Friday, October 29, 2021

VA - Diggin' Great Cult Album Tracks (A Butterboy Compilation) (4 x CD's)



VA - Diggin' Great Cult Album Tracks (A Butterboy Compilation) (4 x CD's)

What is the best cult albums of all time. I don't know for sure! I would say a cult album has a high level of individuality attached to it. Depending on your age you will find your own favorite cult album (and probably did not make it into of the charts). What seems to me, a common thread with cult albums, is they exist because they are individually quirky, experimental and has a generally focused audience.  These albums may have influenced countless other artists, but weren't necessarily given the attention they deserved when they came out. They did however get listened to and any small group of followers that purchased them continued to talk about them albeit in their own circle of friends. Eventually years later someone says "Did you remember that sound, man, why were they not bigger"  and the Chinese whispers start... eventually new people are onboard the cult train and a new cult album is born.

So here are 80 tracks from what I would agree are from Cult albums, the ones that you, at first, probably hated but grew to love. That album that you and your small circle of friends loved and kept to themselves. If your were in that gang of popularity, you probably still have those friends today, held together by that thread of enjoying the same music. Enjoy!



Track list


01 Go-Betweens Streets of Your Town 3:39

02 Black Rebel Motorcycle Club Fault Line 2:57

03 Field Mice So Said Kay 5:05

04 Prisoners A Dream is Gone 4:04

05 Felt (Uk) Rain of Crystal Spires 3:55

06 Jens Lekman And I Remember Every Kiss 2:59

07 Zombies Beechwood Park 2:41

08 Queen Doing All Right 4:09

09 Floraline Fade 3:37

10 Fleetwood Mac Gypsy 4:29

11 Sandy Denny and the Strawbs Who Knows Where the Time Goes 4:03

12 Love Orange Skies 2:52

10 John Phillips Holland Tunnel 3:46

14 Fanny I Need You Need Me 4:55

15 Red Devils I Wish You Would 3:27

16 Jay Farrar, Benjamin Gibbard One Fast Move Or I'm Gone 4:15

17 Wild Billy Childish & the Buff Medways Sally Sensation 3:16

18 Superstar Palm Tree 3:55

19 Television Prove It 5:05

20 Pretty Things S.F. Sorrow is Born 3:08


21 Cardigans A Good Horse 3:17

22 Pop Levi Blue Honey 4:03

23 Television Personalities David Hockney's Diary 2:49

24 Jad Fair Do Ya 2:30

25 Why Fatalist Palmistry 3:53

26 Jeffrey Lee Pierce From Temptation to You 4:57

27 Cardinal If You Believe in Christmas Trees 3:59

28 Jenny Wilson Love and Youth 4:34

29 Studio Origin 5:33

30 Smashing Pumpkins Rhinoceros 6:30

31 Magazine Shot By Both Sides 3:59

32 Wipers Taking Too Long 3:07

33 (We Are) Performance Lost Youth 5:04

34 Electric Prunes The Great Banana Hoax 4:09

35 Howlin' Wolf Tail Dragger 2:54

36 Euphoria Did You Get the Letter 5:34

37 Field Mice Clearer 3:55

38 Associates Party Fears Two 4:07

39 Walkmen On the Water 3:09

40 Kossoy Sisters Bowling Green 2:10


41 Cocteau Twins Heaven Or Las Vegas 4:57

42 Orphan Boy Beats Like Distant Tides 4:03

43 Xtc This is Pop (Single Version) 2:42

44 Arthur Russell The Platform on the Ocean 8:06

45 Michael Hurley, the Unholy Modal Rounders, Jeffrey Frederick & the Clamtones Sweet Lucy 4:06

46 Velvet Underground Sister Ray 17:31

47 Eater Public Toys 2:00

48 Shonen Knife Burning Farm 4:28

49 Leadbelly Ain't it a Shame to Go Fishin' on a Sunday 1:21

50 Red Krayola Free Form Freak-Out Vi 4:11

51 Shaggs Philosophy of the World 3:00

52 Edgar ‘jones’ Jones Soothing Music for Stray Cats 2:38

53 John Cale Fear is a Man's Best Friend 3:53

54 Prids Sydney 4:23

55 Boards of Canada Sixtyniner 5:17

56 Television Personalities Three Wishes 5:25

57 Position Normal Sunny Days 2:58

58 Thomas Dolby The Flat Earth 6:38

59 Cluster Hollywood 4:46

60 Morrissey Piccadilly Palare 3:48


61 Nick Drake Place to Be 2:41

62 Atlas Strategic Smooth Nights 4:38

63 Lizzy Mercier Descloux Sun is Shining 2:22

64 Dancing Did Within the Green Green Avon 3:10

65 Sonics Have Love, Will Travel 2:40

66 Jonathan Richman & the Modern Lovers I Love Hot Nights 2:57

67 Jellyfish New Mistake 4:02

68 Neutral Milk Hotel Two-Headed Boy 4:23

69 Satisfact Disconnect 4:13

70 Young Marble Giants Final Day 1:43

71 Clor Gifted 3:07

72 60ft Dolls Hair 3:14

73 Weezer No Other One 3:01

74 Simple Minds Premonition 5:29

75 Serge Gainsbourg You're Under Arrest 4:13

76 Abc That Was Then But This is Now 3:34

77 McCarthy The International Narcotics Traffic 2:25

78 Bodines Therese 3:10

79 Organisation (Kraftwerk) Noitasinagro 7:40

80 Curtis Mayfield People Get Ready 3:47




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    1. Thank you Pol.
      I thought you may like this. It very eclectic but strangely similar.


  2. Great collection (as always). Thanks.

  3. Saw this , thought fantastic.. then looked and saw that there wasn’t a single Cult track on there 😂😂, Jay

  4. I love that you were inspired by Blue Oyster Cult's Tyranny and Mutation's album cover. Great Cult album tracks, especially on side 1.

    1. Hi Andrew,
      Its a great cover. Hope you will enjoy these sometimes unknown tracks.