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VA - Looking Stateside, 80 US R&B, Mod, Soul & Garage Nuggets [2016] (3 x CD's)



VA - Looking Stateside, 80 US R&B, Mod, Soul & Garage Nuggets [2016] (3 x CD's)

Fourth collection in the highly successful LOOKING… series.  The series now takes a trip to the US of A, sixties style for its latest theme. The latest 'Looking' set travels from uptempo R&B and Early Soul to Garage Punk, Northern, Frat Rock, Proto-Psych and wild instro's. This UK 3 x CD collection  pays homage to American mod music from the 60's. Many of the tracks here are drawn from the prestigious back catalogs of Challenge, Scepter/Wand, Etiquette, Swan, Shell, and Select, and a large number of those new to CD

These CD's are loosely themed, Looking Stateside goes back to the roots of the Mod scene on CD1. From the opening bars of Georgia Lynn's 'Sugar Shack Queen', these are the sounds you might have heard down at The Scene Club in London's Ham Yard (had Guy Stevens or other DJs have owned these tunes on import). Willie Jones is still treading the boards to this day; indeed, he issued a new album on RPM's sister label Shout a couple of years back. CD2 offers a superb cross-section of mid-Sixties soul, from familiar classicsto more obscure fare and a whole lotta quality in between. CD3 is launched with a hail of buzzsaw fuzz guitar and snotty vocals,  and the pace rarely lets up thereafter. Again, the compilers have married bona fide garage punk classics with a clutch of tracks new to CD and others which have eluded compilations of this sort. (Amazon)



Track lists


1 Georgia Lynn Sugar Shack Queen 2:13

2 Mickey Lee Lane Hey Sah-Lo-Ney 2:27

3 Willie Jones Where's My Money 2:15

4 Jimmy Gordon Buzzzzz 2:16

5 Millie Foster Love Wheel 2:08

6 Curtis Knight Gotta Have a New Dress 2:28

7 Earle Wade I Feel So Bad 2:43

8 Jimmy McQuade & the Unique Echoes Bongo Talk 2:51

9 Little Gigi Take the Bitter With the Sweet 2:42

10 Leroy Harris I'm Gonna Get You 2:35

11 Eddie Bo Now Let's Popeye 2:38

12 Zeke Sheppard Snow Surfin' 2:22

13 Rangers Mogul Monster 2:13

14 Dematrons You Copped My Soul 2:33

15 Herb Johnson Two Steps Ahead (Of a Woman) 2:23

16 Locomotions Make it Saturday Night 2:22

17 Mark Valentino The Push and Kick 2:23

18 Bueno Vistas Tnt 2:32

19 Swans He's Mine 1:57

20 Kittens The Sweetest Boy 1:55

21 Champs Switzerland 1:38

22 Tomboy I'd Rather Fight Than Switch 2:23

23 Billy Lee Just in the Nick of Time 2:39

24 Little Joe & the Mustangs South Swell 2:04

25 Teddy & Twighlights Running Around Town 2:19

26 Delacardos I Just Want to Know 2:18

27 Music City Swingers Passing Through Music City 2:44


1 Richie Barrett I Will Love You 2:50

2 Timi Yuro Gone 2:49

3 Don Varner Tear Stained Face 2:26

4 Jimmy Seals The Yesterday of Our Love 2:36

5 Chuck Jackson These Chains of Love (Are Breaking Me Down) 2:19

6 The Showmen Take it Baby 2:35

7 Spyders I Can Take Care of Myself 2:50

8 Sheila Ferguson Are You Satisfied 2:24

9 Ron Holden I'll Forgive and Forget 2:11

10 Modern Red Caps Nevefr Too Young (To Fall in Love) 2:21

11 Falcons Has it Happened to You Yet 2:19

12 Josh Leach Put That Woman Down 2:06

13 Charles Lamont & the Extremes I've Got to Keep Movin' 2:57

14 Jay Walker Can't Live Without You 2:05

15 Silent Glo Hard Hard Way 2:25

16 Richard Anthony & the Blue Notes The Boston Monkey 2:29

17 Jerry Fuller Double Life 2:58

18 Sonny Stiles and His King Men Here She Comes 2:06

19 Eddie Carlton It Will Be Done 2:49

20 Kampells You've Got it Bad 2:07

21 Joe Tex I Wanna Be Free 2:53

22 Mack Rice Baby I'm Coming Home 2:26

23 Sammy Stevens Everybody Crossfire 2:37

24 Linda Cumbo Yesterday Today and Tomorrow 2:37

25 Newbeats I'm a Teardrop 2:20

26 Jimmy Radcliffe Soulville 2:01

27 Maxine Sellers Some Kind of Fever (Pray for Rain) 3:29


1 Brogues Don't Shoot Me Down 2:21

2 Moving Sidewalks 99th Floor 2:16

3 Sons of Champlin Fat City 3:43

4 Gene Vincent Bird Doggin' 2:54

5 Us Male You Got Yours 2:47

6 Knickerbockers (Featuring Jimmy Walker) As a Matter of Fact 2:48

7 Rivals It Won't Be Long Now 2:19

8 Wailers Out of Our Tree 3:30

9 Sonics Boss Hoss 2:24

10 Free for All Show Me the Way 2:23

11 Druids Girl Can't Take a Joke 2:07

12 Peck's Bad Boys Crazy World 2:36

13 Linda Blaskey & the Lavells You Ain't Tuff 2:21

14 Rationals Leaving Here 3:13

15 Executioners I Wan't the Rain Pt 1 2:44

16 Traits Harlem Shuffle 2:24

17 International Bongo Band Congo 2:05

18 Hal & the Prophets Shame Shame Shame 2:33

19 Georgy & the Velvet Illusions Lazy 2:08

20 Berrys Midnight Hour 2:11

21 We the People Mirror of Your Mind 2:44

22 Love Society Tobacco Road 3:26

23 Culver Street Playground Feedback 2:25

24 Sir Raleigh & the Cupons Tomorrow's Gonna Be Another Day 2:27

25 Century Endless Search 2:43

26 Misunderstood My Mind 2:36




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    Might you also have the "Looking Good" comp in this series, as thanks to you I now have 3 of the 4, and as I'm sure you can relate, an "almost" complete set can be rather bothersome (O:

    1. Hi D'artagnan
      Yes I do and it is planned to be posted this weekend.


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