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Lou Reed - Gold Greatest Hits [2009] (3 x CD's) + Movie Documentary - Lou Reed Remembered [2013]


Lou Reed - Gold Greatest Hits [2009] (3 x CD's)  +  Movie  Documentary - Lou Reed Remembered [2013]

American musician, songwriter, poet, and photographer (March 2, 1942 in Brooklyn, New York - October 27, 2013, Southampton, New York). Reed's music career began in 1958, when he recorded with his high school band, The Jades. During his time at Syracuse University in the early 1960's he formed a series of bands, but was most deeply impacted by his professor, American poet and writer Delmore Schwartz. Following college, he became a stock songwriter/musician for Pickwick International, Inc., and then in 1964, with John Cale, formed The Velvet Underground. In 1970, he left the Velvet Underground during the recording of Loaded. He signed a contract with RCA Records in 1971 and continued to perform until shortly before his death. He was married to Bettye Kronstad (ca. 1973-1974), Sylvia Reed (1980-1994), and Laurie Anderson (2008).

This compilation, though not comprehensive, is an interesting mix of the well-known and the obscure. It opens with what is probably Reed's most delicate love song, the poignant Perfect Day. His biggest hit, Walk On The Wild Side, follows. The aforementioned tracks are from his highly successful Transformer album. I Love You Suzanne is a buoyant ditty from one of his lesser-known 1980's albums, but a memorable love song all the same, whilst Caroline Says II and Berlin come from the bleak Berlin album of the early 1970's. The Last Shot and the humorous I Wanna Be Black are also drawn from more or less obscure albums, although they're all great songs.  Sally Can't Dance and Coney Island Baby are more classics from the 1970s', the first a jerkily rhythmic track and the second a brooding slow song. The album concludes with the melodious Pale Blue Eyes (Live), a most poetic and moving number.  (Amazon)

Movie  Documentary - Lou Reed Remembered [2013] is a film tribute to Lou Reed, who died in October, which looks at the extraordinarily transgressive life and career of one of rock ’n’ roll’s true originals. With the help of friends, fellow musicians, critics and those who have been inspired not only by his music but also by his famously contrary approach to almost everything, the documentary looks at how Reed not only helped to shape a generation but also helped to create a truly alternative, independent rock scene, while also providing New York with its most provocative and potent soundtrack. With contributions from Bob Ezrin, Mick Rock, Lenny Kaye, Paul Auster, Moe Tucker, Boy George, Thurston Moore, Andrew Wylie, Victor Bockris, Holly Woodlawn, Mary Woronov and Steve Hunter. (letterboxd.com) 




Track lists


01 Lou Reed Perfect Day 3:45

02 Lou Reed Walk On The Wild Side 4:14

03 Lou Reed The Gun 3:40

04 Lou Reed Sally Can't Dance 4:11

05 Lou Reed I Wanna Be Black 2:56

06 Lou Reed New York Telephone Conversation 1:34

07 Lou Reed I Love You, Suzanne 3:16

08 Lou Reed Sad Song 7:10

09 Lou Reed All Through The Night 4:59

10 Lou Reed Shooting Star 3:12

11 Lou Reed Betrayed 3:14

12 Lou Reed No Money Down 3:09


01 Lou Reed Satellite Of Love 3:42

02 Lou Reed White Light/White Hat 3:21

03 Lou Reed Caroline Says Il 4:14

04 Lou Reed How Do You Speak To An Angel 4:09

05 Lou Reed Legendary Hearts 3:24

06 Lou Reed Temporary Thing 5:16

07 Lou Reed I Can't Stand It 2:37

08 Lou Reed How Do You Think It Feels 3:43

09 Lou Reed I'm Waiting For The Man (Live) 3:49

10 Lou Reed Billy 5:07

11 Lou Reed Stupid Man 2:32

12 Lou Reed So Alone 4:10


01 Lou Reed Coney Island Baby 6:41

02 Lou Reed Vicious 2:57

03 Lou Reed Sweet Jane (Live) 4:00

04 Lou Reed Dirt 4:46

05 Lou Reed Men Of Good Fortune 4:38

06 Lou Reed Growing Up In Public 3:04

07 Lou Reed The Last Shot 3:23

08 Lou Reed A Gift 3:46

09 Lou Reed My Friend George 3:50

10 Lou Reed Average Guy 3:11

11 Lou Reed Leave Me Alone 5:34

12 Lou Reed Pale Blue Eyes (Live) 7:39




  1. Always great to hear Lou Reed.......

    1. Hi Stephen,
      I think Lou is a great artist and I enjoy all his work.


  2. Thanks for this one. It's time to take "Berlin" off the shelf once again!!

    1. Hi Manolis,
      Enjoy this set and others in the future.


  3. Replies
    1. Hi Fieldhippie,
      Cant realy go wrong with Lou.


  4. Love Lou Reed. Got a chance to see him live several times. Always amazing. Got to meet him. I've met a lot of celebrities in my life, but he was one of the few that I was tongue tied with. Very intimidating! He was big, tall, confident. Didn't take any BS. Seemed like he was even taller than he was. Asked him for a drop-in for my radio show and "F"ed up the recording. So disappointing. I was kicking myself for a week.

    1. Thanks for sharing your story Pol.
      Pity the recording was "F"ed up. It still obviously bothers you as it would me.
      I think his "Live in Italy set is terrific. I also have a real soft spot for "New York" another great album.


  5. Hello, thanks for Lou, but i only have cd1 the two others are missing.

    1. Hi Unknown,
      They are all there just mislabeled.
      Sorry for the confusion.


  6. Hi Butterboy, I've read your Blog since this Summer and its very GREAT !! So many Styles of great Music. Would you gave me a new link for this fantastic Lou Reed CD's Thank You !!!

    1. Hi Mike Walker,
      Glad to hear you are finding good music as you search the blog. I will reupload Lou Reed as soon as possible. Lots to do today so it may be tomorrow.

    2. Hi Mike Walker,
      The links seem to be active for both the CD and the movie. Please try again.

  7. Hi Butterboy, GREAT THANKS. I'VE GOT IT !!