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VA - Psychedelic Blues (A Butterboy Compilation) CD1+CD2+CD3


VA - Psychedelic Blues (A Butterboy Compilation) CD1+CD2+CD3

When African American innovators of the 50's met Black Power and Flower Power head on, the psychedelic blues was born.

After psychedelia came to a boil in the late 60's, the blues and rock heroes of the 50s took a brief but thrilling walk on the wild side, with fuzz guitars, wah-wah effects, and epic jams to the fore. It was the Age of Aquarius, and the blues was busy being psychedelicized. The psychedelic blues period for Chicago titans like Muddy and Wolf and first-generation rock’n’rollers like Bo, Chuck Berry, and Little Richard wasn’t a long one but it blasted a hole in preconceptions on either side of the stylistic fence. And the impact was as unforeseen as it was long-lasting.

At a time when you could tally African American rockers on one hand and still have two fingers to spare for a peace sign, here was a room full of Black men stirring up a thunderstorm of fuzz and wah-wah guitars, nail-gun drumbeats, and blazing organ, all in the service of the godfather of Chicago blues. In the center of the 1968 civil rights maelstrom (Martin Luther King’s assassination was just weeks before the sessions), it was as much a statement about identity and Black power as a stylistic innovation.

The train started rolling in the mind of Marshall Chess, son of Chess Records co-founder Leonard Chess. The label had taught the world to love Chicago blues, but by 1967, twentysomething Marshall reckoned his dad’s company had to catch up or get left behind. In 1968, Electric Mud was the leading cause of blues purists tearing their hair out, but it did exactly what Marshall intended, becoming Muddy’s first album to appear on Billboard’s Top 200 chart. Sufficiently emboldened, Chess spun his barber chair around and lined up Howlin’ Wolf as the next customer for hipification treatment. Calling on the same crew of producers and players, the result was 1969’s psychedelic blues classic, The Howlin’ Wolf Album. (

Psychedelic blues covers a lot of ground for me from the early 60's to the present time. You can hear influences of the blues in many rock songs and in the 60's and 70's many bands practiced a psychedelic style of rock and blues. While the peak times for this genre was 1967 - 1968 it was still around until the mid 70's. It made a comeback in the 2010's to present days with many modern bands beefing up or emulation the psychedelic period of the 60's Psychedelic Blues. 

This compilation offers up some of the early psychedelic blues and explores the impact it had on other musicians around the world. Here are 75 Psychedelic tracks that are played in the blues style of rock which holds a lot of emotional feeling and at times flamboyance by both the first psychedelic blues artists through to more recent players. Enjoy!






