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VA - Screaming & Crying, 75 Masterpieces By 35 Blues Guitar Heroes [2012] + Deep Feeling, 75 Masterpieces By 31 Blues Guitar Heroes [2014] (6 x CD's)


VA - Screaming & Crying, 75 Masterpieces By 35 Blues Guitar Heroes [2012] +  Deep Feeling, 75 Masterpieces By 31 Blues Guitar Heroes [2014] (6 x CD's) 

VA - Screaming & Crying, 75 Masterpieces By 35 Blues Guitar Heroes [2012] contains 75 tracks from some of the greatest Blues guitarists of the 20th century. Compiled and annotated by Blues authority Neil Slaven, this set features 35 guitarists, ranging from legendary names like Lowell Fulson, B.B. King, John Lee Hooker, Bo Diddley and Freddy King, to less well known musicians equally appreciated by Blues connoisseurs.  This 3CD set incorporates all the early blues that influenced the great British blues movement in the sixties. Clapton, Jeff Beck, Jimmy Page, Peter Green, John Mayall, Rolling Stones and many many more. What's more the popularity of British Blues started to make names like Buddy Guy, B.B. King, Bo Diddley, Elmore James, T-bone Walker, Albert King, Otis Rush, Muddy Waters, Freddie King, Chuck Berry, John Lee Hooker, Guitar Shorty household names otherwise they were a minority in the music world and found their fame mainly in the U.K. thanks to the upsurge of British Blues. Of course after their fame in the U.K. the U.S.A. stood up and took notice. This CD set has them all here and is an excellent way of introducing yourself to the blues and also here are a lot of the songs that influenced our stars of British Blues.  Rarely has the primal excitement of the electric blues guitar been so voraciously and expertly illustrated on one compilation than on "Screaming And Crying" a monumental homage to the music which shaped both his life and a whole generation. (Amazon)

VA -  Deep Feeling, 75 Masterpieces By 31 Blues Guitar Heroes [2014] is the second 3CD volume of post-war guitar blues from Fantastic Voyage and follows their hit Screaming And Crying collection with 75 more lovingly selected cuts. Alongside obvious names such as Buddy Guy, Bo Diddley, BB King and John Lee Hooker are gems from lesser-known players the likes of Lee Jackson, Eddie Kirkland and Goree Carter, whose Rock Awhile recalls the jump of proto-rocker Rocket 88. While pretty much anyone likely to buy this collection will already be familiar with Chuck Berry’s Too Much Monkey Business, it never hurts to hear it again. And if you stick  around, you’ll find buried treasure: Robert Ward’s underwater tremolo on the Ohio Untouchables’ Forgive Me Darling really is the sort of wonderful sound they don’t make any more – and haven’t done for quite a few decades, more’s the pity.  Essentially, these are the records that inspired the 60's, those thrilling sounds the baby boomers got hooked on before taking them back to the US. And while this may not be the most essential or revealing of collections, the cuts themselves are all good. Very good, in fact.(Record Collector)




