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VA - The Memphis Jukebox Vol. 1 + Vol. 2 +Vol. 3 [2010] (3 x CDs)



VA - The Memphis Jukebox Vol. 1 + Vol. 2 +Vol. 3 [2010] (3 x CDs)

The Memphis Jukebox Volume 1, 2 & 3 offers music lovers fascinating insight into the musical tastes of the King of Rock n Roll. They are the first to contain the actual music contained on Elvis Presleys personal jukebox at his Graceland home. These two unique collections allow listeners to experience and enjoy the music that Elvis Presley listened to whilst relaxing at home. Some of the tracks featured were actually recorded by Elvis during his career in the 1950s, 1960s and 1970s.  The Memphis Jukebox is a truly unique piece of Rock n Roll history. Featuring a specially selected collection of 45 rpm singles recently discovered to have been on Elvis Presley's personal Jukebox in Graceland, recently detailed in the excellent article Secrets of Elvis Jukebox from Record Collector Magazine February 2010 (No. 372). An absolute must for Elvis and Rock n Roll collectors. (Amazon)

As such The Memphis Jukebox Volume 1, 2 & 3 gives you an insight into the music he was playing all those years ago in Graceland. Very enjoyable and nostalgic.



Track list

Vol. 01

01 Carl Perkins Jive After Five 2:25

02 Dale Hawkins Don't Treat Me This Way 2:18

03 Carl Mcvoy Tootsie 2:30

04 Gene Vincent Woman Love 2:37

05 Ricky Nelson Believe What You Say 2:08

06 Warren Smith Miss Froggie 2:28

07 Champs Midnighter 2:15

08 Ray Sharpe Linda Lu 2:11

09 Bo Diddley Who Do You Love? 2:32

10 Chuck Berry You Can't Catch Me 2:46

11 Little Walter Who 2:24

12 Ray Charles I Got A Woman 2:55

13 Lavern Baker Whipper Snapper 2:15

14 Clyde Mcphatter That's Enough For Me 2:06

15 Big Joe Turner Boogie Woogie Country Girl 2:43

16 Little Richard She's Got It 2:14

17 El Dorados At My Front Door 2:41

18 Rays Daddy Cool 2:42

19 Cleftones You Baby You 2:44

20 Drifters Fools Fall In Love 2:32

21 Chuck Willis C C Rider 2:31

22 James Brown & The Famous Blue Flames Try Me (I Need You) 2:33

Vol. 02

01 Boyd Bennett & His Rockets You Upset Me Baby 2:24

02 Bill Haley & His Comets Hot Dog Buddy Buddy 2:37

03 Jodimars Well Now Dig This 2:04

04 Eddie Fontaine Cool It Baby 2:19

05 Warren Smith Rock 'n' Roll Ruby 2:51

06 Carl Perkins Boppin' The Blues 2:50

07 Ricky Nelson Waitin' In School 2:03

08 Jerry Lee Lewis Breathless 2:44

09 Gene Vincent Be-Bop-A-Lula 2:37

10 Web Pierce I Ain't Never 1:55

11 Marty Robbins I Can't Quit 2:27

12 Bo Diddley I'm Bad 3:17

13 Little Walter My Babe 2:39

14 Drifters Hypnotized 2:02

15 Fats Domino I Still Love You 1:59

16 Ruth Brown I Wanna Do More 2:50

17 Piano Red (dr Feelgood) Rock, Baby 2:24

18 Spiders Witchcraft 2:36

19 Big Joe Turner Flip, Flop And Fly 2:47

20 Eddie Bo I'm Wise 2:13

21 Clovers If I Could Be Loved By You 2:41

22 Moonglows Most Of All 3:01

Vol. 03

01 Brook Benton Hurtin' Inside 2:15

02 Buddy Johnson I Don't Want Nobody 2:45

03 Vikki Nelson Bright And Early 2:15

04 Piano Red She Knocks Me Out 2:00

05 Fats Domino I Can't Go On 2:12

06 Big Joe Turner Rock A While 2:05

07 Red Prysock Short Circuit 2:47

08 Ray Sharpe Monkeys Uncle 2:21

09 Chuck Berry Little Queenie 2:44

10 John Lee Hooker Dusty Road 2:23

11 Arthur ''big Boy'' Crudup Mean Old Frisco Blues 2:40

12 Jivers Little Mama 2:14

13 El Dorados I'll Be Forever Loving You 2:29

14 Eugene Church Pretty Girls Everywhere 2:56

15 James Brown Think 2:54

16 Otis Williams That's Your Mistake 2:11

17 Spiders Is It True 2:41

18 Diamonds The Stroll 2:29

19 Billy Lee Riley Flying Saucers Rock'n'roll 2:08

20 Warren Smith Ubangi Stomp 2:05

21 Cleveland Crochet Sugar Bee 2:36

22 Charlie Rich Gonna Be Waitin' 2:25

23 Jerry Lee Lewis Breathless 2:35

24 Jerry Lee Lewis Down The Line 2:08




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  2. Seeing the tracks lists, it appears clearly that the roots of Presley and Lennon were in the rhythm and blues. Great comps indeed!

    1. Hi Racati,
      It's a great listening set. lots of foot tapping and finger-snapping.