Sunday, January 2, 2022

VA - Highway Butterfly, The Songs of Neal Casal (3 x CD's)



VA - Highway Butterfly, The Songs of Neal Casal (3 x CD's)

Highway Butterfly, The Songs of Neal Casal is a triple CD boxset that is a tribute to the life and music of the gifted singer, songwriter, musician, and friend to many. The collection brings together a galaxy of rock and roots music luminaries to reimagine the prolific body of work Casal left behind over the course of 14 studio albums, while celebrating his enduring impact as an artist. Recording sessions for the project began in February 2020 led by co-producers Dave Schools of Widespread Panic and seven time Grammy-Award winning recording engineer-producer Jim Scott at PLYRZ Studios in Valencia, CA. Over forty artists appear on the tribute including Susan Tedeschi and Derek Trucks, Jonathan Wilson, Phil Lesh and The Terrapin Family Band, Steve Earle, Warren Haynes, Jaime Wyatt, and Shooter Jennings among numerous others. (Amazon)






Track lists


01 Aaron Lee Tasjan Traveling After Dark 3:49

02 Jaime Wyatt Need Shelter 4:09

03 Beachwood Sparks You Don't See Me Crying 4:00

04 Marcus King No One Above You 5:12

05 Fruit Bats Feathers for Bakersfield 3:33

06 Billy Strings All the Luck in the World 4:42

07 Dori Freeman Sweeten the Distance 5:12

08 Hiss Golden Messenger Time Down the Wind 5:33

09 Johnathan Rice Me & Queen Sylvia 3:33

10 Mapache Wisest of the Wise 3:12

11 Phil Lesh Freeway to the Canyon 5:26

12 Leslie Mendelson Feel No Pain 4:46

13 Jonathan Wilson Detroit Or Buffalo 4:25

14 Susan Tedeschi Day in the Sun 4:49


01 Jimmy Herring Bird With No Name 5:46

02 Shooter Jennings Maybe California 4:47

03 Vetiver White Fence Round House 4:15

04 Todd Sheaffer December 6:25

05 Courtney Jaye Grand Island 3:50

06 Oteil Burbridge Superhighway 4:19

07 Britton Buchanan Willow Jane 3:25

08 Kenny Roby Too Much to Ask 5:18

09 Bob Weir Time and Trouble 6:06

10 J Mascis Death of a Dream 6:06

11 Tim Heidecker The Cold and the Darkness 3:52

12 Warren Haynes Free to Go 8:28


01 Rachel Dean So Far Astray 4:00

02 Steve Earle Highway Butterfly 4:19

03 Victoria Reed Angel and You're Mine 4:54

04 Jason Crosby Pray Me Home 3:53

05 Lauren Barth Lost Satellite 5:45

06 Jesse Aycock The Losing End Again 4:57

07 Puss N Boots These Days With You 4:34

08 Tim Bluhm Cold Waves 4:44

09 Zephaniah Ohora Best to Bonnie 3:57

10 Mattson 2 Let it All Begin 4:55

11 Cass McCombs You'll Miss it When It's Gone 4:56

12 Angie McKenna Fell on Hard Times 5:16

13 The Allman Betts Band Raining Straight Down 6:07

14 Hazy Malaze Soul Gets Lost 5:00

15 Robbie Robb I Will Weep No More 6:46




  1. I would like to recommend it to anyone who loves music.
    Thanks a lot

    1. Thank you Doc,
      This album is outstanding and worthy of multiple listens.
      Thanks for promoting it.


  2. A highway butterfly has landed at Butterboy's field. What a nice way to start the New Year.
    Thank you BB

    1. Thanks Manolis,
      Its a great record. Enjoy.


  3. Butterboy buenas noches. Tienes muy buenas compilaciones, ¿de Frank Sinatra tienes algo para compartir? Muchas gracias por compartir su tiempo con su música.

    1. Hi Dj Diego Mc,
      New Link posted today for Frank Sinatra.


  4. Hi Butterboy,
    thank you for this wonderful one. Just to let you know, track 9 and 10 on CD 2 are double. Track 9 "Time and trouble" is correct, while track 10 "Death of a dream" is missing. Instead track 10 is "Time and trouble", too.

    1. Thanks for that Oldie Freak,
      It is fixed now. I have also included a separate link for the missing track


    2. Hi Butterboy, thanks for the quick fix. Cheers.

  5. Thanks BB & Doc MF Johnson!!! This looks like a great collection!

  6. Hey Butterboy, any chance you can re-up this ? It looks amazing. Thanks in Advance.