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VA - This is My Name and This is My Song (A Butterboy Compilation) CD1+CD2+CD3+ CD4 REPOST


VA - This is My Name and This is My Song (A Butterboy Compilation)
 CD1+CD2+CD3+ CD4     REPOST

What name did your parent(s) give you? We mostly all carry that name with pride all our lives but there are some who adopt a new name for professional or creative reasons. This compilation attempts to capture those many singer songwriters that have an entirely different stage name to their birth name. In some cases, these moniker shifts have made them became famous. There are even cases when a singer songwriter is addressed labeled as a mononym. In some cases, we don't even know their real names. To make this compilation more interesting I also included the following criteria to identify those artists. 
  • The artists must be a songwriter having written the chosen track.
  • The track chosen must be written by an artist as a sole writer, either for self or another person's i.e., cannot be co-written.
  • Tracks should be the artists first written song, either on an album or on a single, assuming a single precedes an album.
This compilation took some time to create as the criteria made it a little difficult to identify the artists first self-written song. (AIA if any errors). 

Here are 4 volumes of these artist who we may not know if we met and shared or first names.  CD4 is only by a mononym's artist. Enjoy.






Track lists

CD1    Real Name            Song Title            Length    Artist Name (Performing Artist)

01    William George Perks Jr.        In Another Land        3:14    Bill Wyman (Rolling Stones)
02    Vincent Damon Furnier        Second Coming        3:04    Alice Cooper
03    William Michael Albert Broad        White Wedding, Pt. 1    4:12    Billy Idol
04    David Robert Hayward-Jones        Do Anything You Say    2:31    David Bowie
05    Salvatore Phillip Bono        I Got You Babe        3:12    Sonny Bono (Sonny and Cher)
06    Chaim Weitz            Mr. Make Believe        4:10    Gene Simmons (Kiss)
07    John Martin Maher            The Last Ride        4:24    Johnny Marr (And the Healers)
08    Robert Allen Zimmerman        Mixed-Up Confusion    2:24    Bob Dylan
09    Roberta Joan Anderson        Urge for Going        3:12    Joni Mitchell (George Hamilton IV)
10    James Newell Osterburg Jr.        Cold Metal        3:27    Iggy Pop
11    Joan Marie Larkin            Love is Pain        3:30    Joan Jett (And the Blackhearts)
12    Robert Velline            Suzie Baby        3:00    Bobby Vee (& the Shadows)
13    Edward Louis Severson Iii        I Got Id            4:53    Eddie Vedder (Pearl Jam)
14    Declan Patrick McManus        Watching the Detectives    3:45    Elvis Costello
15    Stephen Demetre Georgiou        I Love My Dog        2:22    Cat Stevens
16    Reginald Kenneth Dwight        Song for Guy        6:37    Elton John
17    Farookh Bulsara            Seven Seas of Rhye        2:49    Freddy Mercury (Queen)
18    Christopher Charles Geppert        Ride Like the Wind        4:35    Christopher Cross
19    Peter Halsten Thorkelston        Can You Dig It        3:25    Peter Tork (Monkees)
20    John Graham Mellor            Forbidden City        4:46    Joe Strummer (And the Mescaleros)
21    Carlos Augusto Santana Alves     Life is Just a Passing Parade    5:15    Devedip (Carlos Santana)
22    Brian Frederick Arthur Hines        Say You Don't Mind        3:11    Denny Laine
23    David Henry Thomsett   Spinning Wheel   3:57    David Clayton-Thomas (Blood, Sweat & Tears)
25    Richard Anthony Monsour        Let's Go Trippin'        2:10    Dick Dale
26    Richard Steve Valnezuela        Come On, Let's Go        2:03    Ritchie Valens
27    Chester Arthur Burnet          How Many More Years    2:41    Howlin' Wolf
28    McKinley Morganfield        Country Blues        3:24    Muddy Waters (As McKinley Morganfield)
29    Ellas McDaniel (b.Ellas Otha Bates)    Roller Coaster    2:53    Bo Diddley (Little Walter and His Jukes)
30    Eleanora Fagan Gough (Birth Certificate Reads Elinore Harris)    Tell Me More (And More and Then Some)    3:10    Billie Holiday

