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Bill Nelson - Rosewood (Ornaments and Graces for Acoustic Guitar) Vol. 01 & Vol. 02 [2005]



Bill Nelson - Rosewood (Ornaments and Graces for Acoustic Guitar) Vol. 01 & Vol. 02 [2005]

William Nelson (born 18 December 1948 in Wakefield, West Riding of Yorkshire, England)  is an English singer, guitarist, songwriter, producer, painter, video artist, writer and experimental musician. He rose to prominence as the chief songwriter, vocalist and guitarist of the rock group Be-Bop Deluxe, which he formed in 1972. Nelson has been described as "one of the most underrated guitarists of the seventies art rock movement". In 2015, he was recognised with the Visionary award at the Progressive Music Awards. (Wikipedia)

This project concentrates on acoustic guitar instrumentals but is more than just the usual 'unplugged' confections served up as rustic fodder for suburban hillbillies these days. It is a direct linear development from the Dreamland To Starboard album and sets Bill's acoustic guitar in an ambient soundscape that suggests a jazz and contemporary classical context as well as a broader neo-roots music vibe.

Following in the footsteps of the first Rosewood CD, Volume 2 features another collection of acoustic guitar instrumentals with a difference. Processed with electricity and veiled in ambience, this set takes a more tuneful approach to a new musical conclusion. (Amazon)



Track lists


01 Bill Nelson Blues for Orpheus 4:01

02 Bill Nelson Escondido Oleander 2:41

03 Bill Nelson Lumia 3:23

04 Bill Nelson Filament 2:00

05 Bill Nelson Lacuna 3:03

06 Bill Nelson Cascade (Improvisation for Three Harp Guitars) 2:49

07 Bill Nelson She Swings Skirt 3:17

08 Bill Nelson Mexico City Dream (For Gil Evans) 5:44

09 Bill Nelson Ventura 4:39

10 Bill Nelson The Girl in the Park in the Rain 3:49

11 Bill Nelson Apollonian Tremolo 3:57

12 Bill Nelson Giant Hawaiian Showboat 4:54

13 Bill Nelson Cremona 5:14

14 Bill Nelson The Land of Lost Time 2:41

15 Bill Nelson Sleepless in the Ticking Dark 5:02


01 Bill Nelson Tinderbox 1:50

02 Bill Nelson Aliumesque 2:06

03 Bill Nelson Little Cantina 1:45

04 Bill Nelson Rolling Home (Yorkshire Raga No.1) 3:43

05 Bill Nelson Sunbeam 4:36

06 Bill Nelson Bramble 5:33

07 Bill Nelson William is Wearing the Cardigan of Light 1:37

08 Bill Nelson The Autumn Tram (Yorkshire Raga No.2) 2:37

09 Bill Nelson Hi Lo La 2:22

10 Bill Nelson Rising Sap 3:49

11 Bill Nelson Blue Cloud 5:42

12 Bill Nelson See-Through Nightie 2:08

13 Bill Nelson Ordinary Storm, Waiting for Rain 4:05

14 Bill Nelson The Light is Kinder in This Corner of Corona 3:56

15 Bill Nelson Your Whole Life Dreaming 6:14




  1. cool! never knew this existed before. Thanks ButterBoy!

    1. Hi MrDave.
      You should explore his catalog.
      He is a great underrated artist.


    2. I love Bill Nelson and never knew this existed. How cool these are!

    3. Hi Pol.
      I am surprise by people not knowing this work. You should enjoy this acoustic guitar a lot.
      I love this set.


  2. WOW....Surprise…Blown away!

    I listen to Bill Nelson regularly (a lot!).
    I am a big fan and he just keeps the music coming.
    Several new projects have been released.

    Even here it was a lovely surprise to see Bill turn up.
    (Even though I have these releases)
    For all things Bill I highly recommend a visit to a place where one can spend hours!

    Stay Safe (and dry)

    1. Hi Stephen,
      I also think Bill Nelson is amazing.
      I think you offered me that link previously. If you didn't I still know this site.


    2. I may well have put up Bill Nelsons link for you before.

      It really is a wonderful site (by Bill), one of the better artist sites, informative and easy to go through. A Must for anyone interested in Bills music.


  3. Hi, Mr. Butterboy! A stellar offering once again! Thank you so much for all you do. However, both links take one to Vol. 1. Did I miss the link to Vol. 2? The depth of your posts always amazes me. Thank you so very much.....With appreciation, Lil'ol'lady.

    1. Hi Lil'ol'lady.
      Thank you for your kind words. Appreciated.
      Both volumes are included in this post.