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K's PSYCHEDELIC 60's SPECIAL - VA - Psychedelic 60's: 160 Iconic Tracks that Defined the Psychedelic Era (Super Deluxe Edition) [2022] (8 x CD's)



K's PSYCHEDELIC 60's SPECIAL - VA - Psychedelic 60's: 160 Iconic Tracks that Defined the Psychedelic Era (Super Deluxe Edition) [2022] (8 x CD's)

This was a tough compilation to compile, mainly because a lot of tracks needed editing in Audacity as quite a number crossfaded into another track (if they were album tracks and not stand-alone singles). Also, many tracks had a lot of quiet (dead space) at the beginning and the end, so needed editing out.

The greatest challenge was choosing mono over stereo recordings. After reading through endless pages on discussion forums, I pretty much went with the overall consensus as to which versions are generally preferred, and I tend to agree. Some songs sound better in mono, others sound better in stereo, and these are reflected in this compilation.  I stuck with only original 1960's psychedelia and didn't include anything released past December 1969.

Psychedelic rock is a diverse style of rock music inspired, influenced, or representative of psychedelic culture, which is centered around perception-altering hallucinogenic drugs. Psychedelic rock is intended to replicate and enhance the mind-altering experiences of psychedelic drugs, most notably LSD. Many psychedelic groups differ in style, and the label is often used indiscriminately.   Originating in the mid-1960s among British and American musicians, the sound of psychedelic rock invokes three core effects of LSD: depersonalization, dechronization, and dynamization, all of which detach the user from reality. Musically, the effects may be represented via novelty studio tricks, electronic or non-Western instrumentation, disjunctive song structures, and extended instrumental segments. Some of the earlier 1960s psychedelic rock musicians were based in folk, jazz, and the blues, while others showcased an explicit Indian classical influence called "raga rock". In the 1960s, there existed two main variants of the genre: the more whimsical, surrealist British psychedelia and the harder American West Coast "acid rock". While "acid rock" is sometimes deployed interchangeably with the term "psychedelic rock", it also refers more specifically to the heavier, harder, and more extreme ends of the genre.

The peak years of psychedelic rock were between 1966 and 1969, with milestone events including the 1967 Summer of Love and the 1969 Woodstock Rock Festival, becoming an international musical movement associated with a widespread counterculture

before beginning a decline as changing attitudes, the loss of some key individuals, and a back-to-basics movement led surviving performers to move into new musical areas. The genre bridged the transition from early blues and folk-based rock to progressive rock and hard rock, and as a result contributed to the development of sub-genres such as heavy metal. Since the late 1970s it has been revived in various forms of neo-psychedelia.

Psychedelic music (sometimes called psychedelia is a wide range of popular music styles and genres influenced by 1960s psychedelia, a subculture of people who used psychedelic drugs such as LSD, psilocybin mushrooms, mescaline, and cannabis to experience synesthesia and altered states of consciousness. Psychedelic music may also aim to enhance the experience of using these drugs and has been found to have a significant influence on psychedelic therapy.  Psychedelia embraces visual art, movies, and literature, as well as music. Psychedelic music emerged during the 1960s among folk and rock bands in the United States and the United Kingdom, creating the sub genres of psychedelic folk, psychedelic rock, acid rock, and psychedelic pop before declining in the early 1970s. Numerous spiritual successors followed in the ensuing decades, including progressive rock, krautrock, and heavy metal. Since the 1970s, revivals have included psychedelic funk, neo-psychedelia, and stoner rock as well as psychedelic electronic music genres such as acid house, trance music, and new rave.

A number of features are quintessential to psychedelic music. Exotic instrumentation, with a particular fondness for the sitar and tabla are common. Songs often have more disjunctive song structures, key and time signature changes, modal melodies and drones than contemporary pop music. Surreal, whimsical, esoterically or literary-inspired lyrics are often used. There is often a strong emphasis on extended instrumental segments or jams. There is a strong keyboard presence, in the 1960s especially, using electronic organs, harpsichords, or the Mellotron, an early tape-driven 'sampler' keyboard.   Elaborate studio effects are often used, such as backwards tapes, panning the music from one side to another of the stereo track, using the "swooshing" sound of electronic phasing, long delay loops and extreme reverb. In the 1960s there was a use of electronic instruments such as early synthesizers and the theremin.

Notable works (1966-1969)


Pet Sounds by the Beach Boys -    The album came as an indirect result of bandleader Brian Wilson's experimentation with psychedelic drugs. Music journalist Mike McPadden credits it with sparking a psychedelic pop revolution. He says that while psychedelic rock had existed before Pet Sounds, mainly among garage bands like the 13th Floor Elevators, Pet Sounds inspired mainstream pop acts to take part in the psychedelic culture.

