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VA - Bumpers [1970] UK and Australian Versions (2 x CD's)


VA - Bumpers [1970] UK and Australian Versions (2 x CD's)

Bumpers is a double sampler album from Island Records, released in Europe and Australasia in 1970, there were minor variations in track listings within Europe but the Australian release was fundamentally different. The title refers to the training shoes which can be seen on the front of the album cover but there may also be a less obvious reference to the meaning "unusually large, abundant or excellent". The album is left to present itself, there are no sleeve notes, the gate-fold interior consists of a photograph showing publicity shots of the featured acts attached to the bole of a tree, without any identification. This image is flanked by the track listings, but even there, the information given is unreliable. Unlike its predecessors You Can All Join In and Nice Enough To Eat, there are no credits for cover art (the cover art was by Tony Wright, his first sleeve for Island), photography or design. The English version of the album came out in two pressings, one with the pink label and "i" logo, the other with the label displaying a palm motif on a white background and a pink rim, each version with some minor variations in the production of individual tracks.  (Wikipedia) 

When Bumpers was released in Australia in 1970 it was something of a revelation. Even though the tracks were different to the U.K. version many of artists were the same. 

For convenience I have migrated the lp sides into one CD for UK and one CD for Australia.



Track lists

U.K. Version

01 Traffic Every Mother's Son 7:07

02 Bronco Love 4:48

03 Spooky Tooth I Am the Walrus 6:26

04 Quintessence Jesus, Buddha, Moses, Gauranga 5:14

05 Mott the Hoople Thunderbuck Ram 4:52

06 Jethro Tull Nothing to Say 5:13

07 Jimmy Cliff Going Back West 5:45

08 Blodwyn Pig Send Your Son to Die 4:41

09 Dave Mason Little Woman 2:34

10 John and Beverley Martyn Go Out and Get It 3:07

11 King Crimson Cadence and Cascade 3:47

12 If I'm Reaching Out on All Sides 5:45

13 Free Oh I Wept 4:31

14 Nick Drake Hazey Jane 4:34

15 Fairport Convention Walk Awhile 4:01

16 Cat Stevens Maybe You're Right 3:35

17 Renaissance Island 5:56

18 Fotheringay The Sea 5:33

19 Clouds Take Me to Your Leader 2:59


01 Free All Right Now 5:33

02 Quintessence Notting Hill Gate 4:38

03 Traffic Empty Pages 4:36

04 Spencer Davis Group I'm a Man 2:56

05 John & Beverly Martyn Primrose Hill 2:57

06 Cat Stevens Mona Bone Jakon 1:38

07 Mott the Hoople You Really Got Me 2:43

08 Cat Stevens Lady D'arbanville 3:44

09 Jimmy Cliff Wonderful World Beautiful People 3:14

10 Fotheringay Peace in the End 4:02

11 Spooky Tooth I Am the Walrus 6:25

12 If The Promised Land 3:43

13 Tramline Somewhere Down the Line 3:34

14 Alan Bown Loosen Up 3:25

15 Fairport Convention Crazy Man Michael 4:41

16 Jimmy Cliff Wild World 3:53

17 Spooky Tooth Love Really Changed Me 3:33

18 Traffic Dear Mr. Fantasy 5:33

19 Quintessence Shiva's Chant 2:08

20 Amazing Blondel Anthem 2:53




  1. Bumpers, You Can All Join In, Nice Enough To Eat were some of the first compilation LPs that I ever bought. Great selection of artists AND really low price. It set me off on a quest in later years to collect other 'series' of compilation budget LPs (Warner Bros etc). I only recently learned about the radical differences between the UK and Aus versions of Bumpers and had to buy the Aus version to complete the set. Great addition thanks BB.

    1. Hi LeKermitage,
      It is amazing how different these two are. Many of the so called budget discs had different versions between countries but I don't think to this extent. Many also had shortened versions.


  2. Hi Butterboy, were they ever released on CD or have you gathered the tracks together from CD? Cheers Terson

    1. Hi Terson,
      You are correct, these are from vinyl. For convenience I have migrated the lp sides into one CD for UK and one CD for Australia.


  3. This album did indeed change my musical taste at the time of its release in the direction of folk rock and away from the glorification of the songs in the charts, thank you for these great memories!

    1. Hi WOODY,
      When you mentioned it the other day, I new it had to be posted.


  4. Didn't know about the Australian Rules version - thanks very much!

    1. Hi Farquhar Throckmorton III,
      It really kick goals for me...


  5. This is the kind of genius stuff I ONLY see from you. Thanks again for your super skills with the rock and the roll, bro.

  6. Thank you very much for this. I never thought it would ever happen. Such a Classic!

    1. Hi Rowan,
      Sometimes it just has to happen.
      Enjoy the music.


  7. I've had the Aussie version since new. A great selection

  8. When I started working in Tescos (in England) in 1972, I had some money (not much actually!) & the first albums I bought were 'Fill Your Head with Rock' (CBS), 'Bumpers' (Island) and 'Picnic' (Harvest). They influenced my vinyl purchases for so many years! Great memories! p.s. the 4th was 'Band of Gypsies' ...

    1. Hi John F,
      I am glad these have bought good memories to you.
      These samplers were a great way of educating oneself as well as getting a lot of different music that we couldn't really afford at the time. Wonderful stuff.

    2. True. Thinking about it, the year was 1970!?