And Blue 4:02

11 Phyllis Hyman Feat. Grover Washington, Jr. Sacred Kind Of Love 5:37


01 Phyllis Hyman When You Get Right Down To It 4:22

02 Phyllis Hyman I Found Love 4:26

03 Phyllis Hyman Don’t Wanna Change The World 5:23

04 Phyllis Hyman Prime Of My Life 5:12

05 Phyllis Hyman When I Give My Love (This Time) 7:02

06 Phyllis Hyman I Can’t Take It Anymore 4:22

07 Phyllis Hyman Walk Away 4:24

08 Phyllis Hyman Living In Confusion 7:07

09 Phyllis Hyman Meet Me On The Moon 6:450


01 Phyllis Hyman I Refuse To Be Lonely 4:00

02 Phyllis Hyman Waiting For The Last Tear To Fall 4:11

03 Phyllis Hyman This Too Shall Pass 5:28

04 Phyllis Hyman I’m Truly Yours 5:41

05 Phyllis Hyman I’m Calling You 6:01

06 Phyllis Hyman Back To Paradise 4:50

07 Phyllis Hyman It’s Not About You (It’s About Me) 5:16

08 Phyllis Hyman It Takes Two 4:13

09 Phyllis Hyman Why Not Me 4:41

10 Phyllis Hyman Give Me One Good Reason To Stay 5:13


01 Phyllis Hyman Forever With You 4:19

02 Phyllis Hyman Funny How Love Goes (Introducing Damon) 4:47

03 Phyllis Hyman Come Right Or Not At All 4:37

04 Phyllis Hyman The Strength Of A Woman 4:24

05 Phyllis Hyman Hurry Up This Way Again 4:22

06 Phyllis Hyman How Long 4:17

07 Phyllis Hyman Someone To Love 4:01

08 Phyllis Hyman Tell Me What You're Gonna Do 4:36

09 Phyllis Hyman The Kids 4:39

10 Phyllis Hyman Set A Little Trap 4:18

11 Phyllis Hyman No One But You 4:33

12 Phyllis Hyman Souvenirs 4:25




  1. Hi BB. I never knew Phyllis Hyman was bipolar and died by committing suicide. According to Wiki (https://www.wikiwand.com/en/Phyllis_Hyman), she left this note just hours before being due to perform at the Apollo Theater: "I'm tired. I'm tired. Those of you that I love know who you are. May God bless you." Heartbreaking, but what a voice. Respect, dear Phyllis.

    1. Hi Arty,
      It is a tragic and sad story. RIP Phyllis Hyman.
      I hope you will enjoy her music.

  2. Hey BB, may we have this re-upped please
    Thank you x

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