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Ian A. Anderson - Please Re-adjust Your Time The Early Blues & Psych-Folk Years 1967-1972 (4 x CD's)



Ian A. Anderson - Please Re-adjust Your Time The Early Blues & Psych-Folk Years 1967-1972 (4 x CD's)

Ian A Anderson is an English folk musician who was a luminary of the late 1960's country blues scene before becoming one of the pioneers of psychedelic/acid folk and founding the now collectable “alternative folk label” Village Thing in the early 1970's.

Four CD box set documenting all of Ian A. Anderson's seminal early albums including lots of rare material. Curated and supported by the artist, Please Re-Adjust Your Time captures an exciting time in British roots music. From gutsy acoustic blues to ground-breaking acid folk, the music sounds as vital today as it did half a century ago. Ian A Anderson is an English folk musician who was a luminary of the late 1960s country blues scene before becoming one of the pioneers of psychedelic/acid folk and founding the now collectable "alternative folk label" Village Thing in the early 1970s. First issued in 1969, 'Stereo Death Breakdown' was credited to Ian Anderson's Country Blues Band, a moniker which hinted at the music therein. Eleven bonus tracks are drawn from Saydisc EPs and Saydisc Matchbox albums. The self-produced Royal York Crescent (1970) album was Ian's first on his new Village Thing label. Here it's joined by three extra recordings from 1969, live at Farnham Folk And Blues Festival and from sessions at Chapel Studios, London. Recorded at Rockfield Studios, A Vulture Is Not A Bird You Can Trust (1971) is now swelled with a quartet of additional sides, again from a studio tenure in Chapel Studios back in 1969. The fourth and final disc is devoted to Ian's final Village Thing album, Singer Sleeps On As Blaze Rages (1972) which is joined by four extra songs, including three previously unreleased the Hot Vultures' demos recorded at Village Thing, Bristol, 1973. In the 21st century, much of Village Thing’s output has been categorised as "psych folk" or "acid folk", terms which did not exist at the time its records were first made. (Amazon)



