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VA - Ambition, The Cherry Red Story Volume 1 & Volume 2 [1991]



VA - Ambition, The Cherry Red Story Volume 1 & Volume 2 [1991]

This double compilation includes the tracks that made Cherry Red Records one of the best known British Independent labels in the early to mid 1980's. The set includes three Independent No 1 singles as well as many other indie chart hits from that time. CD booklet includes an extensive 5,000 word history of the label together with complete discography of the label from 1978 to 2005. 

'Ambition' covers similar ground to 'Pillows and Prayers' but is extra ambitious (!), with slightly more unlikely contributions and mixture. The mixing of extremely left-field experimental pop-people such as Holger Hiller, Nightingales, Eyeless In Gaza and Grab, Grab the Haddock; noisy punk rockers Dead Kennedys and Runaways; and trad bloomers like Marc Bolan, Robert Wyatt and Morgan-Fisher reveals both a solid working knowledge of genius by people amazingly enthusiastic about the true spirit of rock n roll with all its perversions. Some of it is vital to the expansion of the general understanding as to what constitutes art or culture in resonant music - some of it is bubble-gum. It's not my job to tell you which.  It is my job to point at 'Ambition' and tell you how marvelous and diverse it is: it rocks, it soothes, it's intriguing and if nothing else - it'll raise a smile: The rest is you. (Amazon)






Track lists

Volume 1

01 Destroy All Monster Bored 3:58

02 Runaways Right Now 3:32

03 Dead Kennedys Holiday in Cambodia 4:31

04 Dead Kennedys Too Drunk Too Fuck 2:37

05 Matt Johnson What Stanley Saw 2:51

06 Marc Bolan You Ccare Me To Death 2:38

07 Andy Partridge The History of Rock 'n' Roll 0:20

08 Robert Wyatt Rangers in the Nightst 0:58

09 Hybrid kids D'ya Think I'm Sexy 1:52

10 Morgan-fisher Celebration 0:06

11 Medium Medium Hungry So Angry 3:56

12 Maurice Deebank Four Corners of the Earth 1:30

13 Jane It's A Fine Day 2:44

14 Eyeless in gaza Sumbursts In 3:50

15 Red box Chenko 3:29

16 Holger Hiller Johnny Du Lump 4:32

17 Laibach Die Liebe 5:07

18 H.M.S. Bounty Girl 2:27

19 In Embrace This Brilliant Evening 2:47

20 Felt Primitive Painters 6:01

21 Martyn Bates The Look Of Love 3:48

22 Seers Psych-Out 2:57

23 Blow-Up World 3:10

24 Mexico 70 What's Is In Your Mind 4:41

Volume 2

01 Monochrome set Jet Set Junta 2:03

02 Everything but the girl Night and Day 2:52

03 Eyeless in gaza From A to B 2:18

04 Felt Something Sends Me To Sleep 2:53

05 Tracey Thorn Plain Sailing 2:03

06 Fantastic Something If She Doesn't Smile 3:12

07 Thomas Leer Letter from America 4:03

08 Passage Xoyo 3:52

09 Ben Watt with Robert Wyatt Walter and John 4:05

10 Kevin Coyne Your Holiness 3:09

11 Marine Girls On my Mind 3:08

12 Monochrome set The Mating Game 3:21

13 Kevin Hewick Spain 3:03

14 Marc Bolan Talking Glamour 3:19

15 Morgan-Fisher Foreign Correspondent 3:08

16 Felt Penelope Tree 2:59

17 Passge Taboos 5:52

18 Tracey Thorn Simple Couldn't Care 2:46

19 Eyeless in gaza You Frighten 6:23

20 Nightingales Paraffin Brain 3:01

21 Ben Watt Departure 1:35

22 Quentin Crisp How To Die With Style 1:44

23 Everything But The Girl English rose 2:20




  1. ...and smile it is, another great comp, thank you BB...

  2. This comp is so awesome thought it was one you compiled.

    1. Hi heartofstone.
      I would have been proud to have made this compilation. Cherry Red have a knack at making great compilations.


  3. damn Quentin Crisp is on this collection....I think he put out an album years ago.......anybody out there have a copy to share?

    thanks BB

  4. Good evening, ButterBoy, and months down the road... with an obscure question. Do you have the liner notes for Volume Two, and -- if so (or not) -- do we have any clue who that is on the cover? She looks almost-hauntingly like a dear and intense friend of years ago, who later went far 'round the bend, picking up six high-velocity bullet wounds... and survived. This can't be she... but... an unknown cousin?

    A. Gene Childe

    1. Hello my friend,
      I haven't seen you here in a while. so welcome back.
      I am sorry but I can't help with your obscure question. Possibly one of the good folk who visit here can throw some light on the topic.


  5. Hello Butter Boy, Is there any chance you could re up the awesome collection? Thank you in advance.

    1. Hi djmantis.
      New links established, tested and working.