Revolver by the Beatles -   According to AllMusic, the album ensured that psychedelia emerged from its underground roots and presented in the mainstream as psychedelic pop. Biographer Ian MacDonald wrote that the album "had initiated a second pop revolution – one which, while galvanising their existing rivals and inspiring many new ones, left all of them far behind".

"Good Vibrations" by the Beach Boys -   proclaimed by journalist Barney Hoskyns as the "ultimate psychedelic pop record" from Los Angeles in its time. Popmatters added: "Its influence on the ensuing psychedelic and progressive rock movements can’t be overstated ...  [it] changed the way a pop record could be made, the way a pop record could sound, and the lyrics a pop record could have."


"Penny Lane" and "Strawberry Fields Forever" by the Beatles -   the double A-sided single is described by AllMusic as a prototype for psychedelic pop.

Evolution was a transitional album between The Hollies' conventional pop sound and what the Oxford 'Encyclopedia of Popular Music' described as the "full-blown psychedelic glory of Butterfly."

"King Midas in Reverse" and "Dear Eloise" are two excellent 1967 singles from The Hollies released in their psychedelic heyday.

"Arnold Layne" and "See Emily Play" by Pink Floyd - two singles written by Syd Barrett that helped set the pattern for pop-psychedelia in Britain.


Odessey and Oracle by the Zombies - AllMusic's Bruce Eder characterizes the album as "some of the most powerful psychedelic pop/rock ever heard out of England". According to Record Bin's Joshua Packard, the album was a "psychedelic pop spectacle". "Care of Cell 44", its opening track, "presents the band as bearers of a new kind of psychedelia, one that relied less on psychotropics and more on the natural abilities of the band. ... [the album] has gained a well-deserved reputation for being one of the greatest pop records of the '60s."


"Crimson and Clover" by Tommy James and the Shondells was released in late 1968 as a rough mix after a radio station leaked it. It spent 16 weeks on the U.S. charts, reaching number one in the United States (in February 1969) and four other countries. The single has sold 5 million copies, making it Tommy James and the Shondells' best-selling song. It has been covered by many artists including Joan Jett and Prince.

"White Room" is a song by British rock band Cream, composed by bassist Jack Bruce with lyrics by poet Pete Brown. They recorded it for the studio half of the 1968 double album Wheels of Fire. In September, a shorter US single edit (without the third verse) was released for AM radio stations, although album-oriented FM radio stations played the full album version. The subsequent UK single release in January 1969 used the full-length album version of the track. Rolling Stone magazine ranked "White Room" at number 376 on its list of the "500 Greatest Songs of All Time".

So, after considerable and extensive online research, plus my own recollections and memories, here is my personal compilation of what I consider to be the 160 best and most important songs from the original 1960s psychedelic era.  This 8CD set contains many rare and extremely hard to find tracks, with many featured in their original mono form. Only the original 1960's studio mixes are included. No later remixes, 'stereo enhanced' or live versions here!  Compiled as always using the very latest and highest quality digital remasters, with a considerable number of tracks sourced from the original master tapes for superior sound quality and enjoyment.


BB says - "Please thank 'K' for his contribution of this K Special presentation"