CD2    Real Name            Song Title            Length    Artist Name (Performing Artist)

01    Perry Miller            I Think I'll Take to Whiskey    2:49    Jesse Colin Young
02    David Van Cortlandt Crosby        What's Happening!!        2:36    David Crosby (Byrds)
03    Bessie Regina Norris            Circle of Heartbreak        3:00    Betty Wright
04    Alan Peter Kuperschmidt        No Time Like the Right Time    2:49    Al Kooper (Blues Project)
09    Thomas Miller            Little Johnny Jewel (Parts 1&2)    7:09    Tom Verlaine (Television)
06    John Henry Ramistella        This Could Be the One    2:09    Johnny Rivers
07    Grace Barnett Wing            White Rabbit        5:20    Grace Slick (Jefferson Airplane)
08    Fred Lincoln Wray Jr.        El Toro            2:33    Link Wray (As F. L. Wray Sr.)
09    William Royce Scaggs        I'll Be Long Gone        4:03    Boz Scaggs
10    Lewis Allan Reed            Venus in Furs        5:12    Lou Reed (Velvet Underground)
11    Claude Russell Bridges        Delta Lady        4:04    Leon Russell
12    John Anthony Gillis            Sugar Never Tasted So Good    2:57    Jack White (White Stripes)
13    Stevland Hardaway Morris        How Can You Believe    3:04    Stevie Wonder
14    Joseph Arrington Jr.            Pneumonia        2:41    Joe Tex
15    Ladonna Adrian Gaines        If You Walkin' Alone    2:43    Donna Summer (As Donna Gaines)
16    Charles Hatcher            Scott's on Swingers        2:21    Edwin Starr
17    Robert Hall            One More Saturday Night    4:30    Bob Weir
18    George Peter John Criscuola        Beth            2:47    Peter Criss (Kiss)
19    Steven Victor Tallarico        Dream On        4:27    Steve Tyler (Aerosmith)
20    James Marcus Smith            Clown Shoes        2:31    P.J. Proby (Johnny Mann Singers)
21    Manfred Sepse Lubowitz        Sikelele II            4:03    Manfred Mann
22    Joscelyn Eve Stocker            Boat Yard            5:10    Joss Stone
23    Sylvester Stewart            Underdog            3:59    Sly Stone (& the Family Stone)
24    Robert Cummings            Dragula            3:42    Rob Zombie
25    Charles Weedon Westover        Hats Off to Larry        2:02    Del Shannon
26    Henry St.Clair Fredricks    Going Up to the Country, Paint My Mailbox Blue    3:38    Taj Mahal
27    Winston Hubert Macintosh        No Sympathy        2:15    Peter Tosh (Bob Marley & Wailers)
28    Herman Poole Blount        Brainville            4:13    Sun Ra (And His Arkestra)
29    Norma Deloris Egstrom        It's a Good, Good Night    1:56    Peggy Lee
30    Gary Anthony James Webb        Friends            2:32    Gary Newman (Tubeway Army)

CD3    Real Name            Song Title            Length    Artist Name (Performing Artist)

