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Bill Nelson - My Secret Studio, Vol. 1 (Music From The Great Magnetic Back Of Beyond) [1995] (4 x CD's)


Bill Nelson - My Secret Studio, Vol. 1 (Music From The Great Magnetic Back Of Beyond) [1995] (4 x CD's)

Deluxe 4 x CD's set in a clamshell box. Originally issued as a limited-edition release in 1995, My Secret Studio features a collection of recordings made by Bill Nelson between 1988 and 1992, Buddah Head, Electricity Made Us Angels, Deep Dream Decoder and Jukebox for Jet Boy. In his notes for the original release, Bill explained the original recordings thus: "Between the years 1988 and 1992 my life underwent some severe changes... both emotional and financial. During that time, I used my home studios to create sketches of songs for possible development with a potential band. The band, for various and nefarious reasons, never materialized. What you will hear is the raw stuff of dreams, instant songwriting with a vengeance". My Secret Studio - Volume One has now become a highly regarded collection of songs in the prolific discography of Bill Nelson. Long out of print, this Cocteau Discs remastered limited edition presents these wonderful albums once again, restoring the original artwork in the collection in a clamshell boxed set. Limited Edition Box Set of 2000 Copies. (Amazon)

What a brilliant box set to own from this most underrated versatile musician. Bill Nelson’s music along with Robert Wyatt’s should be available on the national health Scheme.  An underappreciated genius.






Track lists


01 Bill Nelson My Philosophy 3:36

02 Bill Nelson Killing My Desires 5:08

03 Bill Nelson Buddha Head 3:23

04 Bill Nelson The Way 3:53

05 Bill Nelson Big River 4:09

06 Bill Nelson Karma Kisses 2:37

07 Bill Nelson We Will Rise 3:27

08 Bill Nelson Signs and Signals 4:49

09 Bill Nelson Lotus in the Stream 3:33

10 Bill Nelson Enlightenment 4:29

11 Bill Nelson Eternally 3:10

12 Bill Nelson Duality 4:12

13 Bill Nelson Perfect World 4:47

14 Bill Nelson The Heart Has Its Reasons 4:41

15 Bill Nelson Sun Will Rise 4:06

16 Bill Nelson The Big Illumination 3:58

17 Bill Nelson Life as We Know It 3:07


01 Bill Nelson Begin to Burn 3:34

02 Bill Nelson Heaven's Happy Hemisphere 3:51

03 Bill Nelson God in Her Eyes 2:41

04 Bill Nelson Float Away 3:56

05 Bill Nelson Big Blue Day 4:08

06 Bill Nelson Sweet is the Mystery 4:47

07 Bill Nelson If Wishes Were Horses 3:27

08 Bill Nelson Fair Winds and Flying Boats 3:29

09 Bill Nelson Ocean Over Blue 3:59

10 Bill Nelson River of Love 3:33

11 Bill Nelson This is Destiny 2:48

12 Bill Nelson Wonders Never Cease 2:51

13 Bill Nelson Nothing Yet 3:26

14 Bill Nelson God Thundered Boy 3:46

15 Bill Nelson She Sends Me 1:35


01 Bill Nelson Things to Come 3:57

02 Bill Nelson God Bless Me 3:11

03 Bill Nelson Rise (Above These Things) 4:41

04 Bill Nelson Snowing Outside 3:50

05 Bill Nelson It's All True 2:18

06 Bill Nelson A Head Full of Lights and a Hat Full of Haloes 3:56

07 Bill Nelson The Girls I've Loved 4:18

08 Bill Nelson Amazing Things 2:35

09 Bill Nelson Deep Dream Decoder 6:14

10 Bill Nelson Dissolve 4:12

11 Bill Nelson Year 44 (The Birthday Song) 3:36

12 Bill Nelson Wing & a Prayer 3:52

13 Bill Nelson Dreamnoise and Angel 2:57

14 Bill Nelson Tired Eyes 4:01

15 Bill Nelson Golden Girl 3:54

16 Bill Nelson The Spark 2:48


01 Bill Nelson She's So Extreme 3:29

02 Bill Nelson On a Train I Never Boarded 2:58

03 Bill Nelson Sail Away 2:56

04 Bill Nelson Only Dreaming 2:46

05 Bill Nelson Swing With the Rhythm Boys 3:10

06 Bill Nelson The King and Queen of Now Or Never 4:01

07 Bill Nelson Hold on to Your Heart 2:16

08 Bill Nelson Turn Me Over 3:03

09 Bill Nelson Runaway 4:14

10 Bill Nelson It's Always Maybe 2:51

11 Bill Nelson Dream Up, Billy 2:48

12 Bill Nelson All You Need to Know 3:58

13 Bill Nelson Warm and Wonderful 3:36

14 Bill Nelson A Thing About That 3:11

15 Bill Nelson No Fool for You 3:44

16 Bill Nelson Living for Today 4:09

17 Bill Nelson Birds in Blue Sky Again 4:04




  1. WOW....Surprise…Blown away!

    I listen to Bill Nelson regularly (a lot!).
    I am a big fan and he just keeps the music coming.
    Several new projects have been released.

    Even here it was a lovely surprise to see Bill turn up.
    (Even though I have these releases)
    For all things Bill I highly recommend a visit to a place where one can spend hours!

    Stay Safe (and dry)

  2. Thanks so much for posting these. i love Be Bop Deluxe and wanted to get into Bills solo stuff but theres so much I didn't know where to start

    1. Enjoy these Steve. More in the future.


  3. Hi Butterboy. Thank you for the Bill Nelson. I have not listened to any of his music for ages so its great to rediscover his unique talent.

    1. Hi Claygator.
      Glad to hear you are reacquainting yourself with Bill Nelson.


  4. Such a prolific, inventive and talented artist. I have been following him from the early Be-Bop Deluxe days and I am yet to be disappointed by any of his albums, I never tire of listening to him. The 8CD set "The Practice Of Everyday Life" is a great career retrospective if you get a chance to listen to it.

    1. Hi LeKermitage.
      I see you love his work with a passion. It is good to see.
      I have the set you mention too. Probably should post it at some stage.


  5. @Butterboy Can you re-up Bill Nelson - My Secret Studio, Vol. 1? Thanks in advance. Best regards.

    1. Hi joaoabel,
      New links established, tested and working.

  6. @Butterboy Thank you for "all" you put online. Best regards.