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VA - High In The Morning, British Progressive Pop Sounds Of 1973 (3 x CDs)


VA - High In The Morning, British Progressive Pop Sounds Of 1973 (3 x CDs)

High in the Morning continues an ongoing chronological series of box sets from the Grapefruit label, each one focusing on a single year of British prog and prog-adjacent sounds. The year presented by High in the Morning is 1973, a time when glam rock theatrics and sensitive singer/songwriter fare were both starting to creep into the broader scope of progressive rock & roll. Like other volumes in the series, the compilation covers extensive ground by including well-loved songs and verifiable hits from the era, as well as significant tracks from lesser-known artists. Over the course of about four hours and 65 tracks, the collection showcases 1973 chart highlights like Nazareth's shuffling "Broken Down Angel," Mott the Hoople's Bowie-nicking boogie anthem "All the Way from Memphis," and Roxy Music's For Your Pleasure standout "Do the Strand." More toned-down entries come from former Soft Machine member Kevin Ayers with his tropically schmaltzy number "Caribbean Moon," the Kinks' lazy and contented "Sitting in the Midday Sun," and singer/songwriter fare from Rupert Hine, Al Stewart, Paul Brett, and others. The lengthy collection flows well through its moments of pop and experimentalism alike, including songs that never made it into heavy radio rotation from Thin Lizzy, Badfinger, and Hawkwind, as well as tunes from more obscure acts like Ducks Deluxe and the Pink Fairies. (AllMusic review by Fred Thomas)

 Three CD set of Grapefruit's popular year-by-year overviews of the more melodic end of the early 70s UK progressive rock scene. A four-hour compilation featuring big hits, key album tracks, cult classics and rarities from 1973.






Track lists


01 Mott The Hoople All The Way From Memphis (Album Version) 4:57

02 Manfred Mann's Earth Band Joybringer 3:24

03 Caravan Surprise, Surprise 3:15

04 Kevin Coyne Marlene (Remastered) 2:44

05 Spirogyra The Sergeant Says 3:43

06 Rococo Wildfire 3:51

07 Dr Marigold's Medusa 5:31

08 Thin Lizzy Randolph's Tango 3:22

09 Procol Harum A Rum Tale 3:20

10 Al Stewart Terminal Eyes 3:23

11 Bachdenkel An Appointment With The Master (Single Version) 3:42

12 Stealers Wheel Star 2:56

13 Duncan Browne Ragged Rain Life 3:02

14 Rare Bird High In The Morning 3:32

15 Joe Soap Birdman 3:33

16 Hawkwind Urban Guerrilla 3:39

17 Badfinger Love Is Easy 3:08

18 Paul Brett Mr. Custer 3:08

19 Mouse All The Fallen Teen Angels 3:32

20 Mick Audsley Towers 3:23

21 Ducks Deluxe Too Hot To Handle (Alternative Early Mix) 5:00

22 Patto Pick Up The Phone 3:13


01 Roxy Music Do The Strand 3:46

02 Kevin Ayers Caribbean Moon 3:05

03 Sutherland Brothers And Quiver (I Don’t Wanna Love You) But You Got Me Anyway 3:01

04 Free Travellin' In Style 4:01

05 Prowler Pale Green Vauxhall Driving Man 3:34

06 Duffy Running Away 2:35

07 England's Glory Showdown 2:27

08 Shoot On The Frontier 11:23

09 Status Quo Caroline 3:43

10 Fantasy The Award 4:50

11 Greenslade Temple Song 3:36

12 Rupert Hine Orange Song 4:05

13 Medicine Head Rising Sun 4:19

14 Ithaca Dreams (Story Of Our Time - Beneath This Sky) 3:04

15 Libido Hold On To Your Fire 3:11

16 Family Sweet Desiree 3:40

17 Spencer Davis Group Legal Eagle Shuffle 2:19

18 Kingdom Come Come Alive (Aka Slow Rock) 8:47

19 Pink Fairies City Kids 3:38

20 Streak Dirty Dick 4:07

21 Writing On The Wall Buffalo (Full-Length Version) 6:55


01 Sensational Alex Harvey Band Swampsnake 4:55

02 Nazareth Broken Down Angel 3:45

03 Silverhead 16 And Savaged 4:25

04 Big Three Always 2:02

05 Fairfield Ski Man From Galilee 3:27

06 Liverpool Echo Girl Said To Me 2:29

07 Hemlock Fool's Gold 2:41

08 Faces Pool Hall Richard 4:23

09 Tucky Buzzard Gold Medallions 4:33

10 Curved Air World (Remastered) 1:39

11 Complex Moving Moor 4:46

12 Jade Warrior English Morning 4:25

13 Shape Of The Rain I Don't Need Nobody 2:59

14 Frank White Not Fade Away 3:06

15 Roy Wood Forever 3:47

16 Byzantium I'll Always Be Your Friend 4:07

17 Patrick Campbell-lyons Out On The Road 3:20

18 Brett Marvin & The Thunderbolts Bank Holiday 4:42

19 Kinks Sitting In The Midday Sun 3:47

20 Reform I'm Gonna Get You 3:01

21 Bryan Ferry A Hard Rain's A-Gonna Fall (Album Version) 5:20

22 Stackridge Do The Stanley 2:53




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