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VA - Australian Nuggets 1964 - 1969 (A Butterboy Compilation) CD1+CD2+CD3


VA - Australian Nuggets 1964 - 1969 (A Butterboy Compilation) CD1+CD2+CD3

Garage rock (sometimes called garage punk or 60's punk) is a raw and energetic style of rock and roll that flourished in the mid-1960's, most notably in the United States and Canada, and has experienced a series of subsequent revivals. The style is characterized by basic chord structures played on electric guitars and other instruments, sometimes distorted through a fuzz box, as well as often unsophisticated and occasionally aggressive lyrics and delivery. Its name derives from the perception that groups were often made up of young amateurs who rehearsed in the family garage, although many were professional.

Surf rock and later the Beatles and other beat groups of the British Invasion motivated thousands of young people to form bands between 1963 and 1968. Hundreds of acts produced regional hits, and some had national hits, usually played on AM radio stations. With the advent of psychedelia, numerous garage bands incorporated exotic elements into the genre's primitive stylistic framework. After 1968, as more sophisticated forms of rock music came to dominate the marketplace, garage rock records largely disappeared from national and regional charts, and the movement faded. Other countries in the 1960's experienced similar grass-roots rock movements that have sometimes been characterized as variants of garage rock. During the 1960's garage rock was not recognized as a distinct genre and had no specific name. Garage rock continues to appeal to musicians and audiences who prefer a "back to basics" or "do-it-yourself" musical approach. (Wikipedia)

Australian music was heavily under the influence of British R&B; though in Australia’s case, this was as much an indirect consequence of government-subsidized migration programs as it was a reflection of a skewed cultural change.  Musically, Australia's garage bands were delivering the same angst ridden feelings and Adrenalin fueled sounds as their global counterparts, unashamedly copying riffs from other Invasion bands who'd fused the blues of Chicago & the Mississippi Delta with beat music.  Many of the bands featured on this compilation never made any impact outside of Australia, some never made any impact outside of their respective garages, and their chance for rock' n' roll glory was snuffed out once the psychedelics kicked in. 

At a time when Australian bands were developing an original sound, many bands did not record their performances but these performances at venues across the country, whilst not recorded, contributed significantly to the Australian sound.  This set offers 66 tracks of Australian Garage Rock Nuggets from 1964 - 1969. Enjoy!

I provided these tracks to Jose Kortozirkuito for combined project compilation at:

The links are still active. Visit his site, there are some absolutely wonderful compilations and shares. He is a dedicated poster with great ideas. His blog is a gathering of friends that share the same musical passion. Visit him ....


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Track lists


1 Aztecs Blue Day (1964) 2:47

2 Flies Doin' the Mod 2:46

3 Kravats Fred (B-Side) (1964) 1:53

4 Blue Beats She's Comin' Home (1965) 2:22

5 Bentbeaks Caught Red Handed (1965) 2:19

6 Easybeats She's So Fine (1965) 2:06

7 Terry Dean It's You (1965) 2:13

8 Spektors Gloria (1965) 2:25

9 Missing Links You're Driving Me Insane (1965) 2:56

10 M.P.D. Limited Little Boy Sad (1965) 2:24

11 Ray Brown and the Whispers Go to Him (1965) 2:15

12 Machine Gun Kelly's Rejects I'm Going Back (1965) 3:15

13 Courtmen I've Got to Let You Go (1965) 2:28

14 Outcasts Just a Little Bit (1965) 2:10

15 Jimmy Crockett & the Shanes Lovin' Touch (1965) 2:07

16 Town Criers The World Keeps on Turning Round (1965) 2:21

17 Johnny Cooper Farmer John [1965] 1:55

18 Vibrants Furry Legs (1965) 2:11

19 Peter & the Silhouettes Claudette Jones (1966) 2:03

20 Moods Cos of You (1966) 2:34

21 Others Dancing Girl (1966) 2:26

22 Throb Believe in Me (B-Side) (1966) 3:00


23 Lost Souls This Life of Mine (1966) 2:40

24 Bee Gees Like Nobody Else (1966) 2:34

25 Black Diamonds I Want, Need, Love You (1966) 2:59

26 Greg Anderson I Feel Good (1966) 2:54

27 Loved Ones The Loved One (1966) 2:52

28 Morloch Time Machine (1966) 3:26

29 Syssys Take a Heart (B-Side) (1966) 3:30

30 Twilights Bad Boy (1966) 2:10

31 Creatures All I Do is Cry (1966) 2:53

32 D-Coys Bad Times (1966) 2:53

33 In-Sect I Can See My Love (1966) 2:10

34 Steve & the Board I Want (1966) 2:35

35 Swordsmen I'll Make You Happy (1967) 3:13

36 Mike Furber & the Bowery Boys Just a Poor Boy (1966) 2:28

37 Mixtures Lose Your Money (B-Side) (1966) 1:59

38 Richard Wright Group (Barry Gibb) Neither Rich Nor Poor (1966) 2:43

39 Second Thoughts Run Back Home (1966) 1:57

40 Chris Hall & the Torquays Don't Ask Me Why (1966) 2:02

41 Purple Hearts Early in the Morning (1966) 2:07

42 Jackson Kings Watch Your Step 1966 2:02

43 Moods Rum Drunk (1966) 2:18

44 Ronnie Burns Exit Stage Right (1967) 2:30


45 Atlantics Come on (1967) 2:52

46 Masters Apprentices Undecided (1967) 2:29

47 Allusions I Gotta Move (1967) 3:33

48 Somebody's Image Hush (A-Side) (1967) 2:26

49 Playboys (Australian) Sad (1967) 2:55

50 Clique Love Me Girl (1967) 2:04

51 James Taylor Move And I Hear the Fire Sing (1967) 2:38

52 Running Jumping Standing Still Diddy Wah Diddy (1967) 2:21

53 Barrington Davis Teardrops (1967) 2:27

54 Nomads Don't You Fret (1967) 3:12

55 Vacant Lot Don't Let Me Sleep Too Long (1967) 2:29

56 Gift of Love Flowers (1967) 2:22

57 Valentines Peculiar Hole in the Sky (1968) 2:48

58 Wild Cherries Krome Plated Yabby (1968) 2:57

59 Stag Knights Speed is the King (1968) 2:14

60 Birds No Good Without You (1969) 2:40

61 Tamam Shud Evolution (1969) 2:44

62 Bucket I Can't Help Thinking of You (1969) 2:29

63 Rebels Passing You By (1969) 3:05

64 Hugo Hey Watch Out (A-Side) (1969) 2:10

65 King Fox Unforgotten Dreams (1969) 4:59

66 Easybeats Friday on My Mind (1966) 2:42




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      A YABBY is a small freshwater crayfish or Maron. Yabbies take on the conditions of the water in which they grow, and thus can taste quite different from pond to pond and dam to dam. Generally, though, they boast a soft, delicate and earthy flavour, and a firm, not mushy bite.


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