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VA - Golden Miles Australian Progressive Rock 1969-74 [1994] (2 x CD's)



VA - Golden Miles Australian Progressive Rock 1969-74 [1994] (2 x CD's)

Reissue specialists Raven Records (Australia), co-founded by Oz Rock's human encyclopedia Glenn A. Baker, have done a sterling job over the years of resurrecting great music from the past. This two-CD set is a proverbial cornucopia of intriguing, and largely forgotten, prog rock from some fine antipodean exponents of the genre. Actually, many of these artists found success in the mainstream Down Under, but Golden Miles showcases them in their more adventurous moments.  The stylistic range across the album's 30 tracks is quite stunning, but certainly this is progressive rock, just don't expect everything to sound like King Crimson. Ear-catching tracks include the jazz-slanted "Make Your Stash" by legendary Aussie rockers Daddy Cool (best known for their rock & roll anthem "Eagle Rock"), the Zappa-ish "Make It Begin" by Sons of the Vegetal Mother (also fronted by Daddy Cool singer Ross Wilson), and the quaking "'Til My Death" by avant-garde metallurgists Buffalo (from their landmark 1973 album, Volcanic Rock). But the curio of curios is "Seasons of Change" by Fraternity, a tuneful, psychedelic folk-rock number sung by none other than a pre-AC/DC Bon Scott.   Excellent liner notes include a capsule bio (written by Ian McFarlane) on each band and an overview of the period (from Baker). Probably of most interest to collectors, aficionados, and those who personally remember this musical chapter of yore, many casual listeners will also find Golden Miles very entertaining fare.  [AllMusic Review by Adrian Zupp]

Anyone interested in unearthing treasures from the history of progressive rock should not miss this excellent anthology. The music scene in Australia during the seventies had an abundance of riches, even though it remains a chapter of rock's lost history. Splendidly represented here is some great music which otherwise might have been lost to oblivion. 



Track lists


01 Bakery No Dying In The Dark 3:16

02 Carson Travelling South 3:16

03 Lotus Lotus 1 3:48

04 Healing Force Golden Miles 3:24

05 Bulldog Inner Spring 2:49

06 Masters Apprentices Melodies Of St Kilda - Southern Cross 7:52

07 Galadriel Girl Of 17 4:43

08 Tamam Shud Lady Sunshine 3:54

09 Tully You Realise You Realise 3:01

10 Wild Cherries I Am The Sea 3:28

11 Jeff St John's Copperwine Fanciful Flights Of Mind 3:26

12 Melissa Getting Through 4:08

13 Pirana Here It Comes Again 2:51

14 King Harvest Wichita Lineman 4:18

15 Friends Freedom Train 4:00

16 Fraternity Seasons Of Change 3:59

17 Freshwater Satan's Woman 3:04

18 Fanny Adams Ain't No Loving Left 6:46


01 Daddy Cool Make Your Stash 6:04

02 Spectrum Superbody 9:14

03 Company Caine The Day Superman Got Busted 6:07

04 Kahvas Jute Free 5:12

05 Blackfeather Long Legged Lovely 7:34

06 Tymeplace Shake Off 8:14

07 Sons Of The Vegetal Mother Make It Begin 5:12

08 Coloured Balls Human Being 6:04

09 Buffalo 'Til My Death 5:38

10 Madder Lake 12lb Toothbrush 6:03

11 Mackenzie Theory Extra Terrestrial Boogie 5:47

12 Dragon Darkness 4:42




  1. Great compilation, one I'm lucky enough to have.
    My reason for commenting is in regard to an old post, Country Rock.
    I found it while searching for Poco material. I am enjoying your Laurel Canyon, Mando Rock and other west coast sounds you have posted.
    Is it to repost the Country Rock compilation as the links are dead.
    Sorry about the long winded comment and keep up the great work.
    Regards Bruce D

    1. Hi Bruce D,
      Thank you for your comments and kind words.
      New links you requested have been established, tested and working.


    2. Thanks heaps, you are a "gentleman and a scholar".

  2. Butterboy,any chance you could post some Headband "A song for Tooley" is a classic

    1. Hime n the reeds.

      Here is a link to Headband.
      Headband "A song for Tooley [1973]


    2. Thanks for that,I knew Mari Berg from Whyalla in the 1960's he was in Ides of March back then a brilliant underated Aussie guitar player.

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