01    Annie Mae Bullock            I Am a Motherless Child    3:29    Tina Turner
02    Leslie Sebastian Charles        My Love            4:22    Billy Ocean
03    Billy Paul                Pretty Woman        3:15    Paul Williams (Juicy Lucy)
04    Harold Ray Ragsdale            Tingle            2:33    Ray Stevens
05    Gerald Hugh Sayer            Why is Everybody Going Home    4:19    Leo Sayer
06    Charlyn Marie "Chan" Marshall        Headlights        4:03    Cat Power
07    George Michael Braddock        Don't Do It        2:25    Micky Dolenz (Monkees)
08    David Albert Cook            Rock On            3:26    David Essex
09    Richard Wayne Penniman        True, Fine Mama        2:39    Little Richard
10    Yorgos Panayiotou            Young Guns (Go for It)    3:40    George Michael (Wham)
11    Marc Feld                The Wizard        1:47    Marc Bolan (John's Children)
12    Stefani Joanne Angelina German    Speechless            4:30    Lady Gaga
13    Richard Lewis Springthorpe        Speak to the Sky        2:51    Rick Springfield
14    Paul Crosby            Mr. Bojangles        3:47    Jerry Jeff Walker
15    Walden Waldo Robert Cassotto    Now We're One        2:15    Bobby Darin (Rinky Dinks)
16    Janis Eddy Fink            Society's Child (Baby I've Been Thinking)    3:13    Janis Ian
17    Barry Alan Pincus            Sweetwater Jones        2:29    Barry Manilow
18    Charles Eugene Boone        Spo Dee O Dee        2:24    Pat Boone
19    Joseph Alfred Souter        Untie Me            2:24    Joe South (Tams)
20    Virginia Wynette Pugh        I Stayed Long Enough    1:59    Tammy Wynette
21    Cecil Ingram Connor, Iii        Blue Eyes   2:51    Gram Parsons (International Submarine Band)
22    John Henry Deutschendorf        Babe I Hate to Go        3:14    John Denver
23    Stanley Robert Vintula, Jr.        I Love You the Way You Are    2:53    Bobby Vinton
24    Jiles Perry Richardson        Chantilly Lace        2:23    Big Bopper
25    Nathaniel Adams Coles        That 'aint Right        3:18    Nat King Cole (King Cole Trio)
26    Leonard Victor Ainsworth        The Music's Real        3:33    Dobie Gray
27    Natalie Renee McIntyre        Rather Hazy        3:12    Macy Gray
28    Ernest Evans            Twistin' Bones        2:28    Chubby Checker
29    Charles Hardin Holley        Words Of Love        1:54    Buddy Holly
30    Eric Hilliard Nelson            Don't Leave Me This Way    2:31    Ricky Nelson

CD4    Real Name            Song Title            Length    Artist Name (Performing Artist)

01    Henry Olusegun Adeola Samuel    Deep Water        5:57    Seal
02    Cherilyn Sarkasian La Pierre        With Or Without You    3:44    Cher
03    Melanie Anne Safka-Schekeryk        Beautiful People        3:32    Melanie
04    Adele Laurie Blue Adkins        Hometown Glory        4:26    Adele
05    Gordon Matthew Thomas Sumner    Roxanne            3:14    Sting (Police)
06    Helen Folasade Adu            Love Affair With Life    4:33    Sade
07    Florian Cloud De Bounevialle Armstrong    See the Sun        5:07    Dido
08    Prince Rogers Nelson        So Blue            4:30    Prince
09    Donovan Philips Leitch        Catch the Wind        2:56    Donovan
10    Richard Starkey            Don't Pass Me By        3:50    Ringo Starr (Beatles)
11    Beck David Hansen            Burn            4:16    Beck
12    Deborah Foisy            Dead Men and Lovers    3:39    Ferron
13    Renaud Pierre Manuel Séchan        Hexagone            5:33    Renaud
14    Paul Hayden Desser            Hardly            4:13    Hayden
15    Jewel Kilcher            Foolish Games        5:40    Jewel
16    Björk Guðmundsdóttir        Venus As A Boy        4:42    Bjork
17    Michael Holbrook Penniman Jr.    Love Today        3:52    Mika
18    Eithne Pádraigín Ní Bhraonáin        Enya Fairytale        3:05    Enya
19    Sia Kate Isobelle Furler        Taken for Granted        4:35    Sia
20    Madonna Louise Ciccone        Everybody            4:11    Madonna
21    Christa Paffgen            Roses in the Snow        4:09    Nico
22    Wouter De Backer            Out Here in the Cold    6:25    Gotye
23    Valerie Anne Poxleitner        Last Thing on Your Mind    3:57    Lights
24    Richard Melville Hall        Mobility            6:13    Moby
25    Ramon Pelegero Sanchis        Si Em Mor        2:07    Raimon



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