Pt.1     Pt.2      Pt.3      Pt.4 


Track lists


01 The Who Armenia City in the Sky (Original 1968 7" Mono Single Version) 3:46

02 The Jimi Hendrix Experience All Along the Watchtower 3:58

03 Love Alone Again Or (Original 1968 7" Mono Single Edit) 2:51

04 The United States Of America The American Metaphysical Circus 4:57

05 The Jimi Hendrix Experience Are You Experienced? 4:13

06 The Chocolate Watchband Are You Gonna Be There (At the Love-In) 2:25

07 Pink Floyd Arnold Layne (Original 1967 7" Mono Single Edit) 2:54

08 Pink Floyd Astronomy Domine (Original 1967 Mono Mix) 4:15

09 H.P. Lovecraft At the Mountains of Madness 4:58

10 Country Joe And The Fish Bass Strings 5:06

11 Kaleidoscope Beacon from Mars 12:31

12 The Beatles Being for the Benefit of Mr. Kite! 2:37

13 The Beatles Blue Jay Way 3:55

14 Buffalo Springfield Bluebird 4:29

15 Steppenwolf Born to Be Wild 3:30

16 The Pretty Things Bracelets of Fingers 3:41

17 The Doors Break On Through (To the Other Side) 2:29


18 The Seeds Can't Seem to Make You Mine 2:33

19 The Zombies Care of Cell 44 (Original 1967 7" Mono Single Version) 3:54

20 Earth Opera The Child Bride 4:39

21 The Misunderstood Children of the Sun (IBC Acetate 1) 2:48

22 The United States Of America Cloud Song 3:21

23 Traffic Coloured Rain 2:42

24 Tommy James And The Shondells Crimson and Clover (Original 1968 7" Mono Single Version) 3:28

25 The Rolling Stones Dandelion 3:34

26 Grateful Dead Dark Star (Original 1968 7" Single Version) 2:42

27 The Hollies Dear Eloise (Original 1967 7" Mono Single Version) 3:05

28 Traffic Dear Mr. Fantasy 5:39

29 Kaleidoscope A Dream for Julie 2:45

30 The Byrds Eight Miles High 3:34

31 Bee Gees Every Christian Lion Hearted Man Will Show You (Original 1967 7" Mono Single Version) 3:38

32 Soft Machine Feelin' Reelin' Squeelin' 2:50

33 The Byrds 5D (Fifth Dimension) 2:36

34 The Crazy World Of Arthur Brown Fire! 2:54

35 Pink Floyd Flaming (Original 1967 Stereo Mix) 2:46

36 The Move Flowers in the Rain (Original 1967 7" Mono Single Version) 2:26

37 The Moody Blues Fly Me High (Original 1967 7" Mono Single Version) 2:55

38 Buffalo Springfield For What It's Worth (Original 1966 7" Mono Single Version) 2:40

39 The Syn 14 Hour Technicolour Dream 2:52

40 The Jimi Hendrix Experience Foxy Lady 3:18


41 The United States Of America The Garden of Earthly Delights 2:39

42 The Mickey Finn Garden of My Mind 2:32

43 The Electric Prunes Get Me to the World on Time 2:32

44 The Beach Boys Good Vibrations (Original 1966 7" Mono Single Version) 3:37

45 Country Joe And The Fish Grace 7:03

46 The Lemon Pipers Green Tambourine 2:26

47 Tim Buckley Hallucinations 4:53

48 The Yardbirds Happenings Ten Years Time Ago 2:57

49 The Turtles Happy Together 2:54

50 Traffic Heaven Is In Your Mind 4:17

51 Small Faces Here Come the Nice 2:58

52 The Jimi Hendrix Experience Hey Joe 3:29

53 Traffic Hole in My Shoe (Original 1967 7" Stereo Single Edit) 2:49

54 The Creation How Does It Feel (1968 U.S. Single Version) 3:08

55 Donovan Hurdy Gurdy Man 3:16

56 Deep Purple Hush! (Original Parlophone 1968 7" Stereo Single Mix) 4:21

57 The Beatles I Am the Walrus 4:35

58 The Move I Can Hear the Grass Grow (Original 1967 7" Mono Single Version) 3:05

59 The Who I Can See for Miles (Original Track Record 1967 UK 7" Mono Single Mix) 4:03

60 The Misunderstood I Can Take You to the Sun 3:38

61 Cream I Feel Free 2:51


62 The Electric Prunes I Had Too Much to Dream (Last Night) (Original 1966 7" Mono Single Version) 2:59

63 The Strangeloves I Want Candy 2:33

64 The Third Bardo I'm Five Years Ahead of My Time 2:13

65 The 13th Floor Elevators I've Got Levitation (Original 1967 7" Mono Single Version) 2:36

66 The Idle Race Imposters of Life's Magazine 2:20

