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VA - Roots of Trash & Garage [2011] (2 x CD's)



VA - Roots of Trash & Garage [2011] (2 x CD's)

Defining musical styles and sketching out their origins is a daunting task in the rocket-fueled, digitally injected, and ever rapidly and constantly changing world of 21st century pop. It can seem easy enough at first -- the punk and new wave explosion of the late '70s obviously drew a lot of inspiration from the garage band and trash-rocking era of the mid-'60s. But where did those garage and trash artists draw inspiration? That’s where things start to thin out. Since the rise of radio into virtually every home and car, musicians were exposed to countless recordings in countless different styles and approaches, and since pop culture always demands something new, combining one style with another became almost an act of survival for musicians with aspirations. This delightful two-disc, 50-track set attempts to outline the origins of the 1960s garage and trash acts, and it’s a superb playlist that crackles with a kind of loose and raw kinetic energy, with classic sides and songs by Ma Rainey (“See See Rider”), Howlin’ Wolf (“Smokestack Lightning”), Dale Hawkins (“Susie-Q”), Link Wray (“Rumble”), the Champs (“Tequila”), the Shirelles (“Boys”), and John D. Loudermilk (“Tobacco Road”). It’s a great playlist. It’s a great playlist for a very cool party in the garage. But are these tracks the roots of garage and trash? You could listen to the early singles of the Beatles and the Rolling Stones and probably get just as close to an epicenter. Some things are just in the air -- like electricity, and electricity and amped guitars are the real reason any of it happened. This is a wonderful set, whether it's the roots of anything else or not. (AllMusic Review by Steve Leggett)

There's not one track on this two disc set that isn't brilliant. That much is unarguable, whether it's the ancient blues stuff that kicks it off through to early sixties soul-pop like the Shirelles. An amazing double CD collection packed with the songs that inspired, and were covered by the Garage Punk bands from the 1960's onward. 



Track lists


01 Ma Rainey See See Rider 3:19

02 Blind Blake Diddie Wah Didde 2:58

03 Big Joe Williams Baby Please Don't Go 2:47

04 Sonny Boy Williamson Good Morning Little Schoolgirl 3:00

05 Nat King Cole Trio (Get Your Kicks On) Route 66 2:59

06 Dirty Red Mother Fuyer 2:27

07 T-Bone Walker (They Call It) Stormy Monday 3:01

08 Tiny Bradshaw The Train Kept a Rollin 2:45

09 Johnny "Guitar" Watson Space Guitar 2:39

10 Muddy Waters Hoochie Coochie Man 2:46

11 Howlin' Wolf Smokestack Lightning 3:05

12 Dale Hawkins Suzie Q 2:18

13 Eddie Riff Ain't That Loving You Baby 2:17

14 Screamin' Jay Hawkins I Put a Spell on You 2:27

15 Hollywood Flames Buzz Buzz Buzz 2:17

16 Bobbettes Mr Lee 2:13

17 Richard Berry & the Pharaohs Louie Louie 2:13

18 Dave Bartholomew The Monkey Speaks His Mind 2:29

19 Aquatones She's the One for Me 2:23

20 Esquerita Esquerita and the Voola 2:13

21 The Coasters I'm a Hog for You Baby 1:58

22 Little Richard Heebee Jeebies 2:12

23 Gene Vincent Say Mama 2:11

24 Johnny O'keefe & the Dee Jays Wild One 2:17

25 Chuck Willis What Am I Living For 2:26


01 Huey "Piano" Smith High Blood Pressure 2:46

02 Dale Hawkins La Do Dada 2:35

03 Link Wray Rumble 2:26

04 Champs Tequila 2:15

05 Vince Taylor and His Playboys Brand New Cadillac 2:37

06 Don & Dewey Farmer John 2:29

07 Johnny Kidd & the Pirates Please Don't Touch 1:51

08 Chan Romero Hippy Hippy Shake 1:41

09 Olympics Hully Gully 3:39

10 Bo Diddley Oh Yea 3:07

11 Larry Williams She Said Yeah 1:51

12 Clovers Love Potion No 9 1:54

13 Wailers Tall Cool One 2:32

14 Isley Brothers Shout (Parts 1 & 2) 4:24

15 Crickets I Fought the Law 2:11

16 Dave "Baby" Cortez Happy Organ 2:05

17 Bosstones Mope-Itty Mope 2:03

18 Shirelles Boys 2:06

19 Barrett Strong Money (That's What I Want) 2:37

20 Richard Berry Have Love Will Travel 2:56

21 John D. Loudermilk Tobacco Road 2:44

22 Eddie Cochran Weekend 1:49

23 Bobby Darin With Shorty Rogers Orchestra Beachcomber 2:16

24 Jessie Hill Ooh Poo Pah Doo (Parts 1 & 2) 4:24

25 Gamblers Moon Dawg 2:16




  1. Voldria comentar alguna cosa sobre els meus recopilatoris. La majoria són sobre allò que A MI m'agrada escoltar i en l'ordre que A MI m'agrada escoltar-les. Per això faig la broma de dir que són C-60. (Si no sabeu què eren les C-60, pregunteu-li a algun vell). Si no us agrada el format o no us agrada el tema o no us agraden les cançons, si us plau NO DESCARREGAR-LES. ( Ho teniu fàcil, us deixo la llista i podeu fer-les al vostre gust). Prefereixo saber que hi ha tres o quatre persones a qui els han agradat a veure que hi ha 200 descàrregues i ni un sol comentari (ni tant sols per dir que están mal fetes).
    Si Butterboy m'ho permet, continuaré fent-les. Si us plau, no vull que em contesteu. Si veig que ningú no les descarrega veurè clar que no us agraden.
    Gràcies a tots i si us plau NO EM CONTESTEU
    Salutacions a tots

    1. Wow, I think I understood every word! Is this Catalan? I speak Italian and a bit of Spanish and it all makes sense (I even got the joke about the cassette tapes)! And for what it's worth, I completely agree with you, Doc.

    2. Yes, it is catalan (They are similar roots, they are latin languages). Thank You

    3. Goodmorning Doc, Goodmorning BB, Goodmorning to everyone who enjoy this blog.
      I know exactly what C-60 is, cause i've made and share a lot of them, but I don't speak Catalan so i had to translate your comment. I agree with you and I believe that in the compilations we make and share, are songs WE like, hoping that there will be others who feel the same or will discover some of them. I download and listen to all of them, except mine,and always discover something new.
      Keep on sharing. I enjoy it.
      Greetings from Greece

  2. Sorry, good morning BB


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    1. Hi harry the dog,
      Wild but not too wild... My back wont take it these days..


  5. Well, this looks like a "must", thanks!

  6. Hi Gummo,
    So many tracks to enjoy. Have fun.