Track lists


01 Chuck Berry Concerto in B Goode (Instrumental) 18:44

02 Howlin' Wolf Smokestack Lightnin' 3:56

03 Bo Diddley Elephant Man 4:33

04 Muddy Waters I Just Want to Make Love to You 4:19

05 Little Richard The Rill Thing 10:27

06 Howlin' Wolf Wang Dang Doodle 4:32

07 Chubby Checker Goodbye Victoria 5:43

08 Keef Hartley Band Born to Die 9:58

09 Robin Trower Bridge of Sighs 5:01

10 Hot Tuna Surphase Tension 3:54

11 Madder Lake Salmon Song 8:23

12 Led Zeppelin No Quarter 7:02

13 Canned Heat So Sad (The World's in a Tangle) 7:53

14 Illinois Speed Press The Life 4:27

15 Creedence Clearwater Revival Graveyard Train 8:30

16 Funkadelic Maggot Brain 9:51

17 Donovan Season of the Witch (Mono) 4:58

18 Quicksilver Messenger Service Fire Brothers 3:01

19 Country Joe & the Fish Death Sound Blues 4:21

20 Misunderstood Never Had a Girl Like You Before 3:04

21 Incredible String Band No Sleep Blues 3:53

22 Grateful Dead China Cat Sunflower 3:41

23 Canyon Outerlude in a Major 4:45

24 Agnes Strange Theme for a Dream 5:38

25 Doors When the Music's Over 11:02


26 Sandy Bull No Deposit, No Return Blues 17:11

27 Phantasia Genena 9:22

28 Paul Butterfield Blues Band East West 13:10

29 Blues Project Two Trains Running 11:24

30 Buzzdealers Pretty Maze 5:28

31 Ashkan Backlash Blues 7:47

32 Rolling Stones Fancyman Blues 4:55

33 Bluespilz Death Rumor 10:47

34 Rare Ambeer Paying the Cost to Be the Boss 3:27

35 Church Ionian Blues 3:40

36 Tim Hardin House of the Rising Sun 4:10

37 13th Floor Elevators Barnyard Blues 2:38

38 Traffic Utterly Simple 3:20

39 Aynsley Dunbar Retaliation Let it Ride 4:59

40 Steve Miller Band In My First Mind 7:31

41 Savoy Brown I Can't Get Next to You 6:39

42 Harvey Mandel Senor Blues 5:33

43 Bevis Frond Mediaeval Sienese Acid Blues 5:13

44 Blue Cheer Blue Steel Dues 6:07

45 Pink Floyd David's Blues (Unreleased 1994 Recording) 4:28

46 Alan Jack Civilization I've Got to Find Somebody 2:46

47 Beatles Yer Blues 4:13

48 Steppenwolf Ball Crusher 4:52

49 Spencer Mac Blues Up in Down Town 3:36

50 Jimi Hendrix Experience Voodoo Chile 15:02


51 Bardo Pond Kali Yuga Blues 7:35

52 Pure Food and Drug Act My Soul's on Fire 4:12

53 Black Willows Dead Mantra 13:04

54 Bakerloo Last Blues 7:06

55 Bloomfield, Kooper and Stills You Don't Love Me 4:10

56 Billy Cox Play Your Own Blues 4:58

57 Sweetwater Motherless Child 5:04

58 Elias Hulk Delhi Blues 4:18

59 Deep Feeling Blues for Witley 3:48

17 Blues Image Ride Captain Ride (Psychedelic Space Version) 5:32

61 Blue Effect Blues About Stone (Kamenne Blues) 8:00

62 Black Woods The Name Blues 5:19

63 Causa Sui Ju-Ju Blues 6:36

64 Bow Street Runners American Talking Blues 3:50

65 Conqueroo Walking Blues 2:48

66 Captain Beefheart & His Magic Band Ah Feel Like Ahcid 3:05

67 Canned Heat Utah 8:24

68 Human Instinct Jugg-A-Jug Song 8:00

69 Black Mountain Space to Bakersfield 9:04

70 Fleetwood Mac Albatross 3:14

71 Jeffery Liberman Boogie Blues 3:39

72 Quicksilver Messenger Service Maiden of the Cancer Moon 2:52

73 Violenti Lune Elettriche JJ Blues 3:26

74 Born Again Barnyard Blues 4:20

75 1910 Fruitgum Company Tbc Eulogy, Seulb 9:14




  1. Thanks Butterboy. Very interesting collection.

    1. Thanks Bob Mac,
      I hope your comment indicates that you want to listen to this set again and again.
      We all have a different view on music styles so its great to see that others are intrigued by.


  2. thanks much, didn't think i'd like this much but it turned out this is great.I added 8 songs from this to my major play list

    1. Hi doors97426,
      Which 8 songs did you pick up for your playlist? Now I am intrigued.


  3. born to die -keef harley
    salmon song -madder lake
    the life -illionois speed way
    theme for a dream - agnus strange
    backlass blues - ashkan
    blue steel dues blue cheer
    you don't love me -Bloomfield, Kooper and Stills
    delhi blues - elias hulk

    1. Really great choices doors97426
      Salmon Song is a great track...


  4. Thanks my friend. Lots of tunes both known and unknown to me. I am enjoying them now.

    1. Hi hotrodmike,
      finding new music to listen to is the real treat.
      I hope you will continue to enjoy this set.


  5. Cool. My kind of music! Thanks.

  6. Chubby Checker floored me!
    Thanks for this!

    1. Hi Vaughan,
      The album that the track came from is also a great one to listen to.


  7. A fantastic collection! Lots of unfamiliar and unexpected tracks. Thanks for compiling and sharing

    1. Thanks simonmsmith,
      Appreciated. I hope that you will enjoy these tracks for a long time.
      I really enjoy creating eclectic sets which I find rewarding.


  8. Just an amazing selection, thank you for your Psychedelic blues compilation! Far out!

  9. This is really cool. Thanx Bunches!

  10. Right up my alley. I'm looking forward to this, thanks bud.

    1. Thanks Sampson,
      Glad to hear you like these selections.


  11. Hello Butterboy,
    The versions of "Midnight Rider" are very various and interesting, thank you again.
    Sorry to disturb you, but is it possible to obtain the links for "Psychedelic Blues" ?
    The selection seems so good.
    Thank you and sorry for my bad english...

    1. Hi aps.
      New links established, tested and working.

    2. It's OK and fantastic. Thank you again for your work.

  12. Ballsy to open with an 18 minute track (which I love anyway). I look forward to this.

    1. Thanks, Bud_e_luv_bomb.
      I try to keep it interesting.
      It's an eclectic mix which is great for a comp like this.