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VA - Looking Good, 75 Femme Mod Soul Nuggets [2013] (3 x CD's)


VA - Looking Good,  75 Femme Mod Soul Nuggets [2013] (3 x CD's)

This set was compiled by Northern Soul and Girl Group specialist Glenn ‘Joe Boy’ Gunton, with booklet essay by noted music journalist, Mojo and Record Collector writer Lois Wilson, and Looking Back creator John Reed. These collectable rarities are from the vaults of the classic US labels Columbia, Challenge, Hickory, Era, King, Scepter, Musicor, Cameo, Swan, Velgo, ABC, Dial, Lawn, Okeh, Date. 

Fans of girl groups (especially Northern Soul fans) will like this collection. While there's several good collections already available, this set focuses on girl group sounds you might hear at a soul dance club. Most tracks is an up-tempo, hand-clapping, get your butt on the dance floor, tune. The majority of songs are by U.S. artists, with a few from Britain. And that's where the focus stays and gives this collection it's own identity. No matter if the performer is well known or an unknown with a one-off single before disappearing, this set is full of that great girl group soul sounds of the 60's. Northern Soul fans will be close to Heaven listening to this collection. All in all, a tightly focused, well produced collection of Mod Soul from the 1960's. Featuring plenty of rarities and a couple of previously unreleased songs, this is a worthwhile and welcome collection. (Amazon)



Track lists


01 Three Degrees Do What You're Supposed to Do 2:25

02 Azie Mortimer Put Yourself in My Place 2:31

03 Von Someone to Treat Me (The Way That You Used To) 2:22

04 Yvonne Carroll Mister Loverman 2:21

05 Sapphires I've Got Mine, You Better Get Yours 2:41

06 Gigi and the Charmaines Poor Unfortunate Me 2:31

07 Beverly Jones With the Prestons Hear You Talking 2:46

08 Dorothy Berry You're So Fine 2:23

09 Persianettes Run Run 2:00

10 Ladybirds Handsome Boy 2:18

11 Swans You Better Be a Good Girl Now 2:12

12 Irma and the Fascinators Just a Feeling 2:03

13 Kathy Lynn and Playboys Little Baby 2:29

14 Ginger Davis and the Snaps I'm No Runaround 2:40

15 Ronnie & Robyn Blow Out the Candle 2:15

16 Kathy and Larry Magic Island 2:55

17 Delicates Stop Shovin' Me Around 2:45

18 Opals You're Gonna Be Sorry 2:26

19 Corvells He's So Fine 2:31

20 Francettes Nothing to Write Home About 2:14

21 Gwen Owens I'll Be Crying 2:15

22 Blossoms Write Me a Letter 2:39

23 Flo Fay I Promise 2:27

24 Bette Renee & the Thrillers You Ain't So Such a Much 2:54

25 Cathy Carroll Here's to Our Love 2:32


01 Honey & the Bees Never in a Million Years 2:08

02 Sheila Ferguson And in Return 2:33

03 Toys I Got My Heart Set on You 2:33

04 Gail Wynters You've Got the Power 2:36

05 Naomi Wilson Gotta Find a Way 1:50

06 Audry Slo Gonna Find the Right Boy 2:28

07 Miss Cathy Brasher I'll Remember Jimmy 2:23

08 Kathy Lynn and Playboys My Special Boy 2:07

09 Candy & the Kisses Two Happy People 2:18

10 Blossoms I Gotta Tell It 2:23

11 Vonns So Many Days 2:17

12 The Yum Yums Looky Looky (What I've Got) 2:35

13 Sugar and Spices Teardrops 2:30

14 Cherry Stone He Walks Softly 2:30

15 Dee Dee Dorety If the World Only Knew 2:15

16 Mary Moultrie They're Trying to Tear Us Apart 2:31

17 Gwen Owens Still True to You 2:18

18 Yvonne Carroll & the Roulettes Stuck on You 2:23

19 Donna Loren Dream World 2:42

20 Delicates I Want to Get Married 2:57

21 Barbara Mills Try 2:12

22 Renee Medina The Boy I Love 2:34

23 Reparata and the Delrons I'm Nobody's Baby Now 2:43

24 Pussycats Dressed in Black 2:42

25 Diane & Annita All Cried Out 2:25


01 Glories I Stand Accused (Of Loving You) 2:32

02 Reparata and the Delrons Panic 2:12

03 A Camp Marching 1:49

04 Candy & the Kisses The 81 2:32

05 Honey Love & the Love Notes We Belong Together 2:19

06 Devonnes I'm Gonna Pick Up My Toys (And Go Home) 3:31

07 Marisa Gatti Love's What You Want 2:04

08 Yum Yums It's Gonna Be a Big Thing 2:23

09 Sapphires Evil One 2:05

10 Love Notes Baby Baby You 3:00

11 Becky & the Lollipops My Boyfriend 1:58

12 April Young Gonna Make Him My Baby 2:26

13 Gail Wynters You Don't Have to Be in Love 2:23

14 Linda Lloyd Breakaway 2:40

15 Barbara Lewis Make Me Your Baby 2:29

16 Sherrill Roecker Don't Say Nothin' (If You Can't Say Anything Nice) 2:49

17 Eight Feet Bobby's Come a Long Long Way 3:01

18 Pussycats I Want Your Love 2:13

19 Orchids That Boy is Messing Up My Mind 2:50

20 Skeeter Davis Let Me Get Close to You 2:34

21 Corvells Baby Sitting 2:29

22 Little Foxes So Glad Your Love Don't Change 2:08

23 Opals You Can't Hurt Me No More 2:31

24 Sandi Sheldon Baby You're Mine 3:04

25 Naomi Wilson I'm So Young 2:28




  1. Northern Soul and Girls my favorite, thank you Butterboy!

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    Millie had such a beautiful smile.

    1. Hi lemonflag,
      She did. Not sure why her pic is on the cover as I see a track by heron this set.


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  5. From the little I do know of this period/style/genre... this seems to be a pretty good smattering of songstresses.
    I have always said... there's nothing like a good smattering! I wish they listed the year of release for these tho.
    Thanks BB for sharing.

    1. Hi MrRadio,
      This has been a popular post and for good reason. I hope you enjoy these and the others in the Looking series.