Track lists


01 Ian A. Anderson Get in That Swing 3:18

02 Ian A. Anderson Little Boy Blue 3:42

03 Ian A. Anderson (My Babe She Ain't Nothing But a Doggone) Crazy Fool Mumble 2:51

04 Ian A. Anderson New Lonesome Day 3:01

05 Ian A. Anderson Short Haired Woman Blues 2:56

06 Ian A. Anderson Hot Times 4:26

07 Ian A. Anderson Stereo Death Breakdown 2:29

08 Ian A. Anderson When I Get Up to Thinking 5:20

09 Ian A. Anderson Way Up on Your Tree 3:02

10 Ian A. Anderson Break 'em Down 2:34

11 Ian A. Anderson That's Alright 4:04

12 Ian A. Anderson Baby Bye You Bye 3:52

13 Ian A. Anderson Put it in a Frame 3:18

14 Ian A. Anderson Stop and Listen 3:18

15 Ian A. Anderson Louise 5:15

16 Ian A. Anderson Cottonfield Blues 2:32

17 Ian A. Anderson Big Road Blues 2:53

18 Ian A. Anderson Tom Rushen Blues 3:22

19 Ian A. Anderson Friday Evening Blues 2:48

20 Ian A. Anderson Rowdy Blues 2:56

21 Ian A. Anderson West Country Blues 3:00

22 Ian A. Anderson Don't You Want to Go 2:34

23 Ian A. Anderson The Inverted World 2:35


01 Ian A. Anderson That's No Way to Get Along 3:06

02 Ian A. Anderson Please Readjust Your Time 3:06

03 Ian A. Anderson Goblets & Elms 1:26

04 Ian A. Anderson Shining Grey 4:40

05 Ian A. Anderson The Worm 3:12

06 Ian A. Anderson Hero 5:33

07 Ian A. Anderson Silent Night No.2 3:59

08 Ian A. Anderson Mr Cornelius 2:36

09 Ian A. Anderson The Maker / the Man in the High Castle / the Last Conjuring 6:55

10 Ian A. Anderson Ginger Man 2:36

11 Ian A. Anderson Working Man 2:43

12 Ian A. Anderson Get Back Into Town (Live) 4:20

13 Ian A. Anderson Sleepy Lynne 2:57

14 Ian A. Anderson Internal Combustion Rag 3:22


01 Ian A. Anderson One More Chance 4:07

02 Ian A. Anderson Black Uncle Remus 2:54

03 Ian A. Anderson Policeman's Ball 2:24

04 Ian A. Anderson Edges 3:22

05 Ian A. Anderson The Survivor 4:21

06 Ian A. Anderson Well Alright 2:40

07 Ian A. Anderson Time is Ripe 4:24

08 Ian A. Anderson Wishing the World Away 4:32

09 Ian A. Anderson One Too Many Mornings 3:04

10 Ian A. Anderson Number 61 4:39

11 Ian A. Anderson Book of Changes 3:57

12 Ian A. Anderson Anthem (You Can Go on Forever) 3:56

13 Ian A. Anderson Mouse Hunt 2:39

14 Ian A. Anderson Galactic Wings (And Other Tales) 3:35


01 Ian A. Anderson Hey Space Pilot 3:30

02 Ian A. Anderson Marie Celeste on Down 3:14

03 Ian A. Anderson Spider John 3:09

04 Ian A. Anderson A Sign of the Times 4:00

05 Ian A. Anderson Paper and Smoke 4:05

06 Ian A. Anderson Paint It, Black 2:54

07 Ian A. Anderson Pretty Peggyo 3:18

08 Ian A. Anderson The Western Wind 5:11

09 Ian A. Anderson Out on the Side 4:35

10 Ian A. Anderson Shirley Temple Meets Hawkwind 3:46

11 Ian A. Anderson Baby Let Me Dance With You 2:46

12 Ian A. Anderson Dan Scaggs 3:16

13 Ian A. Anderson London Blues 3:13

14 Ian A. Anderson You Can't Judge a Book By the Cover 3:29




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    1. Hi Stephen,
      Its Ian A. Anderson day today.

      Here is some Bowie if you missed it previously.


  2. Thanks for this BB, I was never into him back in the day so it'll be nice to see if I was right! I seem to remember he added the A. so he wouldn't be confused with the Tull man.Oh just Googled it, I'm correct, he did a hell of a lot of gigging in the good old days.

    1. Hi Paul,
      I hope you can change your mind after listing to these again.


  3. Anyone with a song called "Shirley Temple Meets Hawkwind" deserves immediate attention. Thanks Butter, looking forward to hearing this one. Shirley was probably more into Lemmy era 'Wind, I bet.

    1. Hi Samspson,
      You made me laugh.
      I don't even think the title is mentioned in that song. Nice guitar though.


  4. Hi BB I thought it was the Tull guy but thanks for introducing this one too!

    1. Hi Little Bill,
      Let us know if you enjoy it.


  5. Hello,
    Never heard of him and i find it excellent after a first listening.
    Thx a lot for that one too.

    1. Hi ppp.
      Glad to hear that another (new) artist has been found.


  6. As always, many thanks for the gifts. Your blog is simply the best!

    1. Thanks DK,
      Enjoy the music that you find here.


  7. Hi Butterboy,
    I didn't know this artist and it really sounds great, at least at first listen! Thanks

    1. Hi Il Commendatore,
      There is a lot of older material that becomes new to new ears.
      Glad you like it so far.


  8. I said to myself that it's time to meet another Andreson. I googled him and read that he has "two legs and doesn’t play the flute". First listening was the last song "You Can't Judge a Book By the Cover" so I have to read/listen to the whole book.
    Thank You!!

    1. Hi Manolis,
      "You Can't Judge a Book By the Cover" is a great song to end the set like this one.
      I think it may be time to post some Tull as well.


  9. Thanks for the cool stuff.
    Now I have something of the treat: what about "The Inverted World" lp by MIke Cooper & Ian A Anderson that came out on Matchbox in 1969?
    The Anderson tracks are all over the place but the Mike Cooper ones cannot be found.
    Help please.

    1. Hi cuorediformaggio,
      Cant help with that one.
      Anyone else please help if you can.