67 Steve Miller Band In My First Mind 7:31

68 Iron Butterfly In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida 2:53

69 Strawberry Alarm Clock Incense and Peppermints 2:48

70 Pink Floyd Interstellar Overdrive (Original 1967 Mono Mix) 9:40

71 Small Faces Itchycoo Park (Original 1967 7" Mono Single Version) 2:46

72 The Amboy Dukes Journey to the Center of the Mind 3:34

73 Soft Machine Joy of a Toy (Original 1968 7" Mono Single Version) 2:39

74 Kaleidoscope Keep Your Mind Open 2:16

75 The Hollies King Midas in Reverse (Original 1967 7" Mono Single Version) 3:09

76 The Idle Race Knocking Nails Into My House 2:24

77 The Moody Blues Legend of a Mind (Original 1968 7" Mono Single Version) 6:40

78 The Chocolate Watchband Let's Talk About Girls 2:41

79 The Doors Light My Fire 7:10

80 The Doors Love Me Two Times 3:15


81 Pink Floyd Lucifer Sam (Original 1967 Mono Mix) 3:09

82 The Beatles Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds 3:29

83 Dantalion's Chariot The Madman Running Through the Fields 4:11

84 Steppenwolf Magic Carpet Ride (Original 1968 7" Mono Single Version) 2:54

85 Quicksilver Messenger Service Maiden of the Cancer Moon 2:54

86 Spirit Mechanical World 5:15

87 The Chocolate Watchband Medication 2:07

88 John's Children Midsummer Night's Scene 2:34

89 The Byrds Mind Gardens 3:49

90 The Smoke My Friend Jack (Original 1967 7" Single Version) 3:05

91 Small Faces My Mind's Eye (Original 1966 7" Mono Single Version) 2:01

92 Tomorrow My White Bicycle 3:18

93 Sagittarius My World Fell Down (Original 1967 7" Single Version) 2:53

94 The Incredible String Band Nightfall 2:30

95 The Moody Blues Nights in White Satin (Original 1967 7" Mono Single Version) 4:29

96 The Beatles Norwegian Wood (This Bird Has Flown) 2:04

97 Tomorrow Now Your Time Has Come (Unreleased Third Single) (1968) 3:02

98 Moby Grape Omaha 2:22

99 Nazz Open My Eyes (Original 1968 7" Mono Single Version) 2:44

100 Eric Burdon & The Animals Orange and Red Beams 3:46

101 Silver Apples Oscillations 2:47

102 The Yardbirds Over Under Sideways Down 2:23

103 The Rolling Stones Paint It, Black 3:24

104 Traffic Paper Sun (Original 1967 United Artists US 7" Mono Single Version) 3:23


105 The Beatles Penny Lane 3:01

106 The Status Quo Pictures of Matchstick Men (Original 1968 7" Mono Single Version) 3:10

107 Big Brother And The Holding Company Feat. Janis Joplin Piece of My Heart 4:13

108 Caravan Place of My Own 4:03

109 The Count Five Psychotic Reaction 3:07

110 The Jimi Hendrix Experience Purple Haze 2:51

111 The Seeds Pushin' Too Hard 2:36

112 Love The Red Telephone (Original 1967 7" Mono Single Version) 4:45

113 Fifty Foot Hose Red the Sign Post (Original 1968 Stereo Mix) 2:57

114 The 13th Floor Elevators Reverberation (Doubt) (Original 1966 7" Mono Single Version) 2:47

115 Tomorrow Revolution 3:50

116 The 13th Floor Elevators Roller Coaster (Original 1966 Mono Mix) 5:01

117 Grateful Dead Rosemary (Original 1969 Mix) 2:04

118 Donovan Season of the Witch 4:58

119 Country Joe And The Fish Section 43 7:27

120 Pink Floyd See Emily Play (Original 1967 7" Mono Single Version) 2:54

121 Pink Floyd Set the Controls for the Heart of the Sun 5:28

122 Love 7 and 7 Is (Original 1966 7" Mono Single Version) 2:25

123 Max Frost & The Troopers Shape of Things to Come 1:54

124 The Yardbirds Shapes of Things 2:25


125 Love She Comes in Colors (Original 1966 7" Mono Single Version) 2:45

126 The Pretty Things She Says Good Morning 3:23

127 The Rolling Stones She's a Rainbow 4:13

128 The West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band Shifting Sands 3:54

129 Eric Burdon & The Animals Sky Pilot 7:32

130 The West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band Smell of Incense (Original 1968 7" Mono Single Version) 2:25

