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VA - Raining in My Soul (A Butterboy Compilation) CD1+CD2+CD3


VA - Raining in My Soul (A Butterboy Compilation) CD1+CD2+CD3

Rains songs are plentiful in rock, The are often songs about emotions but can also be just about rain. 

This set is part of a 10 Volume series that explores the RAIN in song. You may be surprised to hear that I have culled this down from over 20 volumes worth of material. 

This volume is given to some of the rain songs that I enjoy in the SOUL genre. 

Other volumes include rain song in Rock, Folk Rock, Folk, Powerpop, Psychedelic Rock, Sunshine pop, Blues, Soul and other themed categories.  Enjoy! 

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Track list


01 Darts It's Raining 3:45

02 Marvelettes Rainy Mourning 2:53

03 Lea Roberts Laughter In The Rain 3:14

04 Lee Fields & The Expressions It Rains Love 3:55

05 Aaron Neville It Feels Like Rain 4:57

06 Janet Helms Our Sweet Refrain 3:21

07 Maxine Brown I Wish It Would Rain 2:51

08 Percy Sledge Shining Through The Rain 3:40

09 Nancy Holloway Sand And Rain 5:13

10 Hank Ballard Rain Down Tears 2:07

11 Otis Clay Standing In The Rain 4:31

12 Bobby Womack It's Gonna Rain 2:23

13 Irma Thomas It's Raining 2:02

14 Danny Pearson Walkin' In The Rain With The One I Love 6:20

15 Dorothy Norwood There's Got To Be Rain In Your Life 3:07

16 Na Allen Everytime It Rains Aka Teardrops From My Eyes 3:04

17 Gwen Mccrae It Keeps On Raining 3:14

18 Millionaires And The Rains Came 3:36

19 Arthur Prysock In The Rain 3:42

20 B.B. King Raining In My Heart 2:26


21 Oran 'juice' Jones The Rain 5:09

22 Love Unilimited Walkin' In The Rain With The One I Love 4:23

23 Marv Johnson Save My Love For A Rainy Day 2:54

24 Lowell Fulson Lady In The Rain 2:46

25 Latimore Rain From The Sky 2:46

26 The New Birth Yesterday I Heard The Rain 2:34

27 Pat Lewis One Drop Of Rain 3:18

28 Marvin Gaye I Wish It Would Rain 3:04

29 Al Wilson Summer Rain 3:49

30 George Smallwood & Marshmellow Band Listen To The Rain 4:15

31 Bamboos Like Tears In Rain 3:34

32 Fantastic Four It Keeps Raining Down Tears 3:09

33 Guy Sebastian Can You Stand The Rain 3:58

34 Jewel Bass Let Your Love Rain Down On Me 3:54

35 Brother To Brother I Wish It Would Rain 6:23

36 Lexia Lady Rain 4:20

37 Bobby Taylor I Can Feel The Rain 2:48

38 Eddie Kendricks Date With The Rain 2:40

39 Ashanti Rain On Me 4:55

40 Cory Daye Rainy Day Boy 4:08


41 Aaron Neville Some Days Are Made For Rain 5:07

42 Barry Davis I Wish It Would Rain 2:56

43 Smokey Robinson Into Each Rain Some Life Must Fall 4:37

44 Prolifics Keep On Raining Rain 2:20

45 Dee Clark Raindrops 2:48

46 Prophecy Rain In My Life 4:03

47 Minnie Riperton Rainy Day In Centerville 5:25

48 Jackie Moore Sometimes It's Got To Rain 3:08

49 Sam Baker Storming And Raining Blues 2:58

50 Phyllis Hyman Here's That Rainy Day 3:05

51 Mary Gresham Rainin' In My Heart 2:24

52 Demures Raining Teardrops 2:44

53 Undisputed Truth Save My Love For A Rainy Day 4:03

54 Joe "guitar" Hughes The Rains Came 2:46

55 Herb Alpert Making Love In The Rain 5:56

56 Pat Lundy Rainin' Outside 2:09

57 Vibrations Remember The Rain 2:59

58 Bobby Mcdowell These Ain't Raindrops 2:31

59 Wooden Glass Feat. Billy Wooten In The Rain 4:39

60 Prince Hallucination Rain 5:49




  1. Thanks Butterboy, lots of nice soul/R&B tracks here.

    1. Hi Bob Mac.
      On the surface it looks great. On listening it's even better. Enjoy!

  2. Rain and soul, magic combination. Thanks Butterboy for this set.

  3. Reupload this files "VA - Tribute Songs to Dead Musicians (A Butterboy Compilation) CD1+CD2+CD3".....please

    1. Hi Rockstalgia.
      The links are working fine.
      Please check again.
      I assume you are clicking on the link icon above the track list.

    2. I tried again but the Links doesnt exist

    3. Hi Rockstalgia.
      I am not sure what is going on but there have been hundreds of downloads and no mention of missing links. I hope you can figure it out. Actually, here is a link you can use.

    4. Brother.... I mean in this post
      VA - Tribute Songs to Dead Musicians (A Butterboy Compilation) CD1+CD2+CD3


      There I can't to comment

    5. Hi Rockstalgia.
      I updated the links but gave you the wrong connection link. Apologies.
      here is a link to the new links.

  4. Thanks Butterboy. Excellent selection on this theme. Just a small mistake on 37: Bobby Taylor's song is "I Can Feel The Pain" not Rain (see The Motown Anthology), song also covered by Ivy Jo Hunter.

    1. Hi USMAN47.
      That is embarrassing.
      Poorly tagged on my part although I see that Last Fm also lists the song as "I Can Feel The Rain"
      if you want to select a new track I will update the file accordingly.

    2. Thank you for the answer but whatever the title this version is excellent as well as that of Ivy Jo Hunter. I even have another unreleased by David Ruffin (1968).

  5. Replies
    1. Thanks, lemonflag.
      Never thought of it that way, but it makes complete sense.