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Bennie Green - Mosaic Select [2003] (3 x CD's)



Bennie Green - Mosaic Select [2003] (3 x CD's)

Trombonist Bennie Green's Blue Note albums were almost completely overlooked until this Mosaic Select compilation appeared in 2003.

"Initially influenced by Trummy Young, trombonist Bennie Green hit the big leagues as a member of Earl Hines’ orchestra in 1942, where he developed a close relationship with emerging bebop pioneer Dizzy Gillespie. He absorbed the expanding harmonies of bop without forsaking his big, rich natural trombone sound. Whether he was in Ellington’s band or Charlie Ventura’s Bop For The People combo, he sounded like…well, Bennie Green.

In the early fifties, Bennie found success as a band leader, playing what he liked: a joyful mix of jump tunes, blues, ballads and standards with a Latin tinge. Hit singles like “Blow Your Horn” and “I Wanna Blow” made him a popular jukebox artist of the day.   As the fifties progressed, the long-playing album became an important medium for a musician charged with keeping a band working. With roots in both swing and bop, Green had no trouble stretching out and sustaining interest on any musical piece. In 1958, he signed with Blue Note and made three impressive albums (Back On The Scene, Soul Stirrin’ and Walkin’ & Talkin’) as well as a singles session.  With Soul Stirrin’, the trombonist made his masterpiece. The presence of two tenors (Gene Ammons and Billy Root), the creative accompaniment of Sonny Clark, Ike Isaacs and Elvin Jones and the hypnotic compositions of Green and Babs Gonzales created a unique and often haunting sound. In 1962, this instrumentation was reprised with equally stunning results on Ike Quebec’s Congo Lament with Green, Stanley Turrentine, Clark, Milt Hinton and Art Blakey.  All four of Bennie Green’s dates plus the Quebec session are in this Mosaic Select set which also includes Charlie Rouse, Eddy Williams, Gildo Mahones, George Tucker and Louis Hayes among the sidemen." (Mosaic)



Track list


01 Bennie Green I Love You 6:03

02 Bennie Green Melba's Mood 5:35

03 Bennie Green Just Friends 7:02

04 Bennie Green You're Mine You 5:18

05 Bennie Green Bennie Plays The Blues 8:26

06 Bennie Green Green Street 5:10

07 Bennie Green The Shouter 4:59

08 Bennie Green Green Leaves 5:45

09 Bennie Green This Love Of Mine 6:47

10 Bennie Green Walkin' And Talkin' 9:00

11 Bennie Green All I Do Is Dream Of You 5:34

12 Bennie Green Hoppin' Johns 5:32


01 Bennie Green It's Groovy 3:43

02 Bennie Green On The Street Where You Live 5:53

03 Bennie Green Can't We Be Friends 5:35

04 Bennie Green Ain't Nothin' But The Blues 5:16

05 Bennie Green Bye Bye Blackbird 5:27

06 Bennie Green Minor Revelation 5:19

07 Bennie Green Why Do I Love You 6:00

08 Bennie Green Encore 4:16

09 Bennie Green Encore 4:29

10 Bennie Green Soul Stirrin' 6:46


01 Bennie Green Soul Stirrin' 6:52

02 Bennie Green We Wanna Cook 6:40

03 Bennie Green That's All 6:28

04 Bennie Green Lullaby Of The Doomed 6:03

05 Bennie Green B.G. Mambo 8:17

06 Bennie Green Black Pearl 5:47

07 Bennie Green See See Rider 9:02

08 Bennie Green Congo Lament 6:52

09 Bennie Green Que's Pill 5:40

10 Bennie Green B.G.'s Groove Two 6:14

11 Bennie Green I.Q. Shuffle 9:46




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