131 Jefferson Airplane Somebody to Love 2:58

132 The 13th Floor Elevators Splash 1 (Now I'm Home) (Original 1966 7" Mono Single Version) 3:50

133 Cream Strange Brew 2:48

134 The Doors Strange Days 3:09

135 The Beatles Strawberry Fields Forever 4:08

136 Cream Sunshine of Your Love 4:12

137 Donovan Sunshine Superman (Original 1966 7" Single Version) 3:16

138 The Sorrows Take a Heart 3:14

139 The Pretty Things Talkin' About the Good Times 3:46

140 The Chambers Brothers Time Has Come Today 4:50

141 The Zombies Time of the Season (Original 1968 7" Mono Single Version) 3:30

142 The Beatles Tomorrow Never Knows 2:59

143 Pearls Before Swine Translucent Carriages 4:00

144 The Red Crayola Transparent Radiation (Original 1967 Mono Mix) 2:31


145 The Rolling Stones 2000 Light Years from Home 4:44

146 Tintern Abbey Vacuum Cleaner 3:04

147 The Velvet Underground Venus in Furs (Original 1967 Mono Mix) 5:13

148 The Jimi Hendrix Experience Voodoo Child (Slight Return) 5:12

149 The Pretty Things Walking Through My Dreams 3:36

150 The Kinks Waterloo Sunset (Original 1967 7" True Stereo Single Version) 3:18

151 Blues Magoos (We Ain't Got) Nothin' Yet 2:17

152 The Rolling Stones We Love You 4:25

153 It's A Beautiful Day White Bird 6:11

154 Jefferson Airplane White Rabbit 2:33

155 Cream White Room (Original 1969 Polydor UK Full-Length 7" Single Version) 4:59

156 Procol Harum A Whiter Shade of Pale (Original 1967 7" Mono Single Version) 4:08

157 The Beatles Within You Without You 5:04

158 Vanilla Fudge You Keep Me Hangin' On (Original 1967 7" Stereo Single Version) 2:59

159 The 13th Floor Elevators You're Gonna Miss Me (Original 1966 7" Mono Single Version) 2:28

160 The Doors The End 11:50




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  5. First, you never need to ask if we like K's comps. We do. Every one of them are so groovy. Second, the new K logo, stolen partially from the cereal is brilliant. I love it. And I don't know why, but 60's just goes over so well. Nothing to do with K (sorry) but probably says a lot about all of us meandering by.

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      The most important aspect is the music, but K does a lot of work to produce these sets which are often very unique. I paise his work and hope that others do too. There are hundreds / thousands of downloads, and little said directly to K. I guess the general sentiment is that these sets are, as you say," All so groovy". It just good that visitors/ downloaders say so sometimes. It's my job to champion his efforts a contributor to my blog.
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  6. Thanks for this comp. This is a must have :-)

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    Born in 1950, all these songs remind me of my youth. I was 16 to 19 years old. I have to listen to them ... for the pleasure. Youpee !

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  13. Another nice primer if a little safe but to suggest its 'iconic' when its missing possibly the most iconic title track to the most iconic psychedelic album of them all (not even mentioned here) in "Sergeant Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band" (I'd have had it Track 1 CD1) and possibly the most iconic psychedelic single as well in the Beatles single 'All You Need Is Love' which sums up the summer of 67 like nothing else, is a stretch.

    Equally I'm intrigued by the focus on Odessey And Oracle, wonderful album that it is, as it was not even a footnote to psychedelia at the time of its release. The band had split up before it was released and the album bombed in the UK and barely got released in the US initially. In fact probably its greatest claim to fame initially back in the 1960's was it was largely recorded on the same 4-track as Sergeant Peppers. Its first ever full live performance was 40 years after it was released and its only over time that people recognised what a classic album it was. It has sold more copies in the 21st Century by far than it did in the 20th Century

    Still back to the collection here overall it is a very listenable collection and the effort made to produce such a collection deserves recognition, So thanks for this. The thing to remember though is psychedelia of all the popular music genres is probably the broadest and there is so much more of it from bands all over the world from the 60's alone to listen to than is represented here.. This is just the tip of the iceberg.

    PS 'Take A Heart' by the Sorrows is never a psychedelic song. Beat certainly , Freakbeat most likely but never psychedelic For a psych track by the Sorrows try their "Pink, Purple, Yellow, Red"

    1. Manny, I'm not clear what the difference is between psychedelic, beat, freakbeat, garage, acid, psych-pop, trip, acid-pop. Can you explain what you see as the defining difference between them all? To me a lot overlap.

    2. Hi Manny Kent.
      I don't normally debate a comment. What you say is what you say, and your view is your view. But I must say that your comments border on disrespectful. This compilation contains masses of the greatest psychedelic songs ever recorded, well researched and of a high standard, so for you to only acknowledge it as a ‘primer’ like everything here is second rate and not getting to the good stuff is completely beyond me.

      These songs feature in so many lists online of what are considered to be the absolute best and cream of the crop of the genre, so I just don’t get your dismissive attitude towards this set.

      Additionally, I notice that when you make a comment you treat it like a statement of fact. Your effort to make such statements undervalues the effort that K has made to bring this wonderful work to us. It's fine making a comment but maybe you could contribute here as well.

      I hope you can enlighten us with response to Pol above also.

      These are here for free, man. Either take them or leave them.

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      Part 2 link has CD3 & CD4.
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