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VA - Never Ever Land, 83 Texan Nuggets From International Artists Records 1965-1970 [2008] (3 x CD's)



VA - Never Ever Land, 83 Texan Nuggets From International Artists Records 1965-1970 [2008] (3 x CD's)

It's not unusual for a small independent record company to be defined by its first major success, and that was certainly the case for the maverick Texas label International Artists. IA began life in 1965 as a fairly ordinary regional outfit releasing pop/rock stuff, but when they scored a nationwide hit with the 13th Floor Elevators' proto-psychedelic anthem "You're Gonna Miss Me," the label's de facto A&R chief, Lelan Rogers, dove headfirst into Texas acid culture and IA became a home for consciousness-expanded acts such as the Golden Dawn, the Bubble Puppy, Endle St. Cloud, and the truly crazed Red Crayola. Never Ever Land is a three-CD set designed to give a reasonably comprehensive picture of International Artists' strange and memorable five-year lifespan. Disc one is focused on Texas garage rock, and features some of the fuzzier and more straightforward material from the 13th Floor Elevators, the Red Crayola, and the Golden Dawn alongside lesser-known teen rock acts such as the Beach Boys-influenced Coastliners and the frantic Chayns. Disc two is devoted to IA's psychedelic acts, though since several already popped up on disc one the distinction may seem vague to some; at any rate, while most of this music isn't as eccentric as AI's reputation would suggest, this is still a solid set of acid-influenced rock, ranging from the tight hard rock of the Bubble Puppy and the earnest folk-rock of the Rubayyat to the country-flavored sounds of Ginger Valley and the brilliantly "huh?"-inducing sides from the Red Crayola. Finally, the third disc rounds up various odd and ends, from the sublime (two superb acoustic tracks from Roky Erickson with Clementine Hall) and the worthy (a couple selections from Lightnin' Hopkins' IA set Free Form Patterns) to the ridiculous (Sonny Hall's dunderheaded country novelty "The Battle of the Moon"). The set is accompanied by a thick booklet featuring a short history of the label, an entertaining interview with Lelan Rogers, and an AI discography. Never Ever Land reveals the dirty little secret that much of International Artists' output wasn't as bizarre as their most famous releases would lead you to expect, but the first two discs serve as an excellent overview of the heady era when teenage rock gave way to something more adventurous, and the third delivers some superb moments while filling in the gaps in the IA story; it's a loving tribute to a label whose existence was in many respects a brave leap into the musical unknown. (AllMusic Review by Mark Deming)





Track list


1 Emperors I Want My Woman 2:38

2 Coastliners Alright 2:04

3 13th Floor Elevators You're Gonna Miss Me 2:27

4 Sterling Damon Rejected 2:02

5 Coastliners Wonderful You 2:18

6 Thursday's Children Dominoes 2:01

7 Chaparrels I Tried So Hard 2:49

8 Chayns See it Thru 2:22

9 Patterns In My Own Time 2:15

10 Chayns Live With the Moon [2008 Stereo Mix] 3:04

11 Chayns Night Time (Is the Right Time) (2008 Stereo Mix) 2:56

12 Thursday's Children A Part of You 2:05

13 13th Floor Elevators Fire Engine 3:21

14 Thursday's Children Air Conditioned Man 2:14

15 Lost and Found 25 Mph 1:52

16 Chayns There's Something Wrong (In This Place) 2:30

17 Thursday's Children Help, Murder, Police 2:07

18 Golden Dawn Reaching Out to You 2:20

19 Thursday's Children You Can Forget About That 1:58

20 13th Floor Elevators Tried to Hide [Single Version] 2:21

21 Golden Dawn A Nice Surprise 2:54

22 Red Crayola Pink Stainless Tail 3:23

23 Inner Scene Communication Breakdown 2:52

24 Lost and Found Let Me Be 2:48

25 Spades We Sell Soul 3:17

26 Spades You're Gonna Miss Me 3:25

27 13th Floor Elevators I Don't Ever Want to Come Down 2:42


01 Bubble Puppy Hot Smoke and Sasafrass 2:34

02 Golden Dawn Starvation 2:53

03 13th Floor Elevators Scarlet and Gold 4:59

04 Lost and Found Everybody's Here 3:04

05 Red Crayola War Sucks 3:56

06 Rubayyat Never Ever Land 3:43

07 Shayds Search the Sun 2:43

08 Golden Dawn My Time 3:53

09 13th Floor Elevators Slip Inside This House (Single Edit) 4:08

10 Lost and Found When Will You Come Through 2:26

11 Endle St. Cloud Tell Me One More Time (What's Happening to Our World) 2:49

12 Bubble Puppy If I Had a Reason 2:20

13 Ginger Valley Ginger 2:36

14 Rubayyat If I Were a Carpenter 2:35

15 Bubble Puppy Days of Our Time 2:26

16 Lost and Found Professor Black 2:37

17 Endle St. Cloud Quest for Beauty 2:47

18 Bubble Puppy A Gathering of Promises 2:26

19 Lost and Found Forever Lasting Plastic Words 2:10

20 13th Floor Elevators She Lives in a Time of Her Own 2:56

21 Red Crayola Nickle Niceness (Demo) 3:09

22 Red Crayola Hurricane Fighter Plane 3:40

23 Endle St. Cloud Come Through 2:14

24 Ginger Valley Country Life 1:54

25 Endle St. Cloud This is Love 4:24

26 Red Crayola Vile Vile Grass (Demo) 2:21

27 13th Floor Elevators 60-Second Radio Spot for 'bull of the Woods' 1:01


01 Arnim & Hamilton Pepperman 2:26

02 Disciples of Shaftesbury Times Gone By 2:16

03 Beauregard Popcorn Popper 2:51

04 Big Walter Breakfast in Bed 2:24

05 Lightnin' Hopkins Black Ghost 3:32

06 Beauregard Mama Never Taught Me How to Jelly Roll 2:56

07 Dave Allen Terp 2:39

08 Bubble Puppy Hurry Sundown 4:00

09 Disciples of Shaftesbury My Cup is Full 2:26

10 Kathy Clark Little Girl Called Sad 2:14

11 Lightnin' Hopkins Baby Child 3:36

12 Shayds Bring Your Love 1:59

13 Arnim & Hamilton Walkin' Midnight Coffee Break 2:25

14 Roky & Clementine Hall Splash 1 3:04

15 Roky & Clementine Hall Right Track Now 3:00

16 Billy Wade McKnight Trouble's Coming On 2:31

17 Kathy Clarke My Summer Prayer 2:26

18 Billy Wade McKnight I Need Your Lovin' 3:05

19 Lightnin' Hopkins Mini Skirt 3:13

20 Dave Allen C. C. Rider 2:25

21 Bubble Puppy Lonely 2:59

22 Sonny Hall Poor Planet Earth 2:04

23 Tom Harvey So Ah in Ah Love 1:55

24 Johnny Williams Honey Child 2:41

25 Frankie & Johnny Sweet Thang 2:20

26 Sonny Hall The Battle of the Moon 1:43

27 Sterling Damon My Last Letter 2:50

28 Roky Erikson Interview at Ksan Radio (1st April 1978) 2:41

29 13th Floor Elevators May the Circle Remain Unbroken 2:40




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  7. Thanks a lot for this set. There were some new tunes to me an more than a few I had completely forgotten. Great fun to hear again.