Track lists

Screaming & Crying CD1

01 B.B. 'Blues Boy' King & His Orchestra You Upset Me Baby 3:01

02 Johnny Otis Orchectra Feat. Pete Lewis & His Guitars Midnight in the Barrel House 3:04

03 Buddy Guy First Time I Met the Blues 2:16

04 James Cotton Feat. Pat Hare (Guitar) Cotton Crop Blues 3:00

05 Little Milton Lookin for My Baby 2:33

06 Muddy Waters Rock Me 3:13

07 Freddy King The Stumble 3:12

08 Otis Rush & His Band All Your Love (I Miss Loving) 2:36

09 Clarence Samuels Feat. Johnny Copeland (Guitar) Chicken-Hearted Woman 2:39

10 Guitar Slim & His Band The Story of My Life 2:59

11 Clarence 'Gatemouth' Brown His Guitar & Orchestra Atomic Energy 2:23

12 Bo Diddley Pretty Thing 2:49

13 John Lee Hooker You Ve Taken My Woman 2:26

14 Elmore James & His Broomdusters Coming Home 2:28

15 Johnny 'Guitar' Watson Three Hours Past Midnight 3:22

16 Chuck Berry Bye Bye Johnny 2:04

17 Tiny Grimes His Guitars & Rocking Highlanders Tiny's Boogie 2:56

18 T-Bone Walker & His Orchestra Travelin Blues 2:19

19 Albert King I Walked All Night Long 2:52

20 Pete 'Guitar' Lewis Louisiana Hop 2:32

21 Morris Pejoe Screaming and Crying 2:42

22 Earl Hooker Blues in D Natural 2:11

23 Poppa Hop & His Orchestra (Hop Wilson) My Woman Has a Black Cat Bone 2:21

24 Magic Sam All Your Love 2:54

25 Eddie Taylor Don't Knock at My Door 2:46

Screaming & Crying CD2

01 Buddy Guy Let Me Love You Baby 2:52

02 Lowell Fulson Reconsider Baby 3:08

03 B.B. King She's Dynamite 2:29

04 Pee Wee Crayton & His Guitars Texas Hop 3:05

05 Little Milton If You Love Me Baby 2:32

06 Doctor Ross The Boogie Disease 2:33

07 Rudy Green Cool Lovin Mama 2:49

08 Icky Renrut (Ike Turner) Ho...Ho 2:26

09 Jimmy Reed Feat. Eddie Taylor (Guitar) Ain't That Lovin You Baby 2:12

10 T-Bone Walker Blues is a Woman 2:45

11 Bo Diddley Nursery Rhyme 2:46

12 Albert King I've Made Nights By Myself 2:33

13 Jimmy Nolen Strollin With Nolen 2:23

14 Guitar Slim & His Band A Letter to My Girl Friend 2:07

15 Mickey Baker With Bill Hendricks Orchestra Spinnin Rock Boogie 2:15

16 Jerry Thomas (Lafayette Thomas) Jumpin in the Heart of Town 2:39

17 Elmore James I Can't Hold Out 2:15

18 Chuck Berry Mad Lad 2:20

19 Freddy King Have You Ever Loved a Woman 3:05

20 Otis Rush & His Band Double Trouble 2:41

21 Clarence 'Gatemouth' Brown Dirty Work at the Crossroads 2:47

22 Rocky Thompson (Goree Carter) Bull Corn Blues 2:34

23 John Lee Hooker Wobbling Baby 2:37

24 Guitar Shorty Irma Lee 2:07

25 Young John Watson (Johnny 'guitar' Watson) Space Guitar 2:40

Screaming & Crying CD3

01 John Lee Hooker Gotta Boogie 2:25

02 T-Bone Walker Through With Women 3:07

03 Earl Hooker Blue Guitar 2:45

04 Freddy King You've Got to Love Her With a Feeling 3:12

05 Muddy Waters Blow Wind Blow 2:55

06 Tiny Grimes His Guitar & Rocking Highlanders Rockin the Blues Away 2:54

07 Elmore James The Sun is Shining 2:42

08 Jimmy Reed Feat. Eddie Taylor (Guitar) Honey, Where You Going 3:11

09 L. J. Thomas & His Louisiana Playboy (Lafayette Thomas) Sam's Drag 2:49

10 Little Milton I Found Me a New Love 3:09

11 B.B. 'Blues Boy' King & His Orchestra When My Heart Beats Like a Hammer 2:52

12 Jimmy Nolen After Hours 2:36

13 Poppa Hop & His Orchestra (Hop Wilson) I'm a Stranger 3:46

14 Magic Sam Look Whatcha Done 2:12

15 Bo Diddley Mumblin Guitar 2:48

16 Lowell Fulson & His Orchestra Chuck With the Boys 2:18

17 Albert King Ooh-Ee Baby 3:52

18 Cal Green & His Orchestra The Big Push 2:30

19 Goree Carter Hoy-Hoy 2:54

20 Otis Rush So Many Roads, So Many Trains 3:10

21 Pee Wee Crayton A Frosty Night 3:05

22 Larry Dale Feat. Mickey Baker (Guitar) Please Tell Me 2:30

23 Guitar Shorty You Don't Treat Me Right 2:11

24 Eddie Taylor You'll Always Have a Home 2:31

25 Chuck Berry & His Combo Roll Over Beethoven 2:24

Deep Feeling CD1

01 Freddie King I'm Tore Down 2:40

02 Little Milton Same Old Blues 2:40

03 Pee Wee Crayton Louella Brown 3:24

04 Buddy Guy Ten Years Ago 2:39

05 Albert King Don't Throw Your Love on Me So Strong 2:58

06 Otis Rush Groaning the Blues 3:05

07 Earl King Eating and Sleeping 2:17

08 Morris Pejoe Maybe Blues 2:53

09 Chuck Berry Deep Feeling 2:20

10 Guitar Slim Bad Luck Blues 2:57

11 B.B. King Please Love Me 2:53

12 Jimmy Reed Feat. Eddie Taylor I Don't Go for That 2:47

13 John Lee Hooker Jump Me (One More Time) 2:34

14 Gene Phillips & His Rhythm Aces Stinkin' Drunk 3:02

15 Goree Carter Tell Me, is There Still a Chance? 3:06

16 King Charles Feat. Left Hand Charlie Bop Cat Stomp 2:14

17 Johnny Fuller Mean Old World (Troubles) 2:38

18 Elmore James Please Find My Baby 3:07

19 Eddie Kirkland No Shoes 2:48

20 Lafayette Thomas The Thing 2:14

21 Frankie Lee Sims Well Goodbye Baby 3:17

22 Eddie Taylor I'm Gonna Love You 1:59

23 Hop Wilson A Good Woman is Hard to Find 2:26

24 Lee Jackson Fishin' in My Pond 2:39

25 Bo Diddley Bo's Guitar 2:35

Deep Feeling CD2

01 Elmore James Done Somebody Wrong 2:22

02 Otis Rush My Baby's a Good'un 2:41

03 Albert King Travelin' to California 3:03

04 Goree Carter Rock Awhile 2:42

05 Little Milton I'm Tryin' 2:12

06 B.B. King Don't Have to Cry 3:16

07 Guitar Slim Guitar Slim 2:36

08 Johnny Fuller How Long 2:52

09 John Lee Hooker Lovin' Guitar Man 2:42

10 Lee Jackson I'll Just Keep Walkin' 2:23

11 Earl King I'm Your Best Bet, Baby 2:21

12 Chuck Berry Too Much Monkey Business 2:57

13 Freddie King San-Ho-Zay 2:39

14 Ohio Untouchables Feat. Robert Ward Forgive Me Darling 2:43

15 Hop Wilson I Met a Strange Woman 2:45

16 Bo Diddley Mona (I Need You Baby) 2:24

17 Buddy Guy Broken Hearted Blues 3:12

18 John Lee Down at the Depot 3:23

19 Red Johnson Feat. J.D. Edwards Mama Does the Boogie 2:50

20 Eddie Kirkland It's Time for Lovin' to Be Done 2:59

21 Johnny Otis Feat Pete "Guitar" Lewis Hangover Blues 2:54

22 Frankie Lee Sims Misery Blues 2:41

23 Gene Phillips Gene's Guitar Blues 2:49

24 Pee Wee Crayton Central Avenue Blues 2:44

25 Eddie Taylor Looking for Trouble 2:25

Deep Feeling CD3

01 Frankie Lee Sims Walking With Frankie 3:33

02 Elmore James The Sky is Crying 2:45

03 Jimmy Reed Feat. Eddie Taylor I'm Gonna Ruin You 2:49

04 Chuck Berry Oh Baby Doll 2:40

05 Pee Wee Crayton Huckle Boogie 2:37

06 Albert King Blues at Sunrise 2:43

07 Little Milton That Will Never Do 2:59

08 Johnny Fuller Too Late to Change 3:09

09 B.B. King Bye! Bye! Baby 2:32

10 John Lee Hooker I'm a Boogie Man 2:20

11 Freddie King I Love the Woman 2:51

12 T-Bone Walker Everytime 2:30

13 Guitar Slim Sum'thin' to Remember You By 2:47

14 Bo Diddley I Love You So 2:27

15 Gene Phillips Ramblin' Woman 3:23

16 Otis Rush Three Times a Fool 2:52

17 Earl King Baby You Can Get Your Gun 2:10

18 John Lee Blind's Blues 2:15

19 Eddie Taylor E.T. Blues 2:47

20 Jesse Allen Goodbye Blues 3:16

21 Blue Charlie Don't Bring No Friend 2:54

22 Goree Carter I'm Your Boogie Man 2:25

23 Eddie Kirkland Mistreated Woman 2:31

24 Leroy Washington I've Been to This Prison 2:30

25 Hop Wilson Be Careful With the Blues 2:38




  1. Very cool! Thank you so much . . .

  2. Never really "dared" to expand my music collection by the Blues genre except some old Peter Green. But this seems to be a good starting point! I know you have a lot more Blues. Thank you, Butterboy!

    1. Hi Wolfgang,
      Once that blues gets you you will be hooked. Its a fabulous genre full of surprises, history and joy.
      You just need to keep digging.


  3. Replies
    1. Hi Patrick,
      I hope these sets will fit into your listening program.


  4. No problem BB, and as for the compilations "The Big Payback" & "Rare Soul, Funk, Boogie & Disco", the sound is absolutely extraordinary! Great Comp's BB... Thanks!

  5. Big thanks for Deep Feeling BB (I already have the first set) there sure are some classics in this lot.

    1. Hi Bob Mac.
      I have been playing these sets all day, thoroughly enjoyable.


  6. Tons of incredible axe work on these albums. For the uninitiated, don't overlook Pee Wee Crayton. Many thanks, BB!

  7. You are a man of incredible niceness. Thank you.

  8. I have a Deep Feeling that this night [and more] will be full of Screaming & Crying!!!!
    Excelent!! Thank you BB.

    1. I love having those deep feelings Manolic, Not to crazy about the crying and screaming though ....


  9. Oh, wow! BB,your shares continue to astound! The depth and breath of your posts are waaayyy beyond anywhere else on the Interweb. I wish there was a thank you large enough to match your generosity. With deep appreciation for what you do. This blues guitar ain't bad, either.......

    1. Thanks Lil'ol'lady,
      Glad I am bringing some enjoyment to others,


  10. Hoy son muchos aciertos para mi con sus contribuciones de jazz y blues. Mejor dormir con una sonrisa. Gracias

    1. Hi Dj Diego MC,
      If you can smile as you place your head on the pillow at night, you have found the secret to life's enjoyment. Peace!


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    1. Hi cescolu,
      Pease and love back at you.
      I hope you enjoy